Hello Roper

Bill Roper Cartoonized in Hellgate Hello people. I was a little premature with Hellgate London news it seems. It appears that Bill Roper, CEO of Flagship Studios, creator of Hellgate London, has been interviewed by 1-Up. The full eight page interview can be found here. But you don't want to read all that, although I found it interesting. I'll summarize. Well, Jeff Green asked all the right questions I think. Bill responded to the questions the best he could, and responded that he didn't want to violate his NDA ("Non-disclosure Agreement" I belive is what it means) with the lawyer stuff going on. Anyways this is what I got out of it. Bill and the gang had a passion for video games, but didn't have business smarts. They were used to Blizzard's work environment of we need more time and money to finish the game. Alas they weren't at Blizzard and publishers were like, "Ok. where are you going to get this money." So they had to release the game on October 31, 2007. So that's where the bugged game came from. I pretty much assumed as much. Bill also admits that they wanted to do too much, when they should have stuck with what was good, and made it better. He talks about how he released in 15 + languages, and had to do QA testing on those languages and fix bugs in the languages, when they could have been working on the core game.

Another thing I learned from the interview. Namco-Bandai and EA are both good. Yeah you heard me. I actually complimented EA. They actually helped Flagship. Right now, Namco-Bandai is running the servers for the website and Hellgate London. They aren't seeing profit from it right now. They just love the game and don't want to dissappoint the fans, until the legal issues (which i'll touch on later) get settled. Also before Hanbitsoft got bought by T3, they were good. They helped spread Starcraft and Diablo to Asia. But they were bought by T3 and screwed Flagship over. The new management basically gave Flagship a bad deal that Flagship had no choice but to accept because of the situation they were in. So yeah. That was a contributing factor to the fall of Flagship also, so I put part of the blame on Hanbitsoft, and Flagship's lack of business smarts (although I respect Flagship because they love games and just wanted to create a fun game). Bill also admits that before the game was released, he had regrets of choosing a hybrid model (free to play, but subscription for added perks). He wishes they would have choosen either a completely free to play online, and release expansions, or a completely subscription based model. But it was too close to the release date and he couldn't change it (he goes into details on why in the interview).

Alright, legal stuff. Flagship used Mythos as colateral with Hanbitsoft (I think that was part of the rotten deal they got from Hanbitsoft). So without a doubt, Hanbitsoft owns Mythos IP (all the tools used to create Mythos, and the game). Bill wasn't too worried about Mythos, because it was an incomplete game and they don't have any of the people who worked on the game. The people who worked on Mythos, were laid off and are now part of Runic Games, as I mentioned before. I love seeing Hanbitsoft get shafted in some way shape or form. :). When Flagship got money from Comerica, a bank that has worked with movie companies for funding, they used Hellgate London as colateral. So they own the Hellgate IP (Game, tools, engine, etc). I don't know about the books ( the last one in the trilogy is suppose to be released August 26). Bill was a little worried about that. He said if he had the money, he would buy it back, but he doens't. For a new game, they have to create a new engine from scrap, since the bank owns it. The bank is obviously going to sell it to someone. Hanbitsoft wants it. They broke their NDA saying that. Anyways, that's what I know of the legal issues.

I respect Bill Roper a lot though. He says it was a learning experience. He, and the founding members of Flagship, paid the employees that got laid off from their pockets. I'll definitely keep an eye on them for future games. Same with Runic games. I played a little Hellgate London last night, because a friend bought it last month (bad timing). It kinda feels empty knowing that the fate of it is up in the air. I love the game still, but doesn't feel the same. Plus I got Resistance Fall of Man to beat on single player. I have 6 more chapters to beat. I beat it with a friend on coop. I don't know how I'm going to beat the last few chapters. They were tough with a friend, but by myselft I have nightmares just thinking about it. The second half of the game gets hard because checkpoints are scarce, and so is health. Bah. I get done with a hard battle, and then have to fight a couple of titans, or something and it's depressing. So I started out with "Oh the game isn't frustrating." and ended up with "Holy crap this game is frustrating!" It's funny to think about... but not funny actually living. It's still fun though. Resistance will always be fun to me.

The fourth installment of my Games to the Video news post is coming up. I've been working on it (it's my only news post that I type in advance). It's looking pretty good. 13 games will be on the list. I have 6 write ups done. I also need to harvest some pictures for it though. All of the games are advertised as being released this year, so yeah. I think I'll do that from now on with all my Games to the video posts. Don't go too far into the future, like I did with the last one [link removed]. Just rediculous. So expect that soon. I also have a list of games for 2009, so probably in December/January you'll see yet another one. We'll see though. If I don't get more accurate release dates, other than "2009" then I might just wait.

Yeah another paragraph. Can you believe it? I'm pimping out my Playstation 3. I bought a 320 GB harddrive for the baby. Only 110 bucks. That's cheap compared to the replacement hard drive that 360 owners would have to pay (180 bucks for a 120 GB one, or 20 GB for 90 bucks. Ouch.) I like that fact that a playstation 3 harddrive is just a laptop harddrive. Sony encourages you to replace it. They have instructions to do it on their website. They have a "backup harddrive" option on the PS3, which backs up data onto a USB device. They also have a restore option too, so it's very easy to do. I wanted the harddrive because I'm going to fill up my 40GB really fast (I already am). I also bought two more Dualshock 3 controllers. I got a white one and a silver one from amazon.com. Awesome. I can play some four player action now. I'm looking at getting the Nyko Media Hub+. It plugs in to one of your USB ports on your PS3, and has 3 USB ports, and an SD card reader. My ports are full right now, with a dual charger and remote attatchment that allows me to use a remote to watch movies with. That was a horrible description of the remote attatchment thing.

My posts are getting longer. DVD wise, I preorded season 4 of House, season 2 of Heroes on Bluray, and season 3 of Supernatural. I'm gonna have a busy fall. I love those shows. Although I heard that Season 2 of Heroes wasn't that great. There's only 11 episodes in season 2 also. Darn writer's strike. Anyways that's what I've been doing. Working on my family reunion website redesign. Almost done. Thinking about changing up this website a bit. I have a few ideas that I want to implement into the site, but don't know exactly how. I'll tinker around and find something that I like. That's all for now. Later.

