TwitchingServers are back up for Hellgate London. I finally got to play some. I'm very happy. Ran into some problems, but finally got to play. Alright this is what happened. I go to the Hallgate London Beta forums, which you have to be part of the beta to view, and checked up on the server. Nothing new. So just kinda searching around, and a couple of minutes later, I see a post on the server update page, and notice an update about 3 minutes old. I'm like, "yes it's up." and it was. Holy crap people don't have a life. It already had 3 pages of posts. There were problems. There was an update, and that froze up for people, only one person can log in at a time (meaning when you type in your username and password and click enter, only one person at a time can push enter at that very second. You had to type in your username several times before it'd work usually.). I got lucky and got logged in the first try. Started downloading and it froze at a file called Launcher.exe. I go back to the forum (about 5 minutes later and 30 pages of posts later) and discover that lots of people are having troubles with that file. Some people completed the update successfully and were playing, but others like me were frozen. So I retry, and same thing. I had to work so I decided i'd try later that night. After work, about 11, I try'd and it did the same thing. Went to the forums and they had put the launcher.exe file on the forums to manually download. I did that route and it updated correctly and was able to log in. I played about 3 minutes last night and went to bed. Today I did some quests and killed this big boss thingy (shown in the picture), and I just hecked the crap out of it. I finally kill it, but right as I kill him, one of his freaky explodey bugs kill me. I was sad. I had to pay 40 moneys (i forget the name. It's like palidinia or whatever) to get resurected on the spot. I made a headstone on the boss corpse's belly. And I got Wart's leg (reference anyone?).

I also got a chance to play some Halo 3 with a friend of mine. Wasn't impressed. Yes, I've played the first two. They were good games, just overhyped. Same thing with Halo 3. Basically, it's Halo 2, with better graphics. They also balanced the weapons better, which i think they did a good job with. About the graphics, they're good, but I expected better from a big title. Bioshock, and Gears of War look outstanding, and better then Halo 3. I didn't play it on a High def tv, but I've seen Gears of War, Bioshock, and Halo 3 on the same TV. So my view on the game: I'm not going to buy an Xbox 360 for this game, but I'll probably mooch some multiplayer action with friends. That's how I feel. I do however want to read the books for a more in depth story. I'm thinking the games only scratched the surfice of the story. My friend gave me an overview of the history of the Spartans and what not.

I'm getting out of that hole before I get a hit goes out for me from Halo fanatics. Um, let's end on a less offensive note. Dragon Blade. Still haven't found it. Probably not going to be at Target, cause according to their site, it says available online, but not in stores. Best buy still says October 2. Gamestop store search says our store has 1-3. So maybe I'll double check there. Walmart website has it. Doesn't say anything about stores. I'll probably not even check there. More good reviews from people who've bought it. No online video game site has reviewed it yet. I'm kinda sad. What I've got is awesome controls with the Wii, decent graphics, great story (Richard Knaak wrote the story and he did the Diablo books and what not), about 18 hours of game play, which i think is about right for a game. Let me compare game play to other games: Zelda Windwaker, 40 hours. Zelda Twilight princess, 55 hours. God of War, 8 hours. Those are aprox times. I thought Twilight princess was awesome, even though it was long. I thought God of war was short, but awesome. Speaking of Zelda, Phantom Hourglass comes out on October 1.

Hellgate Servers Die, Dragon Blade Not in Town

Hellgate Servers Die, Dragon Blade Not in TownI think the titble sums it up failry well. I haven't gotten a chance to play Hellgate London beta because they're doing some maintanance on their servers. In fact their website is down too. Hopefully soon though. Since Hellgate was down, I decided that I would run around and see if I can find Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire for the Wii. It shipped on Tuesday, the 25 of September, so I figured it would be here by now. I guess not. I ran to Target, and Gamestop and they both didn't have it. I checked Best Buy's website, and their site said it doesnt come out until October 2. On the Game FAQs forum for Dragon Blade, people are saying they have it, so I know it shipped on the 25. In fact, after reading some users' first impressions of the game, I really wanted it today. Oh well. I need to get some Online classes done today. Later internetz.

