New Super Mario Bros U Review

New Mario U - End Pole

New Super Mario Bros. U is much like the other New Super Mario Bros. games for the Wii and DS. It has the world map that you can navigate to levels. Once you beat a level, more levels open up. All of the levels are side scrolling. At first, it seemed like more of the same. After conquering it by getting five shiney stars on my save file, I have discovered that it is the best of the New Super Mario Bros. games. The game starts off pretty standard. Princess is kidnapped by Bowser, and you need to save her. … Continue reading


“Let’s Play” videos are a thing on YouTube right now. If you haven’t heard of them, they are videos where someone plays a video game and they usually do commentary over the game. I don’t watch a lot of “Let’s Play” videos, because I’d rather play games than watch someone else play them. However, I do watch one person regularly who does mostly “Let’s Play” videos, and I wanted to highlight him. His name is Markiplier, and he’s a cool guy. Marikiplier usually uploads about two or three videos per day, which is an impressive amount. He plays mostly indie … Continue reading