Big news, big news! I got pictures in the Media section. I also updated the Stainless link in the links section. I also updated the home page and the about page to fit the needs of the Media section. It looks as though the website is getting settled in.

To add to all of that, I discovered that I can draw fairly well. Well enough to make a comic... yes a comic. I'm gonna have a comic here. It won't have a schedule, like weekly updated. It's just something else to add to the site. Let me tell you about it. It'll be a pencil sketched comic, so I'll scan the pictures in. No colors, but i don't think it matters. I might add colors later, just for the time being, there won't be. I came up with the characters and stuff when i was in the eighth grade, and I drew crappily comics for my friends. But now, for some odd reason, I realize I can draw, so i redrew the characters, and they look ten times better. I'll show you some before an after pictures, some day. Enough for that right now. I'll be working on the first comic in the next couple of days.

The reviews thing. I'll probably make a review section, but I'm not sure. We'll see. I think that's all. If you find something wrong with the site, like broken links, things not showing up well on your computer, etc.; send me an email. I can't stress that enough. Nothing will get changed unless you email me. If you don't know what that is, click here. By the way, the site is best viewed at 1024x768 resolution, but if you are viewing it at 800x600, give me an email and I'll change the site... maybe.

Peace out.


Some expectations should be: Pictures/Images, a Flash thing (as soon as we get our digital camera working), Music reviews, website reviews.

As far as I know, that is all... for now. Obviously the site will never be "done." Um... I think that is pretty much it. Oh yes, a forum. A forum as soon as my brother finds time to work on it. Remember, if you want something on the site, send me an email, via the link in the navigation bar. Obviously I didn't get to doing the things I said I was gonna do in the previous post, but tomorrow I should have it done, along with the pictures. Also, I would like to put up a little comic on the site. We'll see how it works. It's not gonna be your average comic. I'm pretty sure it's completely original. I made it myself. Well, I'm gonna sleep.

Updates or Lack there of

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I had some trouble logging into my news... yeah. Got it figured out though. Well I pretty much just merged the pictures and flash stuff into one category called "Media". Nothing new. I hope to have a flash thing soon though. Look forward to that. I also purchased two CDs. The Juliana Theory "Deadbeat Sweetheart", and Switchfoot's "Nothing is Sound". I haven't gotten much of a chance to listen to Switchfoot yet, but I have with Juliana Theory's. "Deadbeat Sweetheart" is a great CD. For fans, this might just be the follow up to "Emotion is Dead," we've been waiting for. It just might be. Some fans were a little shakey, about this one, with "Love" being only alright. In my opion, this is an awsome CD. It flows together nicely. Check it out. Go down to your local Target, or order it via internet.

Well, I'm gonna try to get more of the site together, by adding some pictures to the media section, and I need to update the homepage, and the about page. Later peeps, and if you wanna see something on the site, email me via the link in the navigation bar. Also if you are having trouble viewing the site, email me. I would like to try to "perfect" the site, which i know will be impossible. Lataz.

My Heart is a Soldier

Alrightie, so I've gotten a couple things done. I remade the test for the HTML Tutorial. Well one of the tests anyways. The other test I'll get up soon. I also uploaded some links, in the links section. I'm also thinking about making just a "Media" section instead of Pictures and Flash stuff. It would be more appropriate.

If you haven't heard, The Juliana Theory is coming out with a new CD, next week Tuesday. I am excited about this, and you should check it out. And in case you missed it, Red Vs. Blue started season four last week. So I would be checking that out.

Also, expect a forum soon. Well I'm gonna go so later.

Complete previous

Um... so I didn't really finish the last post, because I realized, "Crap! I gotta get to work!" and so i bolted. So I was saying that I am probably gonna add more bands to the Bands Page. I have a couple of things to do yet. We'll see what this site will hold. You'll probably not see a lot of flash things because of the fact that I am very new to flash, and the most I can do is make flash slide shows, and maybe make it so you can control a little blob and move it around the screen with the arrow keys. Yeah, not much. Well, truth be told, I'm really tired and not feeling that well, so I'm probably gonna go to bed. Good Nighie.

Downloads Uploaded

Alright, I have the downloads uploaded... kinda an oxymoron. But yeah, I've seperated them into categories, and put the size of the file, and stuff like that. I also added a puzzle to the pictures, section. The Pictures section is for pictures, and picture puzzles, which is what I put on there. Have fun. I gotta go to work, so I'm making this fast. Basically, look out for more bands of the Bands page

Update again

Another update. I got 4 files uploaded, and I have a couple of links. I fixed some problems with the bands site. I feel like I got a lot done, but I didn't, really. I have more files to upload, more links to get, and I need to get some pictures and flash stuff. Also I have a forum coming soon. News on that at some other time. I'm probably gonna end up have sections for the links, because there are a lot of links, but I could split them up into categories, so yeah. That's it for now. Peace out.

The Site

Alrighty, I'll be uploading stuff tonight. I didn't get a chance to this week, because I had to work and go to school. So, check out the downloads, and links section. I'll also be fixing any other bugs I have found. I made a list of them, so yeah. I'm gonna try to fix the HTML tutorial page, so that everything works. Some pictures don't work, and the tests need to be fixed. That's basically it. I'll also be adding more stuff to the website over the next couple of weeks. I have all this space, so I might as well use it. I would also like to remind you that this site is best viewed with Mozilla Firefox.