The Machine

A man, it's good to talk. First off, I highly recomend buying the new Linkin Park album, "A Thousand Suns." It's unlike anything they have done before. You used to be able to listen to the entire album on their myspace, but I'm not sure if they got rid of it or not. It's just an outstanding album. I'm probably not going to review it for you, because I'm busy.

I'm really excited. I think I have all of the technical details ironed out of the website I am working on. This is good because these details were bugging me, and it's one less thing I need to do. I've also have a sitemap designed for the new website. I know, a good web designer creates a sitemap early on, but I wasn't sure what I wanted. There are five main sections to the site, which is actually pretty small. However, some of the technical details that I fixed, make it very simple to expand the site if I deem necessary at a future date. I'm still thinking of ways to fill some of the sections with content. Sidebars and stuff mostly. But, I'll get it worked out.

The configuring my test server has been half the battle. I've had to tweak this, and tweak that. These technical problems needed certain setting on the server to work correctly. Once I sat down, and just figured those out, the site was working the way I wanted it to. It's just a great feeling to know that I didn't have settle for something less, to get what I wanted. Old features didn't break when I added new ones, is basically what I'm saying.

What does this mean? I'm probably less than a month away from it being uploaded and working. I'll be doing more work on it tonight. Heck, maybe buy this weekend I'll have it working. It's a long shot, but it may happen. Anyways, I wanted to post and let you know what's going on with that. It makes me happy.

Why The Lack Of Updates

Hello all. You may have noticed a huge lack up updates. First off, been busy. Second, crafting a new website (not a redesign). Third, this website design is a mess. This website design is 100% html, that means I hardcode each news post, which is a stupid decision on my part. After i finish up this new website, I'll get on redesigning this website, which actually won't take long. I kinda want a new look to the website, but even just putting in a mysql/php backend would be nice and less time intesive. So that's my story.

The new website I will not tell you yet, because I have a tendency to start a website and then just stop working on it. However, I've been working on this website for months and it should see the light of day. Most of the design is done. I've just finished up the banner today, and I absolutely love it. It needs some finishing touches, but the hard part is done. I've using a MySQL/PHP backend, and CSS, and that's complete, except a few minor touches that need to be added to fit the changes I need to do. So hurray for me! I'm just trying to figure out what I need for the website, section wise. I've got a news, and index pages, but I'm debating if I need to section up the news page a bit, which I think I do. Then I need to decide on the navigation bar structure. Do I want a drop down box, with the sub sections of the news section? Stuff like that. Than I need to create those pages, which should be simple, because of css.

My design process takes way to long. I had a piece of the banner done months ago, but I just couldn't think of a way to finish it up. Finally I just did something simple today, and bam, looked fantastic. I had a layout and design for a few months, but today I decided that it looks great and should be the final design. That's exciting because I can start creating the pages. I'm currently using a local webserver that I created to test my website, and everything looks like it is going smoothly. I'm going to have a forum, so I need to make that, which is an easy process because I'll use MyBB. I'll be happy if I get this done within a month or two. I'm just really busy with school and work. Saturdays are pretty much the only day for me to work on it.

I'll post updates and let you know a better timeframe in the future, just don't expect too many updates. When I have the site uploaded and ready to go, I'll post a news post and on the home page. Sorry, but no Games To The Video for this half, which makes me sad.


E3 2010

E3 2010 You may not see a Games to the Video whatever I'm on. It's either 7 or 8. I think it's 8. Anyways, this post will be about E3. I have had a lot of time to digest E3 this year so hopefully my thoughts will be a little more coherent than if I were to just go all willy nilly on it as it was happening. I've jotted some notes about it so it should be comprehensive, but hopefully condensed and easy to read... even though it's a wall of text. Hopefully me underlining and bolding games and what not will help. At the very least, it makes it easier to skim.

First things first. What is E3? E3 is the Electronic Entertainment Expo and is dedicated to the world of video games, which is growing each year. The industry has grown from hardcore games like Halo, to Facebook games like Farmville. E3 looks at all aspects of this wonderful industry. E3 is the place where game previews are shown, demos are available on the show floor, new games are announced, new gaming consoles are announced, and business is sprinkled in there as well (I'm pointing my finger at Sony, as I will explain later). There is a lot of coverage for E3. Sites like Gamespot and G4TV [link removed] covered it extensively. If you see anything that interests you from my right up, I highly suggest you go to either one of these sites and search the game and see some gameplay and trailers for yourself. G4 had fantastic coverage, and that was pretty much the only place I got caught up on E3 this year. Let's kick it off, shall we.

