New Website!

Royfuss LogoSo? What do you think? You can let me know at the poll to the right side. Or you can let me know in the forum. Oh yeah. This site is off the heezy (I'm not hip enough to spell that word). Anyways. I hope you enjoy this site. I really hope you will be active in the forum. Sign up now. I have very little rules. If you want me to create another broad topic, just let me know. I'm going to create some starter posts at some point in time. If there is anything that you think needs to be added to the site or the forum, just let me know in the forum. Just put it under General discussion. I'll figure it out. I might create a topic for it later, but whatever. If you find any broken links or flaws in the site, just let me know. I tested the site in Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 (somewhat in IE 6 too. Basically the same anyways just different interface.) and Opera. The site is best viewed in 1024 x 768 resolution. Sorry for the inconvenience if you aren't running at that resolution.

I hope to be at the site more now. Last day of high school was yesterday, graduation is this Sunday. It's all good. I worked hard on the site, and i do hope you appreciate it. You have no idea how many times i had to redo the new layout. It may not be the last if there is a flaw somewhere. So I really do hope that lots of people will become active in the forum and the site.

RoyJ, Webmaster


Alright already. I'm updating. I've been very busy with a few things. I shall explain now. First thing, I formated my hard drive, and dual installed windows XP and Vista. I run Vista primarily now. I'm shocked. It's actually awesome. It looks really sexy. It also runs smoothly. If you can run Vista, I suggest that you do. And if you have the money. It is expensive. I haven't had anyproblems, except with one slight problem with the integrated soundcard on my motherboard. My two rear speakers don't work. Not that big of a deal to me. Other than that, my drivers installed just fine. Just needed to run a windows update for my NVidia GeForce 8800GTX video card. After that the driver installed just fine. I think my sound problem is with it my version of windows being a 64-bit version. It could be. I had some trouble installing some drivers on windows XP 64-bit.

Another reason I've been neglecting the site is because of my graduation. I've been getting ready for that. In fact, I just had my open-house today. Mmmm... food. This summer I should be able to work on the website more.

Also, if you haven't heard, STARCRAFT 2!!!!!!!!!!!!111111! Yeah. Very exciting news. I peed myself a couple of times. Although I'm definitely very excited about it, I'm kinda disappointed. The art style is not what I would define as Starcraft. The art style is too circular and Warcraft 3 like. It works for Warcraft 3, but it's too cartoony for Starcraft. That's the only thing that makes me sad about it. I'm excited.

Taking Up Space

I don't know. I have website, domain name, and site. I don't really have content. Whatever shall I do? I don't know. I could do one of many things with it. Or I could do several of many things with it. Or I could do all things with it, but that might not work. So this is what I may have to do: no clue. There's no purpose behind it. If I had purpose to update the site at least weekly, that would be nice. I've toyed with a review site, band website, website making website, Bolivia website, fan website, and machinima website. Why did I X out the review site? because I didn't have enough to review about. Band website? I couldn't get enough information on new bands, or maybe I didn't try hard enough. Website making, I just lost interest in it. I got too busy for the Bolivia website. Fan website didn't even get a design, it just kinda sat there while i learned stuff, that I ended up forgetting. Machinima didn't get off the ground for a couple of reasons. First: the game was canceled. Then when i find an alternative, it's not released yet. Then I have problem finding a great quality screen capture program. Once I found that, I had trouble finding a good video editing software. When I found that, my computer wasn't powerful enough, which is amazing by the way. You apprantly need a Duo Core processor for Premier. So all those flopped.

I've though about just turning this into a geek community site. A place where you can go to ask if a product is good, or how to fix your computer, or anything along those lines. I'm thinking the idea is unoriginal though. And I was. What will this site become? We'll find out together.

Weeeeeeeeeeee! and CDs.

Hi everyone. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did. I've been busy... OK so I've been playing video games, and I've been working a lot. Target doesn't give me a break, especially around the holidays. Oh well. As a plus, I got a Wii. I must say, it's awsome. Let me clarify to the people who might thing I'm a Nintendo Fanboy. I'm not. I had a NES and a SNES, when i was like 5 years old. Didn't really understand the differences among systems. Just new they were fun. I didn't have a N64. My brother had one, but we only had one game: Milo's Astro Lanes. Whoo, hoo (in a monotone voice). My brother had a Gamecube. I only played some Animal Crossing, and some Eternal Darkness. I, myself, own a Playstation 2, and now I just hate Sony, with their PS3. My bro and I owned a Playstion also. I didn't ever hate Nintendo, it's just I didn't pay much attention to them. But now, oh my goodness. The awsomeness of the Wii is awsome. The Wii is also my first system that I got on launch day. I didn't really camp out. I had two friends, and I asked them to call my cell phone if there ever got to be more than 20 people in line (because I knew Target was getting 33 Wii's). So I went home after work, slept until 9 a.m., and then I got up and went through my routine, and then I got to Target about 10 a.m. I was number 15 according to the list one of my friends had set up (yes, we were nice and organized). We got launch tickets at 11 a.m. (according to that, I was number 14) and then we waiting inside the mall, since the mall was opened to winter walkers, for about an hour and then Target opened and I bought a Wii. I didn't hold back. I bought 3 games (because you get a $20 gift card if you do), 3 more remotes, and one Nun-Chuck, and obviously the system. I applied for a Target card, cause you save 10% if you do, and i used my discount, and i saved $166. My total came to $455. Yeah. Like i said, no holding back. I would've bought two more NunChucks, but I got the last one. I bought them now, since we got some more in.