Hellgate London

Hellgate LondonJust to let you know, my domain still doesn't work. Hopefully tomorrow. Nevermind. I just tested it and it worked for me. Well back to the topic of the news post then. Hellgate London. This game comes out on October 31, 2007. That's this Halloween if you didn't know. YAY! I'm so excited! I was so excited I went down to Gamestop and preordered it. I suggest you do the same. Or from Best Buy, EA, or Walmart. You get some kickin' stuff if you do. Visit their site for more info on what you get for preordering from one of those places. Anyways I preordered, I got a beta key, and I would be playing the beta right now except that it takes a few days for them to send me beta game. So I'm waiting and updating. I also get the Lava Dye, again read on site to understand what that means, a Founders Offer Subscription Upgrade, and a poster. It's a small poster, but a poster none the less. And i get to stare at the game cover. For whatever reason they give you a game case that has an empty CD slot and contains the said poster and beta key. Oh well. It's something I can touch until the real thing comes. I wet myself. I hope you don't mind that I put the E3 07 trailer on the front page. I didn't want just "Hellgate London" and then a link. I wanted something that'll attract attention. Unfortunately, if you have a slow connection, it loads slower. Not that my site loads fast.

Um... I don't think there's any other news. Forum should be up soon. Since i have to wait to get my beta, I'll probably do that just to get my mind off of Herrgate Rundon. Also, let me know if I have any broken links or pictures. Later dudez.

Cleaned Up

Cleaned UpWell the site is up and running. You probably won't see this for a few hours or 3 days max, but we are back up. I cleaned up the site a little bit. I updated some downloads. I'll be adding more stuff, hopefully have tutorials, and what not soon. I also am using the home page for stuff i want to share with you. Such as CD releases, video game releases, movie releases, etc. I put up my first one, which is Thousand Foot Kructh's latest CD "The Flame in All of Us." Great CD. I love it. Target carries it so go pick it up. I assume that other major retailers also carry, too. Listen to some of the songs at, and if you like what you hear, pick it up. I also noticed that the songs very from harder songs to soft songs. It's all good though. The lyrics can definitely relate to anybody. That's what I like about TFK, they know how to write great songs. That's my vague two bits on it.

More on the website. The date and time I upload this is when i acutally uploaded the site, or maybe off by a few minutes. If you were like "I went here after that time and couldn't see your site!" Well the reason is that my domain name,, needs to transfer over to this server. It can take an hour for this to happen or 72 hours. That's the basic way of saying it. Also the forum is not running yet. Hopefully within the next couple of days. By the way, none of the news posts were save. I'm starting from scratch. I'm adding some anti spam options, and what not. Another thing thing is if you notice a broken link, let me know by emailing me, or posting it on the forum, once i get it up. I think I tested most of them, but sometimes i miss one. Also I don't really check the to make sure the downloads acutally download. I just click the link and if the download manager pops up, I call it good. I think that's all I wanted to update on for now. Hopefully you see the site within the next couple of days.

Late catz.


Me again. I've spent the day working on websites. I got a good start on the family reunion website. Over the last couple days I've pretty much gotten the new site, that I've been working on, done. I need to get some profile information from some people, polish a couple of the pages, and make sure everything works. My brother is even dusting off a web program for me. I hope to have the new site up when the we get our new server.

I'm looking forward to getting our new server space. This web site is a mess to me. I looks just the way I want it to in Firefox at 1024 x 768 resultion, but in IE it looks a little differnet. I see the imperfections, but they are probably not noticable unless you look for them. If you have a widescreen resolution, the site looks horrible in my eyes. This afternoon I did some testing around with Dreamweaver. I made of replication of the home page in Dreamweaver, without using CSS. When i first started building this version of the website, I ran into problems using tables in IE. The site looked just fine in Firefox, but IE rendered it wierd. I can't remember what it did exactly, but Internet Explorer took the colspan first instead of the width, of a table cell. Something along those lines. It blew the site completely out of preportion. That's why I switched to CSS. This type of site doesn't require CSS. In my opinion, tables are better for this type of site. There are definitely times when CSS is better, but not this site.

So i replicated without CSS in Dreamweaver, and checked out the code for it. I saw my mistakes plainly from before. So I'm going to do some code cleaning. Also with the server space change, I'll be able to clean up, and getting rid of files that don't belong. I have a bunch of files that don't even belong to this site. Not to mention the forum improvement.

I don't know if I'll be updating anytime soon. I'll probably just spend some time backing up, working on the websites, and school. Later dudez.


Hey everybody. Just wanted to give you a September update. I started college last week so I've been doing that. I also went out of town for labor day weekend. That's pretty much all for my explanation for not updating.

