Whoa, Whoa, Wait. What?

So I just saw something that I felt very... no words can explain it. If you haven't already been to Starcraft Legacy and heard the lastest rumor about Starcraft Ghost, than let me tell you. Basically Blizzard decided to unofficially move Starcraft Ghost from the PS2, and XBox, to the Next Gen Consoles. First off. Under current projects, on Blizzard's home page, Starcraft Ghost went Bye bye. That could mean one of a few things. One, they may have just canceled it, two, it'll be released very soon, or three, moved to next Gen Consoles. Why does it seem to be number three? Because Blizzard has said, "March 24, 2006--Blizzard Entertainment Inc. today announced plans to focus the company's console-development efforts on the next generation of console platforms. As part of this shift in focus, Blizzard(R) will indefinitely postpone production on StarCraft: Ghost(TM) while evaluating opportunities for utilizing the additional power of the new and upcoming console systems." So yeah. If you want to read the whole thing, click here.

So anyways. If you also haven't noticed, Sprite Monkey, from Secret of Mana Theater, has started making episodes again. So go and check it out.

Review site. Still in the same place as the last post. Tell me friends to write their abouts and give them to me. Goodness.

Roy, out.


I've been polishing up the old review site. Getting it ready for its debut. Just have one more thing to do, than I can launch it. You may be asking, "What do you have to do?" and my answer is this: Two of my friends have joined my reviewing cause. So the site should have a lot more reviews than if it were just me. So all I have to do is rewrite the "About" page, because I need to add their abouts. Like what kinds of things they like and dislike. I suppose that and changing the name from "Roy's Reviews" to whatever it's going to be called. Just thought I'd let you know the goings.

Good day to you all.

Back Up

Sorry about the lack of updates. Took me awhile to realize my bro fixed the news post problem, and then I didn't have anything to update on, so yeah. Just wanted to let you know I'll post regularly and hopefully upload stuff for you. Oh and another thing to add. I don't know if i told you this or not, but I canned the Review site idea, but I'm bringing it back. I figure I'll finish up the basics, and not worry about getting reviews in each section, until later. So expect that soon. I figure one to two weeks at most. Lata catz.

Wishful Thinking

What's goin' on? Alright, here's the dealio. Basically I've been being lazy and just lounging around, doing nothing productive, except playing video games. So the website has taken a little break. Meaning I've done nothing to update it. So the review site is still where it was at last time, nothing new on this one. I'll get right on working on the site again after Christmas break. Which ends in a couple of days. I just was actually using my computer to surf the web, and I got updated on stuff that I've missed from not going to the usual site that I go to.

By the way, happy New Year and Merry belated Christmas. I hope you guys got what you wanted for Christmas. Well I'm gonna lounge around and do nothing again.

Happy New Year.

On Route

Alrightie. I've gotten a lot done, since my last post. I've pushed myself hard to get reviews done. I just have two more reviews to go, and then I'm gonna work on the last page on the review site. After that is just looking over the reviews to see if they say what I acutally wanted to say, and that typos are fixed and that I didn't forget some information. After that it's just publishing the site.

I really need to stop spending money on video games. I have lots of new video games and no time to play them. Oh well. When they are on sale, you can't beat going out and buying them at a lesser price. Also gives me more stuff to review. I've been multi tasking, by doing more then one thing, in a day... by that I mean, I read a book in the morning before class (if I don't have homework to finish), I play video games if I have the day off from work, or some down time between school and work, and then I usually either watch TV or a movie after work. So that explains to you the lack of updates on the site. I haven't played Gunz in a long time. I haven't had my computer booted up for a long time. Odd. I can't wait until summer. Less hours at work, and no school. That's when I hope to bring alive "Broken Alliance Effect." If you don't remember that, or just don't know what it is, don't worry about it. It's gonna be a long time before you'll hear those words typed on this site, but when you do, I'll explain it.

I do all these things, yet I get no email. So I'm kinda bummed that no one probably cares about this site, but I'll keep on updating.

Yours Truly
-- Roy