Failed at Resisting the Laziness

I'm Lazy I'm really digging Puddle of Mudd. At first I wasn't so sure, but the more I listen, the more awesome they become. That took up less space then I thought. I guess I could talk about it. I've only listened to their CD, Famous so far. I like it. A few songs that stand out are Psycho, and Merry-Go-Round. There's others but those were the two that came to mind right away. I also got more into Breaking Benjamin's Phobia. It's OK. I listened to it a few times, and that's all I got from it, is that it was OK. For some reason I liked the song Diary of Jane. Just sounds cool. Right now, I'm listening to Juliana Theory's old CD, Understand This is a Dream. I just wanted to listen to it. The song Duane Joseph got stuck in my head for some reason. I miss The Juliana Theory. My regret is that I never saw them in concert. Yeah.

Let's do some Hellgate London news. Well Flagship Studios news... kinda. Anyways, I told you that the end was nigh for Hellgate. The servers are still up actually. Happy news. Namco Bandai stepped in and are running the servers. YAY! Mythos's, the other game that Flagship was developing, servers went down though. Oh noes. I played a little bit of Mythos, and many people enjoyed the beta, but I liked Hellgate more, despite it's glitches. Anyways, after the layoffs, the team that built Mythos, (Flagship Seatle they were called) made a new company called Runic Games. They're gonna make another Action RPG MMO. I guess. I'll keep my eye on them, but I'm not making any promises of going crazy over their games... for now.

Anyways, the fate of Hellgate London is shrouded in secracy, and peppered with rumors, right now. I'm sure Flagship is working with lawyers right now. Rumors say that they are either negotiating to keep Hellgate, or they are negotiating to sell it for money. Who knows. The evil overlords of Hanbitsoft wants the IP. I don't trust them with Flagship's precious. I really hope something good happens. That's all I have to say on this subject for now.

Alright, now to my happiness right now. Resistance Fall of Man. I'm on Chapter 18 of 30 right now. A little more than half way done. This game just gets more fun ( is it funner? I seriously don't know anymore. People say it both ways so much I forget which is right).
Quick side note on the subject of Funner and more fun. Apparently there's an english language forum. Who would have thunk (haha i'm funny)? Anyways, in a discussion abut this subject, "funner" or "more fun" should not be used and you should rethink your phrase to something like "more amusing."
End side note.

Continuing on with Resistance. The story is unfolding more and more. I'm getting new guns, such as the sniper rifle that can slow down time with it's alt fire. Yes! With new guns come new enemies. Holy crap did I find a new enemy alright. It's a taller, and skinnier menial. That runs at you and pimp slaps you. Story time again. Ran into my first frustrating moment with the game. I first met this new enemy in a experimental labratory labeled "Biohazard." Let's go in that room shall we. Anyways, I open the super secure doors to this room, and a British soldier was shooting at something. Lo and behold, it's one of these creatures that i described (looked it up and they are called Gray Jacks) walking towards this unfortunate soldier. It grabs him. I have a few seconds to save this dude and have a companion to fight with for a few minutes. I whip out the sniper rifle, slow down time with my alt fire and shoot this mother in the head. Score. I get a friend. A friend that will stop me from screaming when a test tube floats up from a chamber in the ground loaded with another Gray Jack. Ready the sniper rifle for when he pops out of his tube, and the second he steps out, BAM headshot. Then several more tubes float up, all carriering the tall buggers. Some of them two at a time. I had 8 bullets for the sniper rifle, and used one most of the time (sometimes two though). I replayed this part several times. I got through it the first time easily. It's the second part that was a pain. The developers should have put a checkpoint after killed the 10 Gray Jacks. Yeah it only takes one hit with the sniper rifle, but I don't have the best aim, and there's two extra Gray Jacks anyways. So I used my heavies rifle, and tear into them with it. I use at least one full clip of this rifle to take one down. They are strong and they charge at you. Anyways, I said there needs to be a check point after this part because the next part is a pain. You fight against a room full of weaker enemies, with a mix of stronger enemies carrying the gun that can shoot through walls. They don't miss usually. I died several times and had to refight the Gray Jacks, only to die again at the hands of these enemies. I got frustrated and said "I quit!". But then I didn't quit. I said one more time, and expected to die again. Boy was I lucky. I got it, barely. And was rewarded with a cut scene furthering the mystery of this story. Fun times.

Sorry for the long paragraph. Moving on. I've been keeping an eye on Resistance 2 (looks more enjoyable then the first one). New guns, new enemies, and apparently the first one leaves a cliff hanger of sorts. I don't know yet. Anyways, with the new game coming out in November, Insomnia Games has put out several mysterious, marketing websites. I hate them. I hate mystery websites that make you click around to solve the mystery. It bugs me. They're in Flash. So I have to explore the area and find documents and read them and sort out the mystery. I hate it. Donnie Darko had one, so did Portal, and several other sites. If you're interested, there are 4 of them: Project Abraham, America First America Only, Get a War Job, and SpraNet. All with the pretty Resistance army logo. Yay. Anyways, I think I'm done here. Bye.

Resist Burning the Downloads

Resistance: Fall of Man menial So big news. I updated my Downloads [link removed] page. New look and new downloads. Check that out. I also added my sister-in-law's website to my Links [link removed... hehe funny] page. www.digi-chic.com is the site. So yeah. Anyways, I feel a new Games to the Video post coming up. I think closer to the end of August I will. I looked up my list of games again, and 7 games have release dates set. Then I have 13 that say they will be released this year, and then eight more next year or without release dates. So if I do one, it'll either have the 8 with release dates, or 13 that are gonna be released this year. I'll skip the ones that are suppose to be released next year until the end of this year. So that's my plans for that, if you were wondering.