I need to let you know that our server will be expiring at the end of this month. I renewed my domain, and we are purchasing a new server. Our current host was not the kindest to us. Hopefully our new home will be cozy. Of course you won't see any of the affects, except for maybe some downtime. If it turns out we can't be at our new server before this one expires, I will get an account on freewebs or something, and but up a temporary site, and use this domain so I dont have too much downtime. Just to let you guys know. Also, I'm deleting the forum when we move. It's just spammed out, and I'm going to put some anti spam measures into the new forum. I dont think anyone would care if i deleted it.

On another note, expect a new website by me coming out. No it's not replacing this one. I hope to have the new one up and running in a month. I have a lot to do this month, so we'll see. I have to create a family reunion website by the end of this month. I have a basic design that I designed a year or two ago. I'll just put some extra touches on it, ask my bro to do some work on it for me. It should be good.

Well I have to get to class so see ya.

Games to the Video

I found a use for "Notes" "Gadget" in Windows Vista. I put video games that I am interested in and when they are realeased in it. After E3 back in July, I have come up with a pretty good list of things.

Dead Head FredFirst is "Dead Head Fred" for the PSP. This game is going to be released August 28, 2007, and it looks sweet. You play as a guy named Fred, who was decapitated by a mob boss. A scientist reanimated Fred's body, and puts his eyes and brain in a jar, and plobs this jar on his head. Now Fred wants revenge. There's only one problem: the town is full of zombies and other creatures created by the unsafe nuclear power plant. Luckily Fred is able to change heads and gain the head's abilities. As i reread what i typed, it sounds kinda corny, but if you go to the website and read about the characters and the story, it sounds awsome.

MarioAnother game that's is going to be a great game is "Super Mario Galaxy" for the Wii. It comes out on November 12. I really love Mario, so I'm really really excited about this game. I really dont have a lot of information about the game except that gravity comes into play, and that the Wii controls look fun. And it's Mario.

Mario KartSpeaking of Mario, "Mario Kart Wii" was announced at E3 and should be out the first quarter of 2008, for the Wii obviously. This Mario Kart will be the second Mario Kart game that will be online. Also, the game will be packaged with a Steering wheel that fits onto the Wii remote.

Smash BrosYet another Mario game, "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" which comes out December 3, 2007, for the Wii. This time around, you will be able to play as Snake, from Metal Gear Solid. That was the big thing when the game was first announced last year. There will be other new players, such as Ike and Pit. If you were a fan of the other Smash Bros. games, than you will like this one.

Resident EvilThe Resident Evil 5 trailer was shown at E3, but another Resident Evil game is being released in November: "Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles." Unlike other RE games, this one is a rail shooter type game. The game might be packaged with the new Zapper, with is a casing for the Wii remote and nunchuck. The casing turns the controler into a light gun, making zombies fun and more realistic to kill :). The game covers the storyline from previous Resident Evil titles (RE 0 - 3).

Soul Calibur"Soulcalibur Legends" is also for the Wii is said to be released "Q4 2007". I like the series. Speaking of which, I still need to get Soulcalibur 3. Anyways, this is a Wii exclusive, and, going by the preview on Gamespot, the controls work well. The game focuses on Siegfried, who was corrupted and became Nightmare. Other than that, I haven't read anything new.

Hellgate LodnonLet's step away from the Wii games for a second, and take a look at some PC games. "Hellgate London" is a game that is made by Flagship Studios, which is made up of members of the old Blizzard North, which made the Diablo games, and is headed by Bill Roper. If you don't know who Bill Roper is, the Diablo games, or Blizzard North, than Wiki them. Anyways, in Hellgate London, the year is 2038, and London is in ruins. Demons run around the city, and what happened to London threatens the world. So you have to stop them, silly. This definitely looks like it was made by the people who made the Diablo series. You can play as different classes, find several different weapons, and use several different spells and skills. It's also online, and there was lots of speculation and questions about online. There is the option to pay a monthly fee for online content. You don't have to pay the monthly fee to play online. You can play the all the levels, level up normally and all that jazz without paying. So why pay? Well, according to Flagship, you get special content, such as sweet weapons. We'll see when the game is released if it will be worth it to pay the monthly fee or not. Anywho, the game just looks awsome and I can't wait for it to come out. Flagship has said they hope for a Halloween release, but if it takes longer to perfect the game, they'll do it. That's why Diablo and games were so sweet. Read more about it at the website.

