I Am Legend Finals are over and they went well. I decided to switch it up this post and talk about movies. A couple of movies were released on DVD that are worth mentioning. Most of them trilogys. I bought The "Ocean's" collection. I saw the first two, but I had not seen "Ocean's Thirteen," so I picked up the collection since I didn't have any of them. "Ocean's Thirteen" was really good. I liked it better than "Twelve." It turns out Reuben is recovering from a heart attack caused by being being swindled by a casino owner. So Danny and his gang wants to get some revenge. It's awesome. There's the usual "Ocean's" comedy, and the awesome way they tell the story. If you liked the other movies, highly suggest you watch this one.

There was also "Pirates of the Caribbean: At Word's End" that came out a few weeks ago. I scooped up that. I liked the movie when i saw it in the theater. Personally, it was probably the best one in my opinion. I think a lot of people didn't like it because of the length. I think it needed to be that long because of all the stuff that was crammed in. So yeah. I don't think I need to tell you about it. It does have Chow Yun-Fat, who is an awesome actor who I think should do more American movies. He was in "Bulletproof Monk." Another great movie.

One more trilogy. Just came out last week. "Bourne Ultimatum." The series is awesome, and the third one is also sweet. I bought the collection because I didn't have any of the Bourne movies, The box is cool for it. It is like the Switzerland security box from the movie, and it includes a Bonus disk inside of a passport of Jason Bourne. I saw this movie in the theater too. On a side note, I saw both Pirates 3 and Ultimatum in the first row of the theater on the first day... it sucked sitting in the front row. Especially for Pirates because the Grand has huge screens compared to the Carmike. The Carmike sucks here. On a side note of a side note, yeah Carmike has digital movies, and allows you to use Debit cards, but I pay $8.50 to see a movie and I have to sit through commercials. What the heck!? In theory, it should be free because the ads pay for the movie. It's stupid. End of side note, of a side note.

I saw "I am Legend" on Sunday. That was a really good movie. A lot of people didn't like it, so I'm going to spend some time talking about it. Maybe sway your opinion. First off, the movie is based on a book, by the same name, and is the fourth (I think, maybe it's thrid) remake of the book. It is the first to have the guts to use the same name of the book. I saw the beginning of the 1950's version "Last Man of Earth" and it started out pretty good. Anyways, the 2007 remake is about a a survivor of a virus living in New York. The virus has killed billions of people around the world, and turned millions into people who are argressive and revert backwards down the eveolutionary ladder. Sunlight has a strong affect against them. Anyways, they're basically a cross between a vampire and a zombie. They want to kill the less than 1% that are immune to the virus. I think a lot of people were expecting an action movie, and were slapped with a kinda sad story instead. Yeah it had action, but it was sad. Quite frankly, I liked it a lot, but i can see why people didn't like it because of expectations. The director did a great job with the movie. They actually shut down a couple of blocks of New York for the movie. The CG effects were put in the movie flawlessly. It's awesome. Will Smith had a big task of being the main focus of the movie with very few other actors/actresses in the movie. Will Smith played the main character, Robert Neville, and does an extraordinary job of doing so. Anyways, I suggest seeing this movie and see if you like it. It's worth at least one watch.

Some movies that look good that are in theaters are that will be. "Hitman" actually looks like a good video game to big screen movie. I don't know. I haven't seen it. Lots of money to do that. I'll probably rent it when it comes out on DVD. There's also "Sweeny Todd" a Tim burton film. That looks good. However I didn't realize it was a musical. Oh well. It'll probably still be good. I mean Nightmare before Christmas was a musical. There were a few others but I need to go. Later.

The Post Game Show

Unreal Tournament 3 Rating Well I've spent some time with a few games. Kinda here to give you a review and some updates on them. First off is the glitch overridden game of Hellgate London. My friend and I have taken a break from this game. We decided patch 1.0 comes out this month, we're gonna wait. Patch .6 game out recently, and it fixed some glitches. It fixed the glitch of not being able to see your partners while playing. I hated this glitch. It's just annoying. There's some other glitches that were fixed, but that's the biggest one in my opinion. .7 is suppose to fix the memory issue. If you don't know what that is, after playing Hellgate for a while, the game crashes with an insufficient memory error. 1.0 will fix more glitches and add more content for subscribers. Exciting for me. Extra content including a new area of Stonehendge. That's cool. So like I said, we're waiting for patch 1.0. However, I have a character that I'm playing with now by myself. I played some of that today. I wanted to test out the new patch and it turns out that I can play with DirectX 10 settings. It was kinda lagging near the end of my playing, but it worked well up to that point. So Hellgate London is improving. If you haven't gotten the game yet, wait a few more months. It'll be ironed out.

