It's Summer People

PSWii60 For those of you wondering, I passed my cert tests! Yeah It's awesome. It's great. I'm MS something certified and MS somethign certified. I forget the acronyme. That's awesome. I have a new job that doesn't require me to work weekends and they close at 4. It's pretty slow now so I actually get to leave at noon because there's nothing to do. Next week we are suppose to get new computers for the classroom labs so I'll be setting them up and it'll get a bit busy. I'm enjoying summer. It finally got warm enough to wear shorts. I can't believe we recieved snow in May. I got a new phone yesterday which is pretty sweet. I can finally use that bluetooth headset that I bought. Now I get to look like I talk to myself.

Now that it is summer, i might be able to finish some video games. I have a large list of games. I bought a few games too. I bought the Prince of Persia series (except for Warrior Within) and I'm enjoying the Sands of Time. The sound quality kinda sucks, at least for the dialogue. It's great dialogue, it's just the volume level for it is so low that I have to crank my speakers to listen to it. Other then that, it's a perfect game (taking into account the age of the game.) I also bought the Unreal Anthology. I've been playing some Unreal. The game looks great considering it was made 10 years ago. I also picked up No More Heroes for the Wii, because Target had it for 30 bucks. Not bad for a highly reviewed game. I think that's all that I bought for video games. Nope I also bought Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles for the PSP. It was on clearance for 15 bucks so I had to get it.

I have a huge list of games to start/finish. Let's see if I can list them all. Here it goes: Prince of Persia Sand of Time, Prince of Persia Two Thrones, Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles, Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass, Unreal, Unreal 2, Okami, Heavenly Sword, Assassin's Creed, Gears of War, Crysis, and God of War Chains of Olympus. Seven of the titles, I've started and need to finish; five I need to start. I'll let you think of which ones I need to start. I've mentioned them in the past. There's a few games that are coming out this year that I might buy. Most of them were listed in Games To the Video Thrice, but a few more popped up. Resistance Fall of Man looks good. It's out now, but I have a lot of games that I need to play. So I'm waiting for an announcement from Sony on the Greatest Hits program in North America. They've launched it in Japan, and Resistance was on the list of games. For those of you not in the video game in, Greatest Hits is a program that Sony has for video games that sell very well (I think 250,000 units) and have been out for nine months (at least for the PS2, and PSP it is, but may change for PS3) and they are sold at the fraction of the price. I'm thinking 35 dollars. I hope less, but if the exchange rate from yen is right, it'll be 35 dollars. Moving on. Haze is another game I'm keeping an eye on. It gets released this week. It looks interesting. It's from the developers of Time Splitters, which was haled the best First Person Shooter for the PS2. It takes place in 2048 and governments have outsourced military operations to corperations. You get some cool powerful weapons because of this, including Nectar. Nectar is performance enhancing stuff. I don't know. It's makes you awesome I assume. Looks good. I'll read some reviews once it is released.

Video Gamers argue amongst each other a lot. It's a fact. There's Wii haters, Xbox 360 Fanboys, Nintendo Fanboys, Sony Fanboys. There's people who say PC games are dying. There's evening people who think that pirating video games is legit. So where do I stand in this mess? I think I'll explore that today. Well as you know I own a gaming PC, Wii, and Playstation 3. I bought each one for games. Period. Before the Playstation 3 was released, I was going to get a Xbox 360, and I hated Sony. Then E3 hit, and I noticed that a lot of games that were coming out for the 360 that I wanted, were coming onto the PC. Then any other games that I wanted, were also on the PS3, so with a few more selling points, one of which included me getting a high def TV, and i felt the cost for the PS3 was worth it. So that's what made be turn around and buy a PS3. I bought the Wii because there were games I wanted for it, especially Mario games. Love Mario. So in the end, I love the Wii, Playstation 3, and PC. Which leads be to the next point: Do I think PC gaming is dying? No. For a few reasons. First Person Shooters (Cyrsis, Unreal Tournament, Half Life, etc.) play the best, in my opinion, on the PC. There's not enough buttons on a 360 or ps3, controller for modern first person shooters. Example is while playing Halo I have been killed several time because the reload button and swap weapon are the same button. You'd think it wouldn't happen often, but I have been killed on several occasions because I just finish a fire fight with another person, and I notice another enemy is come on the radar, so I want to quickly reload, and turn around and shoot... and I'm shooting a crappy weapon that I wasn't expecting. That was a long example. I haven't had this problem with any FPS's on the PC. Real Time Strategy games also play better on the PC also. I guess I haven't played any on consoles but I don't see how it would be better then the PC. For now, Mass Multiplayer RPGs (World of Warcraft, etc.) work best on the PC. You see consoles are dated. PCs aren't. So as long as there is a player base for the game, the game can still live on. I think Everquest (the original one) still has servers up and running. I noticed that Playstation 2 servers are shutting down left and right. Maybe it's a week example, but it's one nonetheless.