So the Greatest Hits program for the Playstation 3 has gone into effect. That means that I bought Resistance: Fall of Man for $30. I'm a little less than half way through the game. So far it's a great game. Better than Halo 3. Sony should have marketed this game as the "Halo killer" instead of that crappy Killzone game. Anyways, the guys at Insomniac games (they made Ratchet and Clank series) did a fantastic job. I don't normally like first person shooter games on consoles, but they did a great job on the controls. The controls are customizable too, but I got used to the default controls very quickly. The graphics are great, and I haven't seen any slowdowns, even with 30 enemies on the screen, with explosions happening, among other things. Lots of browns though. I get it, it's setting the mood, but a few more colors would have been nice. The selection of guns are amazing, and unique. With guns that have a secondary fire that "tags" and enemy, then the primary fire is attracted to the tag, it's just awesome. Or another gun that can not only shoot through walls, but gets stronger if it does, WITH a secondary fire that lays down a temperary barrier, and since you can shoot through walls, you can shoot through this barrier and kill some things without taking a hit. I love it. There's a lot more weapons that are equally unique.

The sound is also amazing in this game. The music and atmosphere play together perfectly. All the guns also have interesting sounds. The enemy sounds are just creepy, which suits them. Speaking of creepiness, this game has some. Top of my list of scary moments in video games is when I walk past a doorway, and all of sudden a Menial (a creepy little thing) jumps on you and starts to knaw your face off. It scared me more because I didn't know they could do that. Story time. First time I played, I got to level 5, and had knocked out several of these Menials (who just walk up to you and don't have a gun) by meleeing them. Didn't get attacked once. I played some coop with a friend and got to level 7 and never got attacked. So Then I go back to my single player campeign and Go to melee a menial, and I miss, and shoot him. The other menail walked up to me during this time and before I knew it, I was being faced raped. So yeah. It was a scary moment for me. Now it's not so bad now that I expect them to do it.

Those are the only really freaky things in the game. The coop is fun. It makes it easier for sure. Still die though. Even you die in this game, it's hard to get frustrated. But multiplayer. This game supports 40 players online, and has your games like Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, etc. I haven't played online yet because I want to beat the game first. I explored some online levels though and they are huge and interesting. There's also smaller ones and equally interesting. So yeah. It still has a community. I'm kinda looking forward to it. Well that's that.

I'm taking a break from Okami for the Wii. I'm almost 20 hours into that game. I needed a break. The break happened when I rented Viking. Fun game still. I bought it and I beat it. The final boss was kinda hard. The very last part of the final boss was easy, but The second to the last part was a pain. I won't bore you with the details of it. I definitly say, rent the game before you buy, but I enjoyed it.

Burnout Paradise apparently has been getting sweet content. I can now have a Custom soundtrack for my PS3. Yes! I need to get some good songs onto my PS3 now. Or I wonder if I can just go over my network for it. I can play music like that through my PS3, but I don't know if that'll work with in game. Some new online modes were added. 1080i support was added. Early Septemember is when the big update will be released though. The update will include motorbikes, night-time driving, dynamic weather system, new bike challenges, midnight ride challenges, and more. New islands are going to be released some time in the future, along with new cars that you have to buy. I'm not sure of the price tag on these updates, but I think they'll be worth it. And something else I don't care about, support for trophies in the future. I don't care that much about the trophie system. I like how 360 owners were like, "We have an achievement system and PS3 owners don't" before Sony released the Trophy system update. I said, I don't care, and now that Sony released the system, I still don't care. Just more stuff to do.

Man I really need to get back into burnout paradise. I think I was a little over 10% done with everything. Maybe I'm wrong. I think I might do that now. Bye.

Why So Serious

The Dark Knight Hello. I'm back for some more news. First off, I've listened to Decyfer Down a lot more. My favorite songs are "Burn out the Sun" and "Fight Like This." Both great songs. really the entire CD is good. Looking forward to the release of their new album in September. I've listened to Breaking Benjamin's "Phobia" and Three Days Grace's "One X" somewhat. Again preoccupied doing something else but from what I've heard they sound good. After I spend some more quality time with Decyfer Down, I'll move on to "Phobia". So yeah. That's where I'm at on the music front.

Video game wise, I rented the game Viking: Battle for Asgard for PS3, and that's a fun game. It had mixed reviews, and no downloadable demo. So I had to go to the video store and rent it. I love it personally. The story isn't bad; it just isn't great. The game is a free rome game, and your map holds your objectives. There's things called Leystones, which teleport you to other Leystones that you have found. So it makes traveling pretty nice. Sometimes it can be frustrating because the game saves at these leystones, and if you die you go back to your base where your army is at. So you use the leystone there to go to the leystone closest to where you die and have to walk back to where you died. Sometimes it isn't too bad. I mean it's the death penalty in the game. But it can be frustrating when you are near the end of your objective and far away from a laystone and you accidently fall off a cliff and die. It has happened to be a few times. At one point there was a fence that you can hop over if you go against it, and a cliff on the other side. I was sneaking around by it and accidently rubbed against it and my character decided to hop over it and die. It was kinda funny the first time. The second and third times it sucked.

The combat is where this game shines. I love it. You learn new moves by paying gold at the training arena. You can also buy magical moves like fire, ice, and lightning. You activate them and your "magic" slowly goes down and your blades are enchanted with the element of your choice. Stealth also plays a role in the game. You can do stealth kills which kills an enemy instantly if you sneak up on them. You can also do finishing moves which includes decapitation, cutting off of limbs, or a combination of the two. There's like 5 to 10 different animations for finishing moves. It's cool. If you do finishing moves, you get more magic. So yeah. Then there are large scale battles. You attack a fort with your army at times in the game. This is fun. Your army actually does stuff. You have to kill the champions and shamens, but your army can take care of the hundreds of legion attacking. It's cool. Before you attack the fort with your army, you can sneak in and find skulls, which is just fun to do. You get an achievement on the 360 version of the game.

It's a really fun game. I suggest you rent it to see if you like it. It's only 40 bucks now so I think I'm gonna go pick it up since the game is due back to the rental store today. Speaking of which, I also rented Batman Begins to refresh my memory of it and the characters. Still a great movie. I don't know why I didn't buy it.