I ended up getting Call of Duty 3, which accroding to my friend who has played it on the XBox 360 says it looks just as good, but it's more fun (funner? I always forget) on the Wii. I also got Monkey Ball, which is a good party game, and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I haven't gotten to far with Zelda but it looks nice and feels like a Zelda game. Wii Sports is a great party game. The Bowling is accurate, the golf is great, Tennis is great with four people (but could be deadly with four people swinging their arms around... I almost broke a lightbulb serving), boxing is a workout, and fun, Baseball sucks. Maybe it's because I keep getting fouls.

I also bought Red Steel. This is an interesting game. It shows off what the Wii can do with it's controller. It has sword fighting, and gun play. First off, let's take a deeper look at the game. The graphics are sub par, except for the fire and explosions. They could have done better with the graphics. I felt like I was playing a PSP game. Sword play isn't that great. First off, the game stops the gun play whenever a person with a sword shows up. So you're surrounded by baddies, but they don't do anything because you're fighting a guy with a sword. And you can't just shoot him, you have to fight him. Personally, I would have liked a choice. Sword fighting isn't that great. It just isn't. I can't really explain. You would just have to try it, and you'll know what I mean. It could have been better, is what I'm trying to say. The Gun play is awsome. This is what they did right in the game. There is a learning curve, I would say it to be about 30 minutes to an hour learning curve. My friends and I just jumped into the multiplayer, and we looked like a bunch of retarded people in the game. Our arms were just flailing around. It was kinda funny. Then we got the hang of it... and I dominated. So they did a good job on that. Speaking of Multiplayer, it's the crappiest thing ever. The graphics are worse in multiplayer, there's no destructable environments, not even bullet holes in walls. Not very many levels makes it worse. No online play, which I was actually dissappointed by. I would love to kill people online on the Wii. I usually don't put too much emphasis on online play, but Red Steel needed it. Really, single player isn't too bad, but i wouldn't pay 50 bucks for it, even though i did. So wait until a price drop at least, you Wii or soon-to-be Wii owners. Alright, I'm gonna step away from the Wii to CDs.

There's lots of CDs that have been and are going to be released. I just realized how obvious of statement I just made. Let's put "that I like" after "CDs". On October 3, Skillet, released Comatose. I enjoy Skillet. Grits released Redemption November 21. Great rap duo. P.O.D. released a greatest hits album titled Greatest Hits: The Atlantic Years. It has 15 tracks of P.O.D. great hits and two new songs. Check it out. U2 released a singles album entitled, U218 Singles which includes 18 singles including "The Saints Are Coming." Now that we have CDs that have been released, let's look at future ones.

Toby Mac will release his new album Portable Sounds on February 20, 2007. Relient K will release Five Score and Seven Years Ago on March 6, 2007. John Reuben, on February 6, 2007 will release Word of Mouth. I thought i had more, but obviously I was mistaken.

On a completely unrelated note, I cleaned my room and it looks really nice.

Technological Advancements

This week is a big week, in turns of entertainment. Friday, the Playstation 3 comes out, and the Wii comes out on Sunday. Most of you probably knew that. But what about the Zune? The quote, "IPod killer" which Microsoft is making. Let me spill my thoughts and information on the subjects.

Tuesday, November 14, Microsoft released the Zune, the MP3 player that will go head-to-head with the IPod. Now you all know that me and Microsoft aren't friends, but I had to take a second glance at it. A good place to start is their website, They actually compare the Zune with the IPod, and they did a truthful job. The Zune isn't compared with IPod in general, but the 30GB Ipod. Which it should be. The Zune has a 30GB storage capacity, and $249.99. Just like the 30GB Ipod. So what seperates the two? Well I'll tell you.