The PC dying argument is running rapent because of Crytek not making anymore PC exclusives because of Piracy. They are still going to make games for the PC, just not exclusively. So it brings be to piracy. I'm agaisnt it, because video game developers need money too. I like developers (although publishers are a different story) because they work hard creating awesome games and then let me play them, for a price that supports them to make more awesome games. People who are for pirating games say, "I pirate games that I'm not sure are good to see if they are fun." Most of them probably don't even buy the game even if they do love it. They already have it for free. Plus the reasoning is weak. Now days you can download demos for consoles, and PCs alike. You have tons of review sites, an most of them offer player reviews. So if you think that the review site is getting paid to give it a high score, read the player reviews! That's what I do. This has worked great for me. That's what makes it great to be a video game player this day and age. In the past you had to go to department stores and walk up to the cage and ask for a game, that you bought by faith because there were no review magazines or websites (the internet was so young). Now the industry is huge and has it's own stores like Gamestop and EB games. So support it! I don't like Gamestop for a few reasons, but I'm glad they exist.

That's where old Royfuss stands on everything. Well not everything. Doesn't solve anything. If I go into a forum and say a Playstation 3 version of a game is better, there will be a huge argument between 360 fanboys and Sony Fanboys. There will always be people who hate the Wii, and they have their reasons.

I stumbled upon this article on Gamespot by a user, and summed up what I think about video games. Here it is. Well now I have that off my chest, I'm going to play some fun video games since it's extremely windy today.

Microsoft Shaft's Macroly

Microshaft So turns out Microsoft should just change there name to MicroShaft. I have to take three Microsoft certification tests over Monday, Tuesday, and Wed next week. Not my fault. It could be the school's fault, but I like to blame Microsoft more. So let me begin my story from the beginning. Last semester I took Windows XP admin. It's a class about supporting Windows XP. To become Windows Xp Certified, you have to take two tests. Now normally you would take the tests after the course. And we were going to. Microsoft changed the way the gave there tests. I don't know the specifics, but that's what I know. For some reason the legal department at my school had to revise the contract to do this since they changed how they gave the tests. Confuses the crap out of me. I'm not a lawyer, and not planning to be anytime soon, but why? Basically nothing happened for the entire semester while I'm taking the XP classes. In fact two months into taking this sememster, it sat there and did nothing. Our legal department is busy apparently. Somethign about UND and the Fighting Souix name. That's what I got from it. It took four months to revise the contract. Let's count. We were told that we could take Certification tests for the final in Windows XP. A week before finals, it was canceled. I had studied. Was ready to go. But no. I can't take it because of some contract revisions. Why didn't they do this during the summer? That's a lot more logical. I blame Micrsoft for not giving the college system enough time to do this.

Alright so we move to semester 2. I have to take Windows Vista admin. They said that we would be able to take the cert tests for XP in about a month from the beginning of the new semester. So the end of January/beginning February. Ha ha! That was a joke. I didn't study because I forsaw the concequences. I was right. No test. They said that we would take the XP during finals week and that we would finish with the Vista class early, so we would have some extra time to study for Vista and take the Cert Test the Friday before finals week. That's today by the way. In fact on Wed our instructor sent us an email saying, Vista Certification test is a go for Friday. I've been studying hard for the past couple of days and know Vista inside and out. I had a plan to study for the XP certification and would be ready for that too. Show up for the test today and teacher comes into class and says, "It should be a go." 5 minutes before the test is suppose to start, the teacher comes back in and says, "Yeah... the servers are down for the test...". Thank you Microsoft. Thank you for screwing me over. So new plan. There's 5 days in finals week. Monday through Friday. Teacher listed times for each day that the test will be givin. Pick a day and time for each of the three tests. Email the teacher the days you are going to take them. Then hope gets flooded into my system of we may be able to take the test this afternoon. My teacher was going ot let us know in Linux class today if we would be able to. Well he gets to Linux and he's like, "Yeah we can't do the cert tests today." So I have a new crappier schedule for studying this weekend and taking tests.

Certification tests are not easy. They are finals on steroids. They put a lot of fluff in the question. That's easy to weed out. But then you have multiple answer questions. Questions that give you six answers to choose from and you have to choose two or three of the answers. They are not easy. I've taken a few practice exams and the highest I can get is 73%. For the actualy tests you have to get a 700 our of 1000. There's only like 32 to 54 questions depending on the questions you get. So the questions are heavily weighted. On the plus side you know whether or not you get an easy test when you start. The more questions, the easier the test because they are not worth as much points each.