E3 is kicked off each year by the big 3 conferences. These conferences are: Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. Microsoft was all about the Kinect, which is a new add on for the Xbox 360. It's basically a camera that tracks your movement, and has a built in microphone for voice recognition. It allows you to play video games without a controller. No hardcore games were shown for the Kinect (Games like RPGS, First Person Shooter, and what not). You can tell Microsoft is gunning for the casual Wii audience, because everything they showed for it was a remake of an already existing Wii title. They did show off two hardcore games. Halo Reach and Gears of War 3. However these were already announced so it wasn't all that exciting. Personally, not to excited for Microsoft. They didn't have much. Halo and Gears looked to be all rehashes of their predecessors. Gears added four player coop and a new multiplayer mode, and Halo is sticking to its same formula it has had since the first game. Kinect didn't excite me, because I never bought any of these games on the Wii, so why would I do it for a 150 dollar camera?

Nintendo was up next. They impressed me the most. What I want from an E3 press conference are games games and more games. They delivered. A new 2d Donkey Kong Country, new Kirby, Goldeneye, new Zelda, new Metroid. And unlike Microsoft, Nintendo likes to reinvent their franchises. Kirby is going in a different direct, so is Metroid. Zelda is implimented full motion controls for the first time (which I am still a little skeptical about, but time will tell if it will work). After giving us all these games, they showed that they weren't done yet. The Nintedo 3DS was shown, which allows for 3D (stereoscopic 3D) without the need for glasses. You have to be their to see the 3D, but all accounts say it looks fantastic. Not only did they add 3D to the DS, they added an analog stick, a wider screen, has better graphics, and you have the ability to tone down, or just turn off 3D anytime you want. Nintendo thought this device out, and I applaud them. New Kid Icarus game was announced for it at launch. Kudos Nintendo for giving me what I want from a press conference.

Sony was last. This conference started off slow, but gained momentum by the end. Lots of business talk like sales, and their new advertising campaign. I like Kevin Butler as much as the next Sony fan, but he shouldn't be brought to a press conference. However, its a little sad that an advertising spokesman gets the first big applause at a press conference. After they got business out of the way, they continued with games. Showed off Deadspace 2, and Metal of Honor, which are multiplatform to begin with. There were some nice exclusives to the PS3 for these games though. Sony had to talk about the Playstation Move. This thing kinda combines the Wii motion controls with the Kinect. It has a controller similar to the Wii, but it uses the Playstation Eye (a camera) to track the end of the controller. It's cool, I think it's the right direction to go with Motion controls, but time will only tell (and games) if I will buy this. It's about a 100 bucks for a starter kit, so we'll see. Sony continued to talk about the move and showed its support for hardcore audience with it with games like Socom 4, and Killzone 3. Sony also talked about 3D. This 3D requires glasses and 2500 dollar televisions (which sony sells mind you). Too expensive for me to think about. Luckily, 3D and non 3D options will be available for all of the games, so no worries. Things started heating up at Sony conference when Portal 2 was announced for the Playstation 3, and Gabe Nowell (the creator of games like Half Life, Left 4 Dead, and Portal) came out. It was a big deal, because he has said some harsh things about Sony. The coolest thing from this is that he announced Portal 2 would be support Steam on the PS3, which means Valve (the developer) can push out updates without getting the approval from Sony. They can also put out free DLC whenever they like (Sony likes to charge for DLC, and Valve doesn't). So big news there. The biggest take away for me was when a trailer of two cabbies talking about car combat games came on screen. It was a Twisted Metal trailer. Me and Twisted Metal go way back, which I will outline in another post sometime, so I was excited. What made me even more excited was when David Jaffe (the creator) walked out to talk about the game. This man has denied working on Twisted Metal, and has said that it doesn't exist. I mean this was a few weeks before E3. Than he walks out on stage and demos this masterpiece. It made me happy.

Sorry. Sony was long. EA, Ubisoft and Konami all had conferences as well. These are game publishers. EA was my favorite. Game after game after game. No fat, just straight up games. Ubisoft dropped the ball a bit by hiring an actor to host their event. Lots of casual games from them. Two hardcore games that interested me though, so that's good. Konami, I skimmed, because there's only a handful of Konami games that I like. I'll talk games now.

