Games of 2021

Hob screenshot

Here are 23 games for “Games of 2021.” I did not watch a lot of T.V. shows or movies; instead, I used my time on video games. The last time I played over twenty games in a year was 2018. You can check my math by reviewing my “Games of” Appendix. Not only can you check my math, but you can see what this series is all about. I am very proud of this series. Here is a quick summary. This is not a “Game of the Year” post. Instead, it is a list of games I played over the … Continue reading

Reconstructing and Recollection

Welcome to “Games of…” wait. This is not right. It’s April. Oh, yes! I remember. I made this, Games of Remaster! I also made this, a proper appendix! When I posted “Games of 2020,” I noticed the number of posts was getting too big to summarize at the beginning of each post. So, I slapped together the old appendix. The gaps between 2012 and 2013 gnawed at me. I thought, “Could I fill in the gaps?” After mulling it over, I determined I could do it and more. For four months I worked on gathering the data, drafting the posts, … Continue reading

Games of 2020

Welcome to “Games of 2020.” I did better this year. I completed eleven games! The total number of hours playing games this year surpassed several of the previous years, so I feel good about 2020. Variety was a little lacking; I am disappointed that I did not play any indie games. In the end, I had fun with each and every game. What is this? Well, every year I create a post that highlights all of the games I completed in the year. It is not a “game of the year” countdown post. The series has taken several forms throughout … Continue reading

Games of 2019

This past year was different. Normally, I strive to get into the teens with the number of games completed in a year. This year, I only completed five. To even get close to the teens, I would have to count games I played for just a little bit, mobile games, and tabletop games. Still, if I included all of those games, I think I would fall short. For the past couple of years I have created posts that highlight all of the games I have completed in a year. Lately, I have been prefacing the title of these posts with … Continue reading

Games of 2018

Games of 2018 - God of War (2018)

Twenty one games!? I did not expect I would have twenty one games for Games of 2018! My backlog needed clearing, and 2018 was the year to do it. In January of 2018 I created a category called “Play 2018” in Steam, and set a goal to get through most of the games in 2018; I ended up getting through half of them! If you are new you might be asking, “What is this?” Well, “Games of” has evolved through the years. Its beginnings can be found in old posts titled “Games to the Video.” Here is where you can … Continue reading

Games of 2017

Games of 2017 Zelda Twilight Princess HD

2017 was an odd year in gaming for me. My list of games contains new games, old games, replays of games, remastered games, and Zelda games. I began 2017 hoping to put a dent in my backlog. With everything that ended up happening, 2017 became the year of my comfort gaming. I have a whopping twenty games on the list this year, which surprises me. This list is ordered in the order I started to play the game in 2017. Each game gets its own special category. I also include some stats about my play sessions. All stats are captured … Continue reading

Games of 2016

Games of 2016 Doom

Another year, another list. I played quite a few games in 2016, and I had a ton of fun. Looking at the list of games I played this year, twelve of them are worth mentioning for Games of 2016. This time I ordered the list in the order of when I played them. As with years past, each game gets its own category. Stupidest Use Of Zombies (Zombies Scare Me) Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (PS4) Number of hours played: 13.25 Number of achievements earned: 34/54 Number of screenshots taken: 76 I played through all three … Continue reading

Games of 2015


The year 2015 has ended, which inspires a time of reflection. 2015 was another great year for video games. The PS4 and XBox One are in full swing, and developers brought some of their best work to the consoles in 2015. Of course, PC gaming continued on where the old generation left off, and it actually seems developers are paying more attention to PC. Looking back, I’m able to pick out eleven games (once again) that I played over the course of last year. There were a few stragglers I ended up playing, but didn’t make the list for one … Continue reading

Games of 2014

Games of 2014 - Mario Kart 8 DLC

2013 is a difficult year to top when it comes to video games. There were a ton of fun games released. I had a lot of fun with them. There was a lot of hype going into 2014. I ended up purchasing both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. I also updated my PC to run the latest games. I’m ready to play games, but 2014 actually saw a drop in the number of games I played; this is attributed to me spending more time on the games I did get around to playing. As with last year, this … Continue reading

Games of 2013

Games of 2013 - Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

Looking back, 2013 was a great year for video games. Lots of stuff happened in video game news; mainly the new console hype. I feel I played a lot of quality games this year. So, for my game of the year post, I’m going to highlight the games that I played in 2013. Just keep that “played” part in mind when you see a few games from years gone by on the list. I separated the list into categories to make it convenient for you… except each category only has one game. Made Me Feel Gone Home I said a … Continue reading