The problems I have with haveing to take XP and Vista tests side by side basically is they are different, but only slightly enough to be different. I haven't used XP in a long time. How to do things in Vista is in my head right now. Someone asked me the system requirements for XP and I couldn't remember. I know Vista's by heart by now. I don't work on Monday, so after I take the Vista Cert on Monday, I have the rest of the day to study for XP. I also have Sunday to study. Saturday I work all day. I work tonight also. I just don't know. I think Microsoft should offer us something. We have a free second shot which basically says if you fail one of these tests you can take it again for free. That's not because of what they did to us, but just because they are so nice. They gave it to everybody taking the class. They should offer us free unlimited shots. That's just me.

Enough of this depressing business. Today is a happy day for me. I applied and interviewed for a help desk job at my college. They called today and told me I got the job! Yes! I was estatic. I hugged B.J., my cat, and she didn't like that too much :P. There's nothing but positives for this job. It's considered part time still so I don't have to work 40 hours a week. But during the summer they said that I can work up to 39 hours a week if I wanted to. They close at 5, so I have evening for myself. No weekends! You know how many week ends that I have had off from Target without asking for them off? 2. I've worked there almost 3 years and have only had 2 Saturdays off without requesting. During the school year they work around your classes, which is great. And I get to quit Target. Don't get me wrong, Target was a good place to work, but I'm getting sick of it. Between making only 11 cents over starting wage, and still being a level 1 and working there almost 3 years, and the zoning, I'm sick of it. The mangers and people are great to work with, but I've had it. Hurray for new job! The 11 cents over starting wage is true because they raised the starting wage and I was making over the new starting wage so I didn't get any raise. Yearly raises are happening right now too. Oh well. I forgot to mention I'm making 2 bucks more at this help desk job. Yeah I'm happy. It sounds fun. No uniform also. I'm excited.

Anyways I thought I would pop my head out because of these certification tests. I'll review Mario Kart Wii and a few things next week. Until then, so long.

It Don't Rain Everyday

Rain I've listened to the new P.O.D. album a few times and I really like it. My favorite song off of it is "It Can't Rain Everyday." As a whole the entire CD is great. It has a good mix of softer songs and harder songs with a P.O.D. sping. I like it a lot. So yeah. I feel I've accomplished a lot in the past few days. I feel great about getting my Linux assignment down a week ahead of schedule. Yay! I just had to install Apache Web Server in Linux and write an indepth tutorial on how I did it with screenshots. I did a great job, I think, documenting it. It's a lot better then my past tutorials for that class. I can skip that class next week and have lunch with a friend is what this means. I know, I don't like to skip class... wait... I do when there's nothing to do... or if there's a Linkin Park concert... oops. Leave me alone I have a 4.0. Or close to it. I have mostly A's, maybe a B in one class. Dang it, now I feel like I'm bragging. Look kids, just because I skip class and get A's doesn't make it right. Show up for class. It helps a lot. Trust me. There's a kid in my classes that skips all the time and I'm pretty sure he's not doing so hot. The difference between me and him is I get done with stuff early because I Do stuff while in class. So yeah. Moving on.

I'm Almost done with the book, Saga of the First King: The Ancient. I have less than 80 pages to go. I might finish it tonight, but I like reading during the afternoon and do other stuff at night. The sun shining through the window is so comforting... I know I should be outside on a nice day, but alas... I just realized a friend was suppose to call me today and we were going to do something... maybe he meant later. Yes I just went off topic mid sentence. That's what I do. Ok maybe I don't. I'm going to move back to the book. It's a great book so far. The series is going to be awesome. The Highwayman is kinda a prequel to this book that I'm reading. The Highwayman follows one character most of the time, and takes place in one part of the world of Corona the setting of this fine book. It actually takes place in a small town in the Kingdom of Honce. You don't get much of the politics of Honce in there, just the politics of this small town. I think I was redundent. Maybe. The point I'm trying to make is that The Highwayman is more local, focused on one area and one person, while the book I'm reading now, The Ancient, is more global. You get into the politics of Honce, and the wars going on. It follows the same character from The Highwayman, but R.A. Salvatore also follows other characters, kinda what he did with the Demon Wars Saga. I really like this global perspective better. It's still personal, but it's also more exciting. I like both books a lot. I like the Demon Wars Saga better still. I'll let you in more after I've finished the book.

I've also been chipping away at God of War: Chains of Olympus. I think I have about an hour left on the game and then it's done. It's been a fun time playing it, that's for sure. I lot of people like the God of War series, but complain that it is too short. I love the graphics, gameplay, the controls, the story, and everything about these games. Yes they are short, but that's also another reason that I like them. You know my track record with games. I have a lot of game that I need to start, and others that I've started but have not finished. Getting a short game is a good thing to me. 5-10 hours isn't that bad. I'd probably complain if it were a 2 or 3 hour game, but 5 to 10 hours is good for me. I still play long games. Take a look at the Zelda games. I clocked in at over 50 hours with Twilight Princess. Luckily I didn't have any other games that I needed to play. That was a slow time for video games for me. Now I have games to finish, and I know of two games that I'm going to be getting this month. On of them is Okami for the Wii, and the other is Mario Kart Wii. Mario Kart shouldn't be too bad. It's more of unlocking tracks, and then playing with friends but Okami might be a little long. I've playing a little bit of the Playstation 2 version and loved it. I played a bit under an hour I think. I got to a town and had to chase somethign around... maybe dig up the thing I was chasing. I don't remember so well. Either way I was having a blast.