My friend and I were playing Unreal Tournament 3 coop for the campeign. All I have to say is, That Kinda sucked. They story, just was bad. It stunk. Then it left you with a cliffhanger for the ending. I was like, "It was a bad story to begin with, why did you even bother making a cliffhanger for the ending!?" It's still a very fun game to play though. I've always loved the series. Fasted paced, adrenaline pumping. It's all good. They've expanded on that by adding the hoverboard to vehicle maps. It gets you to the fighting faster. If you loved the previous games of the series, you will like Unreal Tournament 3. I kinda spoke everyhting I wanted to say in my previous post so yeah.

Mario Galaxy I suppose is next on my list. I hadn't planned to play this game so much and beat it so quickly. I just couldn't put the game down. It's an awesome game. Definitely the true successor of Mario 64. It has a few frustrating moments, but it's minimal enough that I continue on. Right now I have beaten the game, but I still have seven stars left. I'm stuck on one of the forementioned frustrating parts. Not so great. I had to put the game down and do something to blow off some steam. So I went back to Gears of War. I still suggest that if you have a Wii, Mario Galaxy is a must have.

I'm somewhere in Act 3 of Gears of War. It kinda sucked that my saved file got deleted. Apparently that's a problem with the PC verison. Luckily I found a cheat that allows you to jump to any part of the game. Maybe it's chapter. I don't know. There's 35 of them is all I know. It's not checkpoint. Anyways I found the cheat and had minimal repeatage. I like to play Gears. Although I was playing today, and I did something the hard way. Apparently I could just shoot a propane tank and it drops something on these big guys that take forever to kill. I'm being vague so not to ruin the game for you if you haven't played it. The game is pretty creeping. I'm pretty tense when going through dark hallways, just because I know that the developers have put a freaking locust to jump out at you. And they have. I have to say the only time I had the Oh-Crap-Oh-crap-I'm-Freaking-Scared-for-my-life moment is when I was fighting the Berserker. There's very few things that can scare me more when I'm going against a scary thing, and I have to act as bate, and I can't kill it with a gun.

I think that's all the games that I have played. I played a little bit of Resident Evil Umbrella but not very much. I was playing the first stage and was thinking to myself, "Wow, this is a lot like House of the Dead 3." The enemies are almost the same. The first few bosses reminded my of the bosses in House of the Dead 3. It was kinda funny.

Anyways, finals week this week. I'm also having some minor surgery, so don't expect any updates for awhile. Don't worry. It's minor. I'll probably be back to posting in week or so. And by the way, The picture is an actually screenshot of Microsoft's information on Unreal Tournament 3's rating. The messed up a little bit, don't you think?

This Week the Trend

Sorry for the lack of updates. Finals coming up, which include certification exams. Kinda stressful. Website put on back burner. Though you guys deserved an update (all two of you). Well I got Unreal Tournament 3. A little dissappointed. Just a little. The worst of it is the menus though, which aren't part of the gameplay. The menus look like they were designed for a console. The menu for Unreal 2004, was so nice. I select a graphical drop down box and select from "low, medium, high" and now I have giberish that I need a computer game design degree to understand. Exageration, maybe. Plus you have to create an online account to login to single player? What's up with that. And people are having trouble with that! It's horrible. Then the story. They actually tried to make a story of unreal tournament. That's laughable. The worst is capture the flag stories. You have to capture the enemies FLaGs (which stand for something that I don't care about) and it'll shut down the generator. The reason you can't take the "FLaGs" in vehicles is because the electricity in the "FLaGs" intefere with the vehicles. Hahahahaha. The lamest excuse in the world. It's rediculous. And then for some reason if you have X-fire running you don't get sound during cut scenes (which don't really help the story out).