First off, the Zune has a 3 inch screen that looks really impressive, by what I saw at Target with their display model. The IPod has a 2.5 inch screen, so I guess the Zune does have a slightly bigger screen. Now it's still small, and I wouldn't buy it for the video, but I also wouldn't buy the Ipod for the video, just because the screen is too small. But I suppose if you travel a lot, it is a nice feature to have. According to their website, the battery life is the same as the Ipod, 14 hours. The size of the Zune, depth wise, is .58 inches, compared to the .43 inches of the Ipod, so it will be litte bit bulkier in the pocket, and is .3 inches bigger in heighth, but is the same width as the Ipod. It weighs 5.6 ounces while the Ipod weighs 4.8 ounces. But, like i said before, I think the video quality is better than the Ipod's, so if you are buying for video, I think the Zune would be the better choice. I quote when i say, "like watching a mini HDTV."

But, I'm actually looking into buying something smaller, and for the music, so i think I might go with the Nano. BUT some features caught my eye while looking at the Zune. First, Wi-Fi file sharing. I can transfer music with other poeple with a Zune. That would be sweet for when I go, "Dude you have to hear this song" and I just transfer it to his Zune. It can also transfer video and pictures through Wi-Fi. But that has some limitations, such as the song will be deleted in 3 days, which kinda turned me away. The Zune features virus protection, which Microsoft has not been good at, so we'll just have to see how that goes. So in the end, I'll probably buy and 8GB Nano, and have something small. But for you guys that travel and want video and such, I suggest the Zune.

Now for the Sony Playstion 3, and the Wii. If you have lived under a rock for the past year, then let me update you. Last year Microsoft released the XBox 360. Well come Friday, Sony will release their next gen system, the Playstation 3, and on Sunday Nintendo will release their Wii (pronounced "we")... that just sounded wrong. On a side note, theirs gonna be a lot of jokes about how, "I'm gonna go straight home and play with my Wii." End side note. Let's begin with the head-to-head comparison.

The Playstation 3 obviously wins the hardware round. It boasts a 8 independent processor cores, which means it can compute really really fast, allowing game developers to do more. But at the same time, it makes it harder to develope games. The graphics are supposed to be insane, if done right by the developers. With the Wii, well the hardware upgrade from the Gamecube isn't that great of an upgrade, but non-the-less it's an upgrade. From what I've seen, the PS3 graphics are really really good. At the same time though, the Wii's games that I saw looked pretty good too. Better than the Cubes at least. It's definitly noticeably different from the Cube. But both graphics I've seen is from trailers from E3, and such. The Plastion 3 definitly wins the hardware competition, but lets face it, the PS3 looks like a George Foreman grill, and it weighs 11 pounds, while the Wii is about the size of 3 DVD cases stacked together, and is the smallest Nintendo console. And lets not forget the price difference, $499.99 for the core system and $599.99 for the premium of the PS3, while the Nintendo Wii is $249.99.

Now let's look at what really sets the two systems apart: the controllers. The Playstation 3 has a controller that look familiar to the PS2. It's wireless this time around, but it doesn't have the Dual Shock anymore. Instead they have 6 degrees tilt detection. The PS3 can support up to 7 controllers over bluetooth, but why would you use 7 players for a game on one TV? I just have to ask that question. The Wii, brings a new controller to the battle field. A remote, or referred to as the Wiimote. It looks like a remote, except it features a D-pad, an A button, a trigger B button, 1 and 2 button, + and - button, power button and it features a speaker right in the controller. It also features a sensor, so you can point at the screen and it knows where you are pointing. There will be ad-ons to the controller, such as the NunCuck, which has a trigger button, and an analog joystick. Another ad-on is the Classic control, which is similar to the SNES controller, except it has two analog sticks. The concept might sound weird and not good, but in practice, it's wonderful. The Nintedo Wii wins the controller round.

For the Online, I was glad to hear Sony is staying Free. It sounds similar to XBox Live! but like I said it's free. The Wii is offereing an online service, which is a modified version of Nintedo Wi-Fi for the DS, but no games in 2006 are expected to use the online compatibility. Nintendo also will use the online service to push updates even when the system is off. The PS3 boasts their Blu-Ray drive, which some people might buy it just for that since the players alone are $1000. The PS3 is also backwards compatible back to the Playstation, but to read the old memory cards, you'll need to buy a $15 memory card reader. The Wii is offereng backwards compatablity on the system back to the GameCube, but Wii will offer downloads for their old games all the way back to the NES, and Sega games. You'll have to pay for the games to download them though. The Wii will not be released with the ability to play DVDs, but they are coming out with systems that do that in 2007.

That's all the comparisions I'm gonna do. If you want more information, here's a list of sites: PS3 Vs. Wii Head-On,,, Wii's World,