I just got back from Glendive Montana. They put on a festival celebrating Scandinavian and German culture. Peopled dressed up, ate food, drank, played games, and more. They had a very good turnout for the first year, and I hope to see it again next year. I traveled with my mom and dad to Glendive on Friday. We picked up my grandma, and met my aunt and uncle at their house. The festival opened at 4:00, and we showed up shortly after. We checked out some of the vendors. There were Scandinavian booths, but there were a lot of arts … Continue reading

Snoopy’s Love

Snoopy Looking At Me

A few months ago, one of our family’s dogs, Snoopy, started having a dry cough. My dad took him to the vet. They diagnosed him with an enlarged heart. He also had fluid around his heart. They prescribed him some pills, which he would have to take everyday for the rest of his life. A few months later, Snoopy was running along the fence and he was barking at the neighbor dog; something he liked to do often. Suddenly, he let out a yowl – it was a cross between a howl and yelp. It is one of the saddest … Continue reading