I've been watching a few TV shows with friends. And movies I suppose. Last night we started watching a Sci-Fi channel mini series called "Tin Man." We just watched the first episode last night. It's really good. It's a different take on the The Wizzard of Oz. It's good. Only Two more episodes to watch so I'll let you know on how it is after I finish it. Another series is "The Riches" by FX. It's a great series so far. We are about 5 episodes into it and so far it's good. It's about a gypsy type family that are scam artists. The mom just got out of jail and then they take over the identity of a rich family. Taking the American dream as it were. It's really good. A lot of twists and turns. It has Eddie Izzard in it. He's a british comedian who likes to where women's clothes. He doesn't where them in the show, but his son on the show does. It's funny. I recommend it. The DVD just came out.

I getting excited for summer. I think I've said that. My goal is to finish about 5 books this summer. My goal is to also finish games that i've talked about in a previous post. I spose I could find the post but I can't remember how long ago I talked about it. Must have been fairly recent with summer coming up. It's "I Got Bored". That's the name of the news post that I talk about video games that I need to finish this summer. I still can't believe I'm on the final form of the final boss in Heavenly Sword. Yeah I still haven't beaten it. I'm a horrible person. I'm sorry. Forgive me for not beating it. He's a pain in my butt though. I've researched some more on how to kill him. I've gotten some ideas that I think I haven't tried. I also have a website on hold for now. I plan on getting it up an running this summer. I tinker with it here and there. This I'll get it to a working state and get it running someday. You'll see. In fact, here's [link removed] a screenshot of part of the website. Haha! That'll show ya.

I think this post is drawing to a close. I got bored. I might tinker some more. I might just eat dinner. Who knows. Bye. Oh yeah one more thing. I might be getting a new forum soon. Ones going through a testing stage here [link removed]. I'm seeing if spam bots will lurk on it. So far it's been a few weeks and none so that's a good sign. I'm liking the customization options. If spam bots happen to start lurking there's some easy ways to impliment security. I had to edit code and risk breaking something with PHPBB. Feel free to sign up and do stuff on it. Please don't pick spam looking names or start putting spam on it for that will squew my testing results and I don't want that. Bye.

This Is So Metal... I Love It!

When Angels and Serpents Dance Today I decided to go down to Target and pick up the new P.O.D. CD, When Angels & Serpents Dance. I wasn't a big fan of Testify their last CD, so I didn't know what to expect from them this time around. I was listening to the first song, "Addicted" and I was riding in my car and about half way through the song when I was like, "This is so metal... I love it!". I haven't gotten throught he entire CD yet, but I'm liking it so far. Sonny, the lead singer, looks differnt without his dreadlocks. Anyways the CD has good balance of harder songs and softer songs. Both sounds are good and has a P.O.D. touch. So yeah.

In other news, nothing much. I've been trying get through my book. I can't wait until summer. I get a lot more reading done. I've also come up with a video game schedule (kinda) so I should be able to finish some of the games that I haven't finished. I plan on finishing up God of War: Chains of Olympus for the PSP before school is out. That should be interesting with lots of finals coming up. I literally have seven finals and 5 classes. The reason is because I couldn't take my Windows XP Admin Certification tests last semester because of some legal issue apparently. So they pushed the tests back to January. Well it's April and they finally told us that they got the legal issues ironed out and that we'll be taking the 2 XP certification tests during finals week. On the plus side I'll be taking 3 of my final tests a week early from finals week. But still doesn't help my situation much. The two XP tests are very hard, and are a pain to study for. Same thing with my Vista test. Ciscos are also hard. Got one of those too. Well enough of me complaing about finals. I'll be starting studying soon. So don't expect an update for a while because of that.

During the summer I set aside at least one hour a day to read. I have a ton of books that I need to read so I'm excited. You may ask, why don't you set aside an hour during the school year? Well I try to read still during the school year, but I need more relaxation time also the fact that I go to classes. I also plan on finishing Crysis and Gears of War for the PC. Then I'll plan on starting Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, or Assassin's Creed.

I also stumbled upon Darksiders: Wrath of War. It sounds very interesting. You play as War, one of the horsemen of the apocalypse. Sounds like a cross between God of War, Devil May Cry, and Castlevania. Sounds good. So bye.