Web Design Antivenom

It has been a productive year for the website. I got “Games of 2021” out the door on time. I got the appendix updated. I also got my old Blogspot blog brought over and archived. But I didn’t stop there. I made some changes to my pre-WordPress archives from 2005 through 2010. I cleaned up some of the code. I added more pages, so there are less posts per page. It should flow a little better. I also added a “next” and “previous” navigation at the bottom of each page. While I was at it, I added anchor ID’s to … Continue reading

Roy’s Ruckus

I did it. I completed a project. I got my old Blogger blog archived. You can find it here. Most of my thoughts about it are on the home page. Give that a read, and maybe the posts highlighted in the Index Map. I did enjoy going through every single post. I loved seeing myself grow as a writer and as a person. I am glad I spent so much time blogging, and I hope to pick it up again. Maybe not every day though… that was a bit much. My next project is doing something similar to my older … Continue reading

Coming Back

Blogspot before example

I hope you had a merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a happy New Year. We had Christmas early with my grandma (mom’s side), aunt (also mom’s side) and uncle. We did something different this year. We drew names for gifts and limited our presents to books. I got three of the Dune books and three of the Mistborn books. My brother gave me another book, Three Dangerous Men. I am looking forward to reading all of them. My dad gave me some coins that my grandma, his mom, had passed down to him. As always, Santa brought me pajamas. Actual … Continue reading

Games of 2021

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Here are 23 games for “Games of 2021.” I did not watch a lot of T.V. shows or movies; instead, I used my time on video games. The last time I played over twenty games in a year was 2018. You can check my math by reviewing my “Games of” Appendix. Not only can you check my math, but you can see what this series is all about. I am very proud of this series. Here is a quick summary. This is not a “Game of the Year” post. Instead, it is a list of games I played over the … Continue reading