Luckily those were the only bad things about the game that I have run into. The gameplay is still Unreal Tournament. I love it. The hoverboard is an awesome addition to vehicles maps. And coop for the campeign makes the game more enjoyable, since you actually have an intelegent teammate. I guess one more bad thing is that the difficulty settings for the bots have been reduced down to 3 difficulties. There is a noticable difference between hard and normal. For one, hard is actually tough for the campeign, and I can barely stay ahead. Usually I don't stay ahead. Normal, however, is too easy. I loved the difficulty settings for 2004. I found the just right difficulty for me. Back to the good. It's a lot prettier. Warfare replaces the Onslaught mode. It adds a few things to it, and it's better in my opinion. Unreal Tournament is a great game, but the menus are just horid. Epic has said that they are going to patch it and create better menus.

Kinda an odd week in video games this week. The merger of Vivendi (owner of Blizzard Entertainment) and Activision, is one. They will form Activision Blizzard, and will be the biggest third party publisher. I think this is a good thing. For one, Activision has some pretty good games (Call of Duty, Tony Hawk, Guitar Hero). Plus, they said that they will leave Blizzard alone. They said we won't see an Activision logo on any of their games. And looking back, Vivendi didn't either. Check your old starcraft and diablo cases. Even Warcraft III. I don't know about World of Warcraft, but I imagine that they didn't. Blizzard has said that business will go about as normal. Hopefully this will make EA makes some quality games now. EA clearly doesn't understand the video game business anymore. All they know about is $$$. At least I'm hoping that EA will have to step it up, since the merger will make Activision Blizzard the biggest third party producer. So I think it's a good thing.

Jeff Gerstmann, an ex reviewer for Gamespot.com, was fired from Gamespot this week. This has people in an uproar because people think he was fired because he gave a 6 on Kane and Lynch. People are saying that the people of Cnet (who owns Gamespot) are just money makers and the game publisher paid for a lot in advertising on Gamespot, and wanted a higher score. This rumor came up because Kane and Lynch ads were removed from the site after the review, and Jeff was fired. Makes sense. I don't know what to think. I'm pretty sure that is the case. People are boycotting gamespot and their advertisers. Frankly, I've always taken reviews as a grain of salt. I kinda look at what they think the game was like, compare user reviews, and look at other review sites. I can kinda get my own idea then. Personally I like Gamespot. I can generally find news on upcoming video games. I especially go there during events such as E3. To all the boycotters out there, welcome to Capitalism, where you can buy anything *wink, smile, and thumbs up*.

Here's a rumor for you. They may change the graphics of Starcraft 2! That would make me happy. If you want to know more, I found this rumor at www.blizzplanet.com. That's my #1 source for rumors from Blizzard. It's also the place that keeps my pitiful dreams of Starcraft Ghost alive. *sigh*. I miss stuff. I'm gonna go do something else.

Game Extravaganza

Mario Galaxy LogoI had a high school english teacher that would have game extravaganza days. Unlike now, they were boardgames. Today I switch the term to video games. I just spent too much money at Target. I would have spent more, but Target doesn't know what a release date is. They like to set their release dates for video games three days after other stores get them. Example, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles. I know we have them. I saw them. Apparently Target doesn't want 50 bucks from me. They aren't released until tomorrow, I think. I can buy it online, but not in the store even though we have them just we can't sell them!? Oh well. I can wait. I bought Crysis and Mario Galaxy today. I should be fine. Plus the wii zapper doesn't come out until the 19th, but Target will probably start selling it on the 22nd. If it weren't for my loyalty (and discount) I'd probably go to Best Buy. It's closer. Anyways, I bought Crysis. I didn't mention it in the Games to the Video, because I didn't pay much attention to it, until I read the review for it on Gamespot.com. I just bought it so I can't tell you how I like it but it sounds awesome. I also respect any company that uses their own engine to create games (even though they sold their sole to EA). Picked up Mario Galaxy also. As you may have guessed, I'm a huge Mario fan. In fact I have plans to take time off work, and spend a week beating Mario Bros, Mario Bros 2, Mario bros. 3, Super Mario World, Mario Sunshine, and Mario Galaxy. Just beat every stage 100%. I'm skipping the handhelds, and the Yoshi Islands. I'll also let you know how Galaxy is when I get a chance to play it. I downloaded Mario Bros 3 from the Virtual Console, and I beat every stage in less than 3 hours. I was impressed with myself. I wasn't going for a speed record. In fact I was just waiting for my friend to get off work so we could play some Hellgate London, and I just played.