I went to see The Dark Knight the other day. Great movie. Heath Ledger did a fantastic job as the Joker. Makes me sad that he won't play the Joker ever again. Just the little quirks like licking his lips a lot, was just astounding. It made the Joker. I won't ruin the movie for anyone who hasn't seen it but I have to say that it is a MUST see movie. Two face was also in the movie. Awesome. All the actors were awesome in this movie actually. They all did a great job. It's rated PG-13 which is kinda odd. I don't know if I would take your kid to see this movie. If you are a parent, I would go see it without the kids and see if you think they can take it. Plus it's worth watching more then once.

I'm redoing my downloads page [link removed]. I'm gonna work on that when I have time though. I'm redoing my fanily reunion site and that's a priority. Um yeah. That's all. I'm gonna grab some lunch and work on that. Tah tah.

Decyfer The Puddle That's Breaking The Grace

Decyfer Down End of Grey Merry weekend everyone. I've been relaxing a bit. I've also been looking for some new music. On the way home from my family reunion, i got to drive my mom's car which has a free trial to XM, so I decided to look for some new music on XM. I found a few bands. More on that later though. I know I talk a lot about video games so I'm dedicating this post to Music, because I also love music. It's just been pretty slow for music for me.

First off Relient K released a new EP entitled "The Bird and the Bee Sides". It's weird because it also has another title called "The Tennis EP". Get it? From what I can tell is that "The Tennis EP" is the first half of the CD, and "The Bird and the Bee Sides" is the second half. The CD has 26 tracks. You may ask, "Why the heck is it an EP then?" Most of the songs are really short. If you have A.D.D., you would love the CD. Anyways, the first half of the CD has all new songs, while the second half has mostly acoustic versions of old songs, or demo versions of old songs, but there are a few new ones like a tribute to Five Iron Frenzy. Which is about 30 seconds long, but there is a "regular" versions and a Skaa version. It's just a fun CD. I like it. To be honest, I loved the CD "MmmHmm" but "Five Score and Seven Years Ago" was a little dissapointing to me. But I totally love "The Bird and the Bee Sides" and anticipate their new CD, whenever it comes out. The CD was normally 13 bucks at Best Buy, but it was on sale this week for 8 bucks. I think the sales ends on today (Saturday). It's worth 13 bucks too though. My favorite song on it is "The Scene and Herd" which can be heard on their myspace page. "They Vinyl Countdown" is also pretty funny. Like I said, it's a fun CD and sounds great. I'm gonna move on because I'm rambling at this point.

So as I said earlier, I was listening to Squizz on XM radio, and stumbled accross an awesome sounding band. Decyfer Down is their name. I can't remember what song it was, but I think it was off thier upcoming CD which gets released September 16. Anyways, I got their old album, "End of Grey". I've listened to it a few times, but I was preoccupied doing stuff on my computer, so I wasn't "listening" to it. You know what I mean? Anyways a few songs that I picked up on were "Burn out the Sun" which is awesome and "Fight like This". I have a car trip tomorrow so I'll listen to Relient K one more time, and then listen to Decyfer Down. So yeah. My the way, Squizz plays harder music, so they are a harder band, but they are not screamo. I like it.

I think I'll do Puddle of Mudd next. I heard "Psycho" on Squizz and I liked that song. But then I got their CD "Famous" and was a little let down. But then again I was in one of those "doing something on the computer while listening to music" states. So I'll listen to it on my car ride also. My friend, Jeremy loves them and says they put on a good live show.

Another band is Breaking Benjamin. I'm listening to "Phobia" right now as I type. So again I'm in one of those states of kinda listening. So far it's pretty good. I'll probably listen to this CD before Puddle of Mudd on my car ride, just because. Hmm. Another short paragraph. I bet the next one will be shorter though.

So I heard Three Days Grace on the radio, and liked them. My friend Jeremy likes them. I haven't listened to their CD "One X" yet, but will at some point. I got it. That's pretty much all.

Ha! Told you. Anyways I've also been playing around with my music. I reripped Juliana Theory's CD "Love" because I noticed that the CD sounded really good quality, but the one on my IPod sounded pretty bad. I thought it was just like that all these years. Turns out, I was wrong. So I had to update my IPod and Itunes library with that. Speaking of Itunes, anyone else annoyed by the fact that Apple decided to add a Safari install in the Itunes install? I almost didn't notice and clicked next on that screen without unchecking the check box. I don't need that crap. I gots Firefox :) So there! I'm still mad that you have to install Quicktime with Itunes. That program is total crap. I dont like the interface. But then again it's been like Quicktime 5 since I used it last. So maybe the changed the user interface. I almost don't like the ITunes interface, but I'm used to it so yeah. If they changed it to something better, I wouldn't mind though. It takes forever for me to scroll through my library to find the CD I want to listen to. I have 1370 songs, and I use Album view because the regular view makes my sick.

Let's see. I decided to put some video game music on my IPod. I put Starcraft's soundtrack on it. I also added Hellgate London's and Twisted Metal's soundtrack. I would add Crysis's, but it kinda sucks. I finally updated my album artwork for my music too. About a fourth of my music didn't have artwork. I had to add them manually. There are still a few, like the local bands that I have CDs of. Midnight Sun Express (no longer around, but the lead singer is in Electric City now, I think. I should really know. I know the guy.) and Stainless (also no longer around, but the lead singer and bass player are brothers and are in a new band called The Future. They just got signed in Tennesee. I also knew those guys.) are the two bands that come to mind. Anyways I ramble again.

I'm really tempted to get an Ipod Touch. Those things are pretty sweet. I have an 8GB nano, and have 6 GB worth of music on it (yeah I have more music on my IPod then I do on my computer). But the Touch is sweet. I work with a guy that has one and he's cracked it and has all these apps on it. But they cost monies, and I'm saving mine. Plus I'm kina looking towards the next generation ones. Well another long post comes to an end.

Have a great weekend peeps.