Burnout, I mean Need for Speed Hot Pursuit was first up from EA. EA did the right thing and handed the reins of this iconic, but worn out, series to my favorite racing studio. The guys that brought us Burnout is doing this Need for Speed. Criterion games, for those who want to know. If a series is getting worn out, hand it over to fans of the series, and that's what EA did. Fans know what makes the series good. Criterion looked at Need for Speed and went, "Police chases and licensed cars made the game awesome." I'm looking forward to driving a Ferrari at 250 MPH while being chased by cops.

If I were into surivial horror games, I'd keep my eye out for Deadspace 2. Looks fantastic. Metal of Honor looks like a rehash of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Obviously EA needs a game to compete, but it just looks like they straight up copied it. I don't like Modern Warfare, so Metal of Honor doesn't look like my cup of tea. Sports games were shown. Crysis 2 was demoed, and that games looks amazing. I mean it looks good, but the gameplay also looks awesome. Loved that fact that in Crysis 1 that I could chose how to complete a task, and it looks like they are giving the player even more options. Also 3D support. Starwars the Old Republic was shown. It's an MMO, so I don't care. Bulletstorm was shown. This is an offering from Epic Games, specifically People Can Fly. It's a First Person Shooter, with style. You get points for creative kills. Instead of a punch for melee, you kick. It's awesome. Check it out.

As I said, two games from Ubisoft interested me. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood was one of them. The gameplay demo looked fantastic, and the mulitplayer trailer looked great. Assassin's Creed has been a single player game in the past, but these multiplayer modes seem to work great in this game. Ghost Reacon Future Soldier was shown as well. It looks fantastic. You have to see the gameplay demo to see why I might like it. It a market the saturated by shooters, this just looks different. I kinda like the stealth shooters, which is probably why I like it so much. Ubisoft also showed Rayman Origins (which I'm not a fan of).

Konami is giving us a new Castlevania game, subtitled Lords of Shadow. This is another example of a publisher handing off a franchise to different developer. Kojima is supervising this game. He's the guy that did Metal Gear Solid. Kinda a big deal. The game looks great. Kinda has a God of War vibe to it, or maybe a Devil May Cry. I'm excited. Castlevania hasn't transitioned to well to the third dimension, so this will be true test to see if it ever can. Metal Gear Solid Rising was also shown. Raiden and sword play! You can hack up watermelons, and guards. Not a whole lot was shown, so time will tell how awesome it will be. I'm thinking pretty awesome. Neverdead was announced as well... I don't know what to say about it. It became a blip on my radar, but I don't know if it will ever become something of "OMG I want!" Silent Hill was also announced. A prisoner makes his way into Silent Hill. Again, not a survival horror fan, so it's a meh for me.

Hunted: The Demon's Forge looks good. Like a cross between World of Warcraft (not the MMO part) and Gears of War. So a Gears of Dungeon Crawler. I'm interested. Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions looks good. Four different times, four different art styles, four different gamplay elements. It has peaked my interests to say the least. Killzone 3 looks like a rehash of Killzone 2 with 3D and Move support. Never played Killzone 2. Might some day. Homefront looks interesting to me. Korea invades the U.S. Sounds like Homeland that was canceled by David Jaffe. I don't know why it looks good. Maybe because of iron sights? Codename Kingdoms is a mysterious game by Crytek, which are the people who made Crysis and Farcry. Nothing else is really known. Devil's Third intersts me a little bit. It's made by the creator of Ninja Gaiden (the dude who wears sunglasses all the time). I didn't like Ninja Gaiden, and this just looks like a rehash, but I was hoping maybe I am wrong.

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is the Wii Zelda game that uses full motion controls. It uses the Wii Motion Plus, which allowed one to one movement. It sounds fine and dandy, but I'm hoping it won't be too much work. I mean I play video games to relax, but if it complicated and feels like work, I'll be turned off to the game. 007 Goldeneye is coming to the Wii. Graphically, looks crappy, but it looks like they have a good framerate. It support 4 player splitscreen and online play. This game was made for nostalgia sakes. Everyone is hoping it will be good, but no one will believe it is good until it is out. Kirby Epic Yarn looks good. It's definitely a good direction to keep the franchise fresh. You need to see it for yourself to know what I mean. Metroid Other M is being made with the help of Team Ninja (people behind Ninja Gaiden). Again, hand off a franchise to a different developer. It looks good, however I am not a Metroid fan, so I'm not as excited as some people. Donkey Kong Returns is a 2D platformer for the Wii. It's going back to Donkey Kong Country style. It looks good.

