The Winding Road

The Winding Road Holy Crap! Three months! That's a long time to go without an update from your good friend! Lot of stuff going on. This semester is winding down. I'm going to be starting a new website this summer. I'm updating my webdesign skills. What you see here is hard coded HTML. Which is stupid to do. I have a story on why I do it, but to give you the shortened version, our previous web host didn't make backups of their servers, and they went down a lot. I think I once was missing three months worth of news posts (I was using PHP then). Which, unlike now, was a lot of news posts. Anyways, our current webhost has been extermely good. I don't think we've had any downtime, and they let us know when they do.

Anywho, this new website will consist of CSS, PHP, and HTML... with not a lot of HTML. My brother made my last PHP based code. I actually am learning it on my own and I actually have a working prototype on my test webserver (it's on my local network, so don't look for it on my webserver!). I've also made a CSS layout for it. So I have CSS, PHP, MySQL database... why isn't this site up yet? Well you need a lot more then that my friends. You need a name, color scheme, logo/banner, stuff to fill your pages... I have none of that stuff yet. Actually, I have a name, and I just finished a logo. The crap part is that the logo is greyscaled, so that didn't help in choosing a color scheme. I know what content will be on the website, which is good. Not gonna tell you yet. I've been working on this, and like i said, this summer (thinking July).

I now present you with Games To The Video 7.5! YAY! Why a .5? Well a lot of the games from Games To The Video 7 have changed their release dates, and I have a few games to add that are coming out before July. So I felt a need for an update. Visit the linkypoo above if need an explanation of what Games To The Video is, or you need to remember what was on 7. Games that were released already, shouldn't show up on this (7.5) special games to the video. Let's start with games that just changed release dates:

Only 4. Should be noted that Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty was moved to July 27, 2010 and Quantum Theory was moved to July 1, 2010.

Alright. There are two games that didn't make a list because I didn't have a release date, but now they have a release date in May. So here they are with the Games To The Video treatment:

3D Dot Game Heroes 3D Dot Game Heroes: The love letter to fans of the old NES verison of Legend of Zelda. If you loved the old school Zelda, then you will love this, apparently. That's what the reviews say (and there are a lot of reviews even though it isn't even out. From what I gather, it is Legend of Zelda for the Playstation 3. You've got the classic items, and a big sword, and it's kind of a top down camera. Oh and you get to create your own character, so your heroe can be whoever you want. This game is out on May 11, 2010 (just a few days until it's released). It is for the Playstation 3. So to reiterate, Legend of Zelda.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Super Mario Galaxy 2: Wow. Two big Mario adventures for the same console. This hasn't happened since the NES. In fact, Mario hasn't seen a "2" since the NES, unless you count side games like Mario Party. Cool. Apparently Shigeru Miyamoto had so many ideas for the first Galaxy, that he had some extra levels. Instead of letting them go to waste, he decided to make a sequel. Yoshi's in it! Other than that, it looks like the first game, which I am not complaining about. I'm looking forward to this game. Seeing this game brings up the reminder that I still have 6 stars left to get in the first game :(. *sigh*. Those are just too freaking hard to get! Mario makes his return on May 23, 2010 and he will appear on the Wii.

Alright, we are caught up. So what games have I been playing? Well, I beat God of War 3, obviously. I'm a God of War fanboy, so of course I loved it. Every burtal second of it. A friend and I have been making our way through Earth Defense Force 2017. That game is so bad, that it is good. I have tons of fun with it. We are about 80% through it, and have put about 40 hours into it. So that tells you something about it. I ordered the game Deadly Premonition and that will be a project for this summer. The graphics are dated, the controls suck, and yet, everyone is saying it is good. Why? The story is apparently really good. I'm looking forward to it. It's a surival horror open world game. Take a look at it. It should intrigue you. Been playing Batman Arkam Asylum. Steam had it for 23 bucks, so i bought it. I've been playing it, and i am enjoying myself. I haven't really been in video game mode recently, because i have final projects due for school, but I'll get back to it and beat it.

Let's shift over to Borderlands. That game has been put on the backburner for me. I've beaten it with several characters. I didn't get the General Knoxx DLC. Everyone says it is awesome. However, one thing is keeping me from getting it. It raised the level cap from 50 to 61. Sounds good, right? Background information time. Borderlands has 2.5 playthroughs. Playthrough one, is going through all the story missions, and once you beat it, you can play playthrough 2. All the enemies are at set levels, throughout the playthrough. Same thing for playthrough 2. After you beat all the story missions for playtrhough 2, you can go back into playthrough 2, and all the enmies will scale up to level 50, so you can get level 50 loot and kill enemies that are level 50. It's a good time. That's called playthrough 2.5. So Knoxx. After you beat General Knoxx DLC, you will be level 61... so you want to go playthrough the main game areas. Well the enemies are still at level 50, and the loot is level 50. So you are basically a god, getting crap weapons, unless you want farm like 2 areas in the General Knoxx DLC. The worst part is that Gearbox (the developer of the game) has been mum on the word if this is going to be fixed (ie, scale enemeies to your level in playthrough 2.5, instead of just level 50). It also should be noted that the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned also scales to level 50, so that DLC is "worthless" after getting Knoxx. It's been over 2 months since the release of the DLC, and Gearbox hasn't said a word on it. It worrys me a bit. In fact, they haven't said anything about anything.

Alright, I'm going to wrap up this post. E3 is coming up in about a month. Good things to come there I think. Hopefully I'll post around then. I'll definitely post a Games To The Video 8 before July.