E3 2008

E3 2008 E3 was this week. I'll get over Hellgate London... eventually, especially with all these games shown off at E3. Each game gets its own paragraph. I don't think I'll have pictures for them, since this is not Games to the Video. I do have trailers for my big favorite on the home page. So if you skip that and go straight to the news, check that out. Better quality videos at Gamespot.com, plus E3 stage shows for most of the games under "E3 videos". I like Gamespot.com for their coverage.

One of the first videos I watched was the Sony Press Conference (the press conferences are usually the first thing I watch because I get an idea on what will be on what console). The conferences weren't very special this year, but Sony was probably the best. They announced the Greatest Hits system in the United States (finally). 30 dollar best selling games. Rock on. They also announced an 80 GB core PS3 system at 400 dollars. To make the money and sales part interesting, they used Little Big Planet, which made me intrigued by the game for the first time. Yeah I saw it before but all of a sudden it sparked interest. We'll see how the reviews role. They also announced games, but I take the games in seperate paragraphs :P

Nintendo was actually the first conference I watched. They announced a few things, such as the Wii Motion Plus attatchment, and it's bundle companion, Wii Resort. The Wii Motion Plus is an attatchment for the Wii controler to make it more precise in its movements. It looks cool. Wii resort is another Wii Sports/Play game to help sell it I suppose. Looked interesting. Game announcemnts were kinda lame. Pokemon (I hate it), Animal Crossing City Folks (I played the previous games for a month and then stopped and never played them again), but then there was a Grand Theft Auto game, China Town. No news on it however. Oh and Shawn White's snowboarding looked kinda fun especially with Shawn White demoing it.

The God of War III trailer was shown. It was a teaser. No gameplay footage, but it confirmed it for the Playstion 3 (who didn't know?). I love God of War, so that's about it. Release date is TBA (To Be Announced). Playstaion 3 for the system.

Darksiders: Wrath of War looks awesome. You play was War, one of the horsemen of the apacolypse. You are framed for a false apacolypse. You lose your powers because of this. But you have a very large sword. Very large. You hit things, including but not limited to, demons, zombies, other evil things, worms (very big worms), etc. You get a horsey too (silly billy, he is a horsemen after all). Yes I'm being cutesy, but this game looks far from cutesy and it looks awesome. Kinda like Devil May Cry gameplay. Actually they compare it to a Zelda type world where it is open to you. Sweet deal. I suggest you watch the E3 stage show of it on Gamespot.com. Release date TBA 2009. Playstaion 3 and Xbox 360 for this one.

Borderlands has 600,000 different guns. Customizable. Also Customizable vehicles. 4 player coop. Basically this game is my alternative to Hellgate London. The story looks good, judging by the trailer. Do I need to say more? Probably but I don't know what else to say. Release date Q1 (first quarter) of 2009. For some reason it says the PC version is Q4 of 2008, but I'm leaning towards Q1 2009. Also will be on PS3 and 360.

Mirror's Edge looks like an awesome, different game. You play in the first person perspective, but it isn't a first person shooter per se. It's like Prince of Persia meets, an FPS. Sounds like a slight learning curve to get used to the controls, but people were having fun playing the game at E3. The trailer is a great thing to watch to learn about the gameplay. There was a story, but I can't remember the specifics. Someone was kidnapped by the government, (I think the main character's, Faith is her name, sister). So you (Faith) have to find her and get her back. While doing gymnastic moves, and stealing weapons by hand. Awesome. Release date is TBA 2008. PS3, 360, PC. yeah I'm getting lazy.

Prince of Persia just looks awesome. The new prince looks sweet, and I love the new art directions. Watch the trailer. You'll see what I mean. Gameplay is the same Prince of Persia/Assassin's Creed gameplay. It just looks awesome. Release date is Q4 2008. Will be released for PS3, 360, and PC.

Resistance 2 continues the story of Resistance Fall of Man. Playstation 3 exclusive. If you didn't know, Fall of Man took place in Europe, but has a different history then the Allies won WWII. Turns out, aliens attacked (I think. Haven't played it yet. Waiting for the Greatest Hits thing to hit because it was on the list of games). So Resistance 2 take place from there , except Nathan, our main character, goes back to the U.S.A. to fight the aliens (I think). Gameplay footage showed a huge monster that Nathan had to fight. It was epic. The game will be released Novemeber 4, 2008. Hoepfully I'll have beaten Fall of Man by then.

Resistance Retribution also looks good. It is a Resistance game for the PSP. It apparently answers some questions left over from Fall of Man. It looks pretty fun. I'll see what the reviews say about the controls, but the PSP has had luck with shooters in the past. Expect it Q2 2009.

InFamous is a sandbox super hero game. The hero gets his powers from the city's electricity grid after a horrible accident leaving several dead, except him. Basically it's GTA with super hero powers. I'm not sure about driving cars, but this guy can climb buildings, light poles, blow up cars, and so several other things. You can choose to be good or evil in this game. There's boss fights. Apparently you are not the only one with powers, and they are not good people. It looks good. I'll look at the reviews before I buy, maybe. Expect it to come out Q2 of 2009 for the Playstation 3 only.

Fallout 3 is pretty much Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, with guns. It's in a post apactolyptic world (Washington D.C. actually), and you get lots of guns. You can even make your own guns out of things you find. Maybe this will fill the Hellgate London hole in my heart. Who knows? Anyways, it's from the guys that brought us Oblivion, so expect some awesome things. It's said to be coming out Q4 2008 for PS3. PC, 360.

MAG. It's a short word. It's actually an acronyme. Massive Action Game. Yeah the name is cheesy, but you can't get intrigued by it. A game to call itself that has got to live up to the name. Sounds like it might. 256 players online. We're talking massive battles. You might ask, "Well that's insane! I mean all those people just shooting at each other!? It'll be chaos!." The developers actually thought this one through. They have devised a plan to have 8 team squads with one player being a leader of a squad. That way you have micromanagement, but have a large scale battle. Sweet. Anyways, the release date is To Be Announced and is for the PS3 only.