Unreal Tournament 3This next game makes me all warm inside: "Unreal Tournament 3" formally known as "Unreal Tournament 2007." This game looks even more bloody, and gorey than the previous titles. Epic said they were keeping to Unreal Tournament's roots, which is good to me. They've added a hoverboard type thing, which brings you to the action quicker, but it takes health from you if you use it. There will be new singleplayer maps, map editor, and new weapons along with old ones from previous games. I can't wait until November when this game will be released for the PC/PS3. The XBox 360 version comes in 2008. No exact date in November yet.

CastlevaniaAlright, I know this is a long read, but I have four more games. Next up is two more PSP games. "Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles" will be released sometime quarter 4 of 2007. This game features a Castlevania: Rondo of Blood with 3D graphics, Symphony of the Night, and an unlockable original version of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. Sweet.

God of WarSecond PSP game: God of War: Chains of Olympus will be released quarter 4. From what I've seen and read, the game looks really good for a PSP game, and should hold up to the standards of the first two games. The game will use the extra processor speed unlocked with a recent PSP update. GoW Chains of Olympus, takes place before the first God of War, where Kratos is working for the gods. I should get the demo in September, so I'll let you know how it goes for me first hand.

ZeldaThe only DS game (which is weird that I have 3 PSP games because I like the DS better and have more games currently for the DS), "The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass." The game is scheduled for October 1. It is a sequel to Windwaker for the Gamecube, which i thought was an awsome game. This game uses the touch screen to the fullest, and looks great. Other than that, I really don't have any other interesting information on it.

Dragon BladeAnd the last game on this list is "Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire". It's for the Wii and is scheduled to be released September 25, 2007. The game looks like a cross between God of War, and Zelda. You play as a hero who needs to defeat 6 dragons. Each dragon you defeat, gives you a new ability. The abilties include two giant hands, which you use the Wii controls to emulate the hands punches and such. Another Ability i saw was a whip. The game looks like it uses the controls very very well. I can't wait until it comes out. The story is written by Richard Knaak, who wrote the Dragonlance series, and has written several Diablo books, and the Warcraft War of the Ancients trilogy books.

Phew. That was a lot to type and I'm sure a lot to read. Sorry for the lack of updates, but July I was out of town a lot. I was going to update you on other things, but this is a long enough post as it is. Thanks for tuning in and I'll try to get the forum fixed and eradicated of spam bots.
RoyJ, Webmaster


Super Paper MarioI know I said I would update more often, but I'm still recovering from graduation. Judging by all the people signed up for the forum, I say no one really missed me. I've had a request to make the News sidebar go directly to the article so I'll do that. I have Flash software again, so I might try my skill at making flash animations again. I tried and it turned out I was pretty good at it. It's the artwork that's the hard part. So I hope to do some of those for you. I've been kicking around an idea for a comic. It's a minute possiblility, but a possibility nonetheless.

I've been playing video games of late. Lots of them. First one was Warcraft 3. The main reason I got back into that is because i read Warcraft War of the Ancients trilogy, which is a very good series, and it sparked my interest and understanding of the Warcraft universe further. I didn't really like Warcraft before I read some of the books, but now I do. It makes a lot more sense now. Especially since a few characters from Warcraft 3, such as Illidan, Furion, and Tyrande, are all in War of the Ancients Trilogy. It's a good read. You'll especially like it if you love Warcraft.

Another game I've been playing is Shadow of the Colossus. That is an awesome game. Highly recomended from this person. I saw it for Target for 15 bucks and was like, "Sure I'll give it a try" and it was definitely worth it. It's not 15 bucks anymore, but it's 20. I'd run out and buy it right now if you are looking for a great game.

Another game I picked up Super Paper Mario. I picked it up going "I heard good reviews. I kinda liked Paper Mario for the 64. Sure I'll give it a shot." Boy was it a good idea. One of my favorite Mario games and that is saying a lot. It's 2d action meeting with 3d. There's Pixls, and characters. Bowser is also a playable character which is fun. Nothing like watching him swim and vomit fire. If you have a Wii, pick this one up. Best game for the Wii since Twilight Princess.

Anyways, the main reason I posted was to hopefully get members on the forum. I really would like someone to talk to on the forum.

Peace out,
RoyJ, Webmaster