Learning A Lesson

I've been doing stuff here and there, website wise. For instance, I'm schooling myself on the art of php. I'm working on another site right now. This site won't fade away like the review site. It'll be fun and I hope that all of you (which is probably one or two at best) will enjoy. That's kind of why I am teaching myself php. I need to learn to make a secure forum, and I needed to make a test type thing. I am also looking into making a poll for this site. Also a forum. I'd like this site to become a community type site, for files, game, computer programming, and the such. So I need to learn more advance php. I did figure out how will do the test thing. Now I need to learn how to use MySQL. I've also been working on one of my older sites. Just updating it and stuff. By the way, it's one of the sites listed on my site.

Let's see, I"m sure there is some tech news to report to you. First of all, Nintendo as launced an official Wii site, www.wii.com. They have announced release dates for it, also. In the North America, it will be released November 19, 2006 with a price of $249.99 USD. In Japan it will be released December 2, in Australia December 7, and in Europe December 8. The Wiimote will cost $39.99, the nunchuk $19.99 and Classic controller will be $19.99. I'm excited, and that's all I will say on that.

Now the Playstaion 3. It's been no secret that Sony started a little late in making their systems, and people doubted that they would ship as many as they had predicted. Well, the people were right, and then some. They pushed back the release date for the system for Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Africa and Australia. The North American, and Japan release dates are still November, but expect major shortages. Other than that, there isn't really any PS3 news.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been busy since school started. And like I said, I'm working on a new website, and adding/polishing an old one. That takes time, considering I wasted about a week playing with Flash 8. See ya later.


So my aunt, grandma, and mom like sending me Fwd emails. I generally read them, but the second I see a "Please forward this to..." I delete it. Now I have found a fun little site that tells me what's crap, and what's not. FactOrFiction.com. I added it to my links. Yes, just in case you forgot, I have a links section.

I promise that one of these days I'll find some nice files to put on my website. Other than that, I have nothing else to add.

Spam... Then You Do It Again

I acutally checked my email, here, for once. It's been since March or January or something like that. Had 35 new messages... all of which were spam. Oh well. That's what I get for posting my email on a website. That's also the reason I didn't put my personal email on this site. I still skim through the titles, and if they don't say SPAM, then I look at who they are from and what the title is... in which I will further examine if indeed it is Spam or not. So go for it. Send me an email of value. I'll enjoy it.

I have no witty good byes today.

Is It Fixed?

I'm not dead, so don't worry. I'm just looking over the site and wondering what's going on. By site, I mean this current one. The site has been giving me a pain in the butt. Mainly our server is screwing us over. I had updated up until May or June, but the server went down. My brother demanded that they find the latest backup, and apperently April was it. So that's why, if you noticed, that you say new news posts in May, but now it's back in April. I also had an update during and after E3. It was a pretty long post. I'm changing the news deal here. I'm taking it back a step by going to typing my news in HTML format, versus having PHP. At least with HTML, I'll have a backup on my harddrive.

Keep checking back for updates. I hope I didn't lose any of my few visitors to the site. My domain name is about to expire. I'm debating on whether or not I should keep it. I forget when my server space expires. I think it's a two year plan, so I might just buy the domain name again, and keep the site alive for one more year. I hope to keep a regular update on the site, and hopefully get the review site back into swing. Truth be told, I've had a busy summer. I'll chat more of that later. My summer is winding down though. I hope the school year isn't busy. Then I can do a lot more.

I've also set up a news archive system now. It's a lot more organized, since all the files are now in HTML format. I'll display five news posts on the main news page, and archive them by month. I'll try to keep to this system, but you might find me getting lazy and I'll put like 8 news posts on the main news page, and then not archive them. It happens. I just really wanted to organize the site, and get everything working. It seemed like a lot of my problems were coming from the News system.

Peace out my cats.


So this post is all about the talkings of the internet about video games.

As far as I can see, Blizzard has postponed Starcraft Ghost. Most websites have side "Indefinitely Postponed" but I'm gonna say canceled for now. No official news from Blizzard about it, but when have they ever posted anything like this on their website :P

Let's move onto the Nintendo Revolution. Or should I say Nintendo NPlay. Ooooo. Yes. It is now called the NPlay. That's the basic news that I've heard from websites. The news post was posted on April 1 though. You know what, scratch that. It's called Revolution still. From what I've found any ways. Just proves that you can't believe anything on the internet on April 1st. Speaking of which, I was going to fool yous, but I was out of town. Figures. Oh well. I don't have any release date info, right now. Moving on.

New Super Mario Brothers, for the DS, was pushed back to May 21. Around the launch of the DS Lite. You can speculate on it, but I say "whatever." I already have a DS. I just want the dang game. I guess that's all to say about the game.

God of War 2. If you didn't know, I loved the first God of War. It's scheduled to be released the first quarter of 2007, for the PS2. That's right. 2. Not 3, but 2. I'm not too heartbroken, considering they made the first one awsome, with the PS2. So why wouldn't this one? If you want "leaked" video footage, just search God of War 2 on using Google.

Kinda gets slipped in, but the God of War movie. I haven't heard any new info on this. In fact last time I saw a news article on it, it was dated July 2005. Now I have read snippets from David Jaffe's blog, the game designer of God of War, the main dude behind it, etc. Also creater of the Twisted Metal Series. You can check out his blog if you want more info. You have to read through a lot.

The Playstation 3? Haven't heard much about it really, except release date pushed back to November. That's all. I mean I've heard stuff like, it won't be shipped with a harddrive, it will be shipped with a harddrive, stuff like that. So just gonna skip over that.

Gamers are greatly anticipating this year's E3. With the PS3 and Revolution reaching release, Starcraft Ghost official news, God of War, and thousands of other games, what gamer wouldn't be at the edge of their seats? I have to note that all my info, comes from googling it on the internet. So don't take my words as truth. Good day to you all.