Starwars: Force Unleashed is a bridge between episodes 3 and 4. Darth Vader (I'm not a big Star Wars fan so let me be if spell his name wrong) has an unknown apprentice. Turns out the force is indeed with him. Like I said I'm not a big fan of the Star Wars Series, but this game looks sweet. The Force is the big part of the game. You can throw bodies, smash glass, throw basically anything really. You get your lightsaber. You also get to play as Vader. Good deal. It comes out for PS2 PSP X360 DS WII, and PS3. The PS3 and 360 versions will have better physics and graphics, while the Wii, PS2, and PSP versions will have extra levels (and the Wii's motion controls for the Wii of course). Not sure about the DS. Anywayas that's suppose to hit September 16, 2008.

Left 4 Dead is a game developed by Valve, and uses the Counter Strike Source engine. I'm started to see the dated graphics of that engine. Anyways that's not the point. It's a survival horror game. You can have 4 player coop. Lots of Zombies. The cool part is that you can play as either humans or the zombies. Yeah. There's no real story. Basicaly just a few compaigns that you go through. Anyways, that is suppose to be released November 4, 2008 on PC and Xbox 360.

Crysis Warhead is basically Crysis except it follows Psycho, one of my favorite characters from Crysis. He disappeared in the first one and showed up way later. This is his story of when he disappeared. Like I said, basically just Crysis except a different charater. I like it. Supposed to be released September 16, 2008. PC only dudez.

Castlevania Judgement is a different kind of Castlevania. It's a fighting game. Of course it uses characters from the Castlevania series. There's so many, why not make a fighting game? So they did. The cool part about this game is that in each level there are enemies (such as skeletons) that attack you or your opponent at random. Cool. Expect this one Q4 of 2008 for the Wii. I forgot to mention the Wii controls. Gamespot said the controls worked well in the demo they played.

Castlevania Order of Ecclesia is yet another Castlevania game for the DS. Yes still 2D. This time though, they used darker graphics. Gamespot said it was sweet. I didn't see any gameplay videos though. So yeah. It says 2008 for the release date. For DS only.

Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers. Yeah. That's an actually game. Was released in Japan and is coming to the U.S. I checked out the title for obvious reasons. Bikini and Zombie slayers. Then I actually read about it. Then I'm like, This game sounds fun actually. It's an action title. Seems that two sisters were hanging out in their apartment, one showering, and one watching TV, when a zombie outbreak hits. So the one in the shower puts on as little as possible to go fight zombies as quickly as possible. There's lots of blood. You know me and blood. I love God of War for blood. So when they mentioned lots of blood and for the Wii I was like, "Awesome!" So yeah. Q1 2009 for the Wii. :)

That's E3 2008. My favs anyways. I might add something next week, because I'm going out of town. Anyways later.

So It Must End. Shucks.

TheBeigh Crying Rumors popped up on Friday that the end was nigh for Hellgate London and Mythos. Rumors that Hellgate London's Asian publisher was going to take over Hellgate, and rumors that there were massive layoffs. It was a long weekend for me to say the least. One forum thread almost reached 1000 pages (at ten posts per page) before Flagship made an official statements on the rumors. It was a fun post. A post full of LOL catz, demodivational posters, responses on the rumors, Tiggs's (a cool forum moderator) myspace page, Chosen (another moderator) typoing his way out of the closet, Chosen making Tiggs mad by posting her myspace, and oh so much more. The community hadn't been so family like since beta. People had to resort to humor until Flagship straightened everything out. Well almost.

We had to wait until Tuesday. Flagship Studios confermmed that they layed off everyone except "... the core management and founding team members...". That's a lot of people who lost their jobs. I think they had about 100 employees. My best guess is that they would be lucky with 20 now. Flagship Studioes is still in operations. They still own both Hellgate London and Mythos. Yes the picture is my character crying. No I'm a male. Yes she's a female. No I will not answer any of your questions regarding gender.

So what happens now? Well I'm gonna play some Hellgate London until the servers come down. I'm gonna wait for more in depth news on what will happen, but I imagine bye bye to servers. My guess is that the founding team members will update single player to the multiplayer patch. Many are hoping LAN support. Others are hoping that they can mod the game. I hope so also. Some of the people who've expressed interest in modding the game has some cool ideas.

I think Flagship took too much at one time. This was their first game, and it was with EA publishing it. Of course EA isn't going to give them much slack on the release date. When they said it was going to be released Halloween of 2007, EA wanted it so regardless of it being polished or not. I think they could've had a very successful launch (meaning keeping most of the players who bought the game, playing the game) if they didn't want to do so much. For example, they could have saved both time and money if they did not release the game internationally. I think they should have stuck with North America, and maybe Europe for their first game. They wouldn't have to pay for Asian voice actors, spend time translating, spend money on servers in Asia, and wouldn't have to comply with Asian rules on things such as gore. It was rated "M" but most people thought it didn't look like an M rated game. So that's my opinion on where they went wrong.

I liked the game for several reasons, but the most important is because it was fun. I love the hack and slash of being a templar, the fun guns of the hunters, and the spells and demons of the cabalists. I looked, and there is no game that even compares to the gameplay of Hellgate. I tried the Witch, and combat was too slow. Diablo is point and click. The combat was just awesome in Hellgate because it wasn't indepth, in my opinion. It made it fun. I didn't have to worry about ammo, just what kind of damage I was doing. Which brings me to another aspect, the items. It was fun getting new items, upgrading them, modding them, and what not. It was fun going on Moloch runs (which I just started doing) and playing with friends (some of them just started getting into the game). My three greatest regrets is not being able to kill Dessi (a freaking hard boss that came out with Stonehendge), beating the game on nightmare, and getting a character to level 50. I got to play all the classes, except the Guardian (which I really wasn't interested in after seeing the skills). So yeah I will miss the multiplayer. I'll always have Single player I suppose to get to level 50, and beat the game on Nightmare. *sigh*.

In conclusion, I would like to thank everyone at Flagship Studios, and wish everyone the best of luck in their careers. To the people still working at Flagship, I hope that you will take this as a learning experience and that your next game will blow me away. I'll keep my eye on you guys for future games. I wanna thank the awesome forum moderators, such as Tiggs, Chosen, Scapes, and many others for making the forums a great forums and enjoyable read, and for volunteering their time even though they no longer work for Flagship. You'll probably never read this, but hey, my thoughts.