Let's see. Little Big Planet 2 was shown. The first game allowed gamers to create their own levels. This is taking it a step forward and allowing gamers to create their own game. You can make real time strategy games, racing games, or create your own genre. I liked the first game because of the platforming, and the story mode sounds like it will be mainly platforming, so that's good for me. I'm not into creating stages or my own game, but I do like to poke around what the community has done so I'm a little excited for this game. The Sly Collection was announced with 3D and Move support. This is an HD remastering of the first three Sly Cooper games for the PS2. I didn't play these games, but now that it is coming to the PS3, I will definitely check them out. The only racer that I have been a fan of so far has been Burnout, but Motostorm Apocalypse looks good.

When Sony was demoing Move, they showed off Sorcery. The demo caught my attention. The game will probably a proof of concept, and won't have much meat to it (story and what not), but it actually looks fun. It's something that could be more immersive using a motion controller, vs a normal controller. Like I said thought, it probably won't have the meat that I am looking for. Heroes on the Move was also shown. It's a Move game which features several Sony icons, like Ratchet and Clank, Sly, and others. Of course Time Crisis was shown. You can't have motion controls without a rail shooter.

I forgot to mention at the Sony Conference paragraph that God of War: Ghost of Sparta is coming to the PSP. I loved Chains of Olympus, and this will be a must buy for me. Made by Ready at Dawn, again. They know how to use the PSP to their full advantage. Not done yet kiddies. Sit tight.

Bodycount looks great. It's made by the creator of Black, which was an under appreciated game from last generation. I'm looking forward to it. RAGE looks fantastic. I don't know how I went this long without mentioning it. A new IP from id. These people created Doom, Wolfenstein, and Quake. This is their first game using idtech 5. Best looking game ever. Better than Crysis. The AI looks smart. I mean they react to you and their environment. Something not seen before. I highly suggest looking for an HD gameplay video (I do belive G4 will have one). Just awesome.

Of course I'm excited for Infamous 2. I loved the first game. Now that Sucker Punch (creator) has made a game on the PS3, and understand how to take advantage of it, Infamous 2 is going to be outstanding. Naughty Dog (peeps behind Uncharted 2) helped them out, so it's going to be stunning I'm sure. It makes me a little sad that they completely overhauled the main character, even though he was kinda generic in the first game. Epic Mickey needs to be talked about. The creator is passionate about this game, which is always a good sign that the game is going to be awesome. He has studied Disney's archives immensely, and has come up with creative ways to execute his knowledge. He is treating Mickey Mouse with respect, but is trying to put a new spin on him. The gameplay element of paint and paint thinner to change the world is a great idea. Everything about this game looks good.

Red Faction Armageddon needs a shoutout. I liked Guerrilla, and this game looks even better. You play as the grandson of the hero from Guerrilla and Mars's teraforming didn't stick and has pushed the Martians underground. In the caves, destruction will be more fun because of buildings hanging from the ceiling. Vanquish looks great. From Platinum Games (Bayonetta, Madworld, and other games). It's a fast paced shooter and looks good and different. Keep and eye on it.

How did I forget to mention Enslaved!? Enslaved is from Ninja Theory, the creators of the under appreciated Heavenly Sword. Enslaved is loosely based on a Japanese story where the world ended, but nature took over the planet. The game looks colorful and great. To contrast the colorful apocalypse, I shall now mention Fallout New Vegas. I don't know. To me, Fallout 3 didn't look great graphically, and neither does this game. Lots of greens, browns, and grays. Gameplay looks like Fallout 3. However, there are more enemies and more weapons, which is a good start. Takes place in Las Vegas, which is cool. I don't know. I liked Fallout 3, but only felt the need to play it once. I might get New Vegas.

I think I have talked about everything I wanted to. Again, which out gameplay videos and trailers for the above mentioned games. There was a lot missing from E3 this year. The Last Guardian, I Am Alive, Beyond Good and Evil 2, Batman Arkham Asylum 2, Vitality Sensor (didn't really care and I'm guessing Nintendo gave up on it too), Resistance 3 (not announced) and I think that's all. I don't think the Grinder was there either, but I could have missed it. Alright, I won't bore you anymore. This is 5 pages long. I might post some traillers on the home page in a bit.


Let the fans make it.