To give you guys a heads up, After E3 over I'll post either a cool games from E3 type post, or maybe a new Games to the Video with a different format.

Peace Out.

Has It?

Wedding Maybe I'll post this. I like Google Docs. I can use my laptop to type up a post and then upload it when i get to my computer later. Then again it was June 26 when I typed this part. Anyways, I'm posting. My brother got married last weekend. That was awesome. I was the best man. :) Yeah. My and the other groomsman, Jeremy, pulled a few pranks on my brother and Ashley. Most of which backfired. We put a bunch of empty pop cans in his trunk. They were suppose to come to town with him, and we were going to tie them to his car, but he found them before he left and we got rid of them. Then we wrapped his car in plastic wrap, and put shaving cream on door handles, emergency brake, shifter, and stearing wheel. This backfired big time because my brother drank a few, and he wanted a designated driver. Jeremy had to drive him to his motel (that a bunch of people including me and Jeremy bought for him), because I suck at driving stick. So yeah. It was fun.

I need some advice from people who might know more then me about this. I need a wiki for my new site. Anyone know of an easy to setup and customize free one? I tried MediaWiki and was looking at it and went, "How do I customize the design, easily?" There's probably an addon for it that I could install to make it easier, but the media wiki site is hard for me to navigate the add ons. So yeah if you can help me, give me an email. I also would like something that makes it so I can use forum usernames and passwords with mediawiki. I'm using MyBB for the forum if that helps. I found something but it was in the testing phases.

We're cruising. I'm reading Diable: Sin War trilogy right now. I finished the first book and about a fourth through the second book. I'll get somemore reading done this week end. So I'm on my way to getting 5 books read this summer. I got some more Okami in today and yesterday. I think I as at over 13 hours. The walkthrough page is getting closer to the bottom. Video games are emerging that I'm getting interested in. A new games to the video might be in order. I need some exact dates though before I start that.

Anyways, I typed all that on June 26. Now it's actually July 5. So I'm gonna move on. I had a great fourth of July. Independence Day as it were. I didn't spend too much on fireworks this year, but we put on a good show. I had a bunch of fireworks left over from the last two years. I actually got rid of all my bottle rockets this year. I had somewhere close to 500 hundred. We made a thing that one of my friends called an Octobus. Basically we loaded a coffee can with 200 or so bottle rockets, and weaved 5 sparklers by their fuses. Let me say the result was awesome. We made 2 more. The second one I thought was the best because we lit it off when it got dark, and they were night bottle rockets. I also had a bunch of artilery shells that I bought buy two get one free last year on July 5th. We went out to Matt's girlfriend's house and shot off fireworks since she lives out of town. We had a bonfire, her family was there, and my friends were there too. Among all our fireworks, we won. We started lighting off fireworks first, and were the last ones to finish, and still had big stuff going. I have to say best Fourth of July ever for me.

Let's see, Diablo 3 was announced. I've never had so mixed feelings about a video game. I know I'll love the story of the game, but it looks exactly the same as Diablo II, gameplay wise. I mean yeah you have destructable environments, but the camera looks like it's from warcraft 3. The graphics looks a lot like Mythos, flagship studios's other game. Needs more gothy feel. Mythos can get away with it. why? because mythos hasn't established itself as a goth game. Diablo has.

But, if it one thing I have learned from Hellgate, and Starcraft 2, it's this. Never ever judge a game by the first official and gameplay trailer. I remember going "Starcraft II looks like Warcraft! What the Heck!?" Now seeing new units, and hearing fans of Starcraft saying, "Yup, it's starcraft." I feel a lot better. And I want to go through the story of Diablo III especially since I'm reading The Sin War trilogy. So I'll buy Diablo 3. Play it. Probably love it. But I won't know for sure until it's out. Still love Hellgate London. Can't wait for Starcraft 2. Can't wait for a lot of games. Ooo, new paragraph time.

Lots of new Intelectual Properties (or "IP's" is what I like to call them are coming out that I'm interested in. An IP is a new video game series. Example. Starcraft 2 is a sequel to an already established IP; Hellgate London was a new IP. Anyways, I'm basically basing these new IPs from trailers that I've seen, and a short paragraph description of the game. No release dates have been announced on them, and what not. Every now and then I go onto my Playstation 3 and go to the Playstation store. I scroll through all the games, and if a name jumps out at me, and check it out. I start downloading the trailer, and read the description. Then I watch trailer (in 720P or 1080p HD) and like it or dislike it. Usually like it. I get giddy. I keep the trailers on my PS3 so I can remember to check up on there status. Anyways, I've found a few games that way. That's for another Games to the Video post though. Closer to fall on them, since most of them are quarter3 or quarter 4 release dates. Games to the Video Thrice had a falling out on me. I'm not sure about Section 8, and no one knows if Edge of Twilight will be made anymore. Although Mirror's Edge and Borderlands are still big hitters for me on the list. And the ones that I bought (Mario Kart Wii and Okami).

Anyways, enough of that business. I haven't talked movies in awhile. I have to say that Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk are must sees this summer. Good stories, action packed, and awesome characters and actors/actresses. Need I say more? Probably but that's all I'm gonna say because the movies have been out for awhile. There was also Indiana Jones and something about a Crystal Skull. Yeah I forgot the sub title. This is what I thought of the movie: It's a good movie but a bad Indiana movie. George Lucas has lost his mind. Like I said, if it wasn't an Indy film, it would be a good movie, but it is an Indy film, so the plot doesn't really fit and there was a lot of unexplained things. I don't want to spoil the plot of the movie for you if you haven't seen it yet, so I won't go any deeper. I saw the first three movies for the first time last month and enjoyed Raiders of the Lost Arc, and Last Crusade. So I went in missing on the movie magic of watching it back in the day, but I still thought they were good.

I also so The Happening. You know, not that great of a movie. I thought I would love it, and was dissappointed. You figure out what is the cause of the people dieing right pretty much right away. Granted that wasn't the point of the movie. Anyways the best way to describe this movie is the actors and actresses were great, but the script writing was horrible. I didn't go into it looking for an action movie (although I was hoping for a thriller) but it still was dissappointing especially from the writer and director of Signs.

Looking forward to Batman. That's all i have to say about that. Hancock is also on my list of movies to see. I don't know why I started a new paragraph to say that but I did.

Titus. Christopher Titus to be exact. He's a great comedian. I suggest you watch, or listen to his cds/dvds of "Norman Rockwell is Bleeding" and "5th Annual End of the World Tour." I just like him a lot. He's hilarously angry. Plus he his voice is just funny to listen to. I liked him so much that I found his TV series on DVD called "Titus" which is based on "Norman Rockwell is Bleeding" and loved the series. The first few episodes were kinda wierd, like they weren't confortable with each other (the actors/actresses) but it turned out great. There were moments that matt and I would be watching it and just burst out laughing to tears. I need to buy season 3 now. So yeah. You can find him on YouTube. As most things. Just check him out.

Hey, it's been a long time, it's gonna be a long post. I had surgery on Monday. Minor surgery. Hurts like a something that hurts really bad. I can litterally say it's a pain in the butt. Still better then having a cyst act up every few months. It was an outpatient procedure. Which means, "We're gonna put you to sleep, cut you open, sew you up, wake you up, monitor you for longer then you were asleep, make you pee, and send you home." I don't know why they make you pee. I learned that hostpitals make me wanna through up. I went in to talk to the surgeon about the surgery and I almost threw up. My mom said I turned pale all of a sudden. After the surgery I also felt like I wanted to throw up. Could've been the anestesia (I boched that word). Whatever. Anyways other then some minor pain I'm fine. I get to lay around all day, which is harder then you think... at least when you had surgery on your butt. I'm getting a little personal with you. I like making jokes. I laugh about it. Usually make people uncomfortable because it's gross. Anyways, have a good dinner.

Summer of the Abyss

Abyss Chronicles Hi everyone. I'm alive. I just thought I'd give you an update. I've been being progressive this summer. I beat Heavenly Sword finally, and I beat God of War Chains Of Olympus. So I'm pretty happy about having two games done for the summer. I'm working on Okami for the Wii. I'm ten hours in and about one fourth of the way done. I'm trying to get everything. So far that's working out for me. I'm about 200 pages into my first book of the summer. Yeah I should be further, but I've been busy with other things too. My goal is to get five books read for the summer. I'm reading Diablo: The Sin War Trilogy, and I'm 200 pages into Birthright. It's only 325 page books so I'm close to the end. I'm not sure what books to read after the trilogy, but I have plenty to choose from.

Been working on a new website also. I'm really liking it so far. It's my first fan site (that I'm going to publish), and I think I'll actually be able to publish this one, unlike the Twisted Metal one. I'm pushing my graphical ability to the limits with this one. Don't believe me? Well I have 44 concept peices for just the design of the website, and I'm using 3 different image editing software. Yeah. When I say pieces for the design of the site, I mean like borders, and backgrounds. Banners also. So far I've implemented 10 of those peices into the site. No you aren't crazy, I'm spelling "pieces" in various ways. I figure I'll be correct some of the time that way. The site isn't only going to be beautiful, but powerful also. Powerful meaning that the programming behind it is going to be the most I've done. So far I've just used HTML, but I could see CSS, Javascript, and PHP being implemented. Not to mention some third party creations. Now you may ask me, "Roy, is all that really necessary?" Well to answer your question, the PHP and third party creations are definitely going to be necessary. The awesome lookingness of the site is just something I want to push myself to do. I pushed myself with this site (from the green colored one to the black/blue lightning one). If You don't remember the green one, It looked alright, and was simple. It was a good design philosophy. But I like the look of this one. I won't reveal what I'm doing a fansite of or the design yet. In fact the most you will probably before the official announcement from me is the third party software because I have to play around with them. The forum will be easy one, but there's one more third party software that I haven't tested. Anyways enough about that.

Exciting news on the Hellgate London front. Patch 2.0, also known as the Abyss Chronicles was released into the Test Center servers yesterday. Really excited on this one. New area with new monsters, new items, they added rings (like from diablo 2), making it so you can stack PRDs, analyzers, essences, etc into stacks of 100 instead of stacks of 20 or 5, fixed some bugs, they redid the skills of the Templar classes, and they are giving everyone skill retainers, attribute retainers, and rank retainers. And so much more. So much more. Anyways there's a teaser trailer on the homepage of my site. That's where I put the highlights of my life if you didn't figure that out.

One thing that I think Flagship Studios is doing right, is keeping us informed. There's a guy on the Hellgate London forums, who goes by the name of Scapes, that works for Flagship, and he keeps us in the loop. He answers questions and the like. Let's us know when new patches are coming out. Another cool thing that they just added are Developer blogs, which is where the developers can post blogs. That also keeps us in the loop. One developer, who is a graphics guy for Flagship, posted something that was very informative, then someone asked in the blog, "Why does this game, which is reated M for mature, feel like a T rated game? Where's all the blood and gore, like in Diablo 2 where the walls were bleeding!?". And he answered with this, and explained where it was: "With Hellgate London, we did a world wide release, which is hard to appease everyone. Some countries don't allow lots of blood and gore, and some countries don't even allow the killing of other people. We did what we could with the limitations we had. It just made us come up with different ideas to capture the suspence of Hellgate and I think we did a good job." By they way I didn't quote them at all. I just used the quotation marks to separate from what they said from what I'm saying. Anyways several people respected that and a lot of people came up with this: why not make a censored and uncensored version? I mean the censored version is the current one, but the uncensored one would add more blood and gore. It wouldn't be too hard. And so many people were saying that it'd be a good idea. So the same developer comes back and says this: "Obvious this is a concern for a lot of people. I'll talk to the higher ups about it." My point is is that not only do they keep us in the loop, but they listen to us. I think it's cool.

Um I think that's all. So that's what I have been up to. Working also fits in there , along with hanging out with friends.