Kinda speaking of Hellgate London, we really accomplished a lot on it yesterday. I was level 18, and by the time we finished at 3 this morning I was level 21, and was confortable with stats. Each item that you wear, takes up a certain amount of your stats. Example, I had 57 stats in Willpower (which is basically magic or mana) but the equipment that I had on used up 53 stats. So I pretty much couldn't wear anything new. I was frustrated. On top of that my Stamana (health) was at 61 and my equipment took up 57. I had items that were better that I wanted to wear, but couldn't. Finally everything is at a comfortable place. Not to mention we beat act III, and are just about done with all the sidequests we have left before act IV. So yeah that's what's happening with Hellgate, and I hate EA.

Couple things I should mention. I've also been playing Gears of War. I haven't played a whole lot, but the controls are great on the computer. I played once on the 360 and I was kinda wondering what control scheme would be better for that game. I kinda like the computer's controls better. I thought it would be the 360's but no. The space bar works great for the "take cover" button. I'll give you a review once I beat the game. It's on top of my list of games to beat first. Hellgate will take a while to beat. Gears of War should take about 10 hours. Crysis I heard takes about 10 hours, So that'll be next ont he review run. Than either Galaxy, Resident evil, or Hellgate next. I don't know yet. Than I probably will just give you a little something on Zelda Phanton Hourglass, since I haven't even played it yet and I've had it for a while now. Next trip I take I'm gonna play it on the car ride. I went to see my brother, and just finished reading the first Hellgate London book, (which is awesome I suggest you read it) and read the comic for it (also good), and watched 2 and a half of the Spidermen movies. total of about 14 hours in the car.

I keep digressing (that just doesn't seemed spelt right) from what else I want to metnion. Soul Caliber Legends was moved back a couple of weeks. Saves me some money this week (although I'll probably still wait for reviews on it before I buy it). November 20th is when it gets released. I'll also wait for reviews on Medal of Honor Heroes 2 for the wii. I've never been a war fps fan, so I'll just wait on the reviews for it. 32 multiplayer does intrique me though. Link's Crossbow training comes out on the 19th with the wii zapper. And still extremely tempted to buy Call of Duty 4 modern warfare. As you can see I have a lot of games on my plate though. I also want to buy the Orange Box. I think Christmas present for that one. That buys me a month and saves me 50 bucks (although it is a fantastic deal for five games). I'm gonna play Mario.

Early Hellgate Review

Early Hellgate ReviewI was a little harsh on Hellgate London on my previous post. I think my message on the game came out wrong also. I think it's an awesome game. I love playing it. There's a few things that I wish they would have added however. First is Single Player LAN option. When my friend came over on Halloween and we wanted to play together, we couldn't. The servers were being updated so we had to go our seperate ways and play single player. Now if we had Single Player LAN, we could have at least played together. I hope they add this option in the furture. So people have said that Flagship Stuidios didn't add this option becaue of security issues. I'm trying to think how not playing on the internet is less secure than playing on the internet. What they should have said is, "We don't want people to hack and play together." But I'm still just talking about LAN and not Blizzard's "Open Battle.net".

Secondly, I wisth they would have had full voice acting instead of just greeting voice acting. A lot of people complain about not getting into the story, and I think full voice acting would have helped. All the NPCs should have full voice acting for the text instead of saying [generic greeting] and then have what he is saying in just text form. It would have helped with my experience.

Lastly... crap i forgot what I was going to say. One of the bad reviews pointed it out. Nope I was wrong. I got both of them that I agreed with him about. Oh well. Here's something. DirectX10 support should be better, especially since I have one of the top of the line DirectX10 cards. I think mine is second on the rankings list for it. I have the NVidia Geforce 8800 GTX (not GTS), which is a 768 MB video card. I think the first is the 8800 Ultra. Glancing at newegg.com, it looks like my ranking is correct to this date. Obviously if you are looking at this post a year down the road, there will be better video cards. Speaking of hardware issues, the memory problems that people are suffering, need to be fixed. Sunday I was playing with my friend again, and after 5-7 hours, it crashed on my system. I have 4 GB of memory. I should not run out of memory. Nay I CAN'T run out of memory. But alas i did. My friend's computer crashed earlier than that, but he has 2 GB. Still, Flagship needs to fix that.

The hardware problems can be fixed with patches, and the option of LAN can also be patched. They'll probably never put the full voice acting in, but oh well. Let me kinda go into the graphics area a little more. The graphics are awesome in this game. I want to use DirectX10, but the game makes my Graphics driver crash, therefore crashing the game. The game looks great with DirectX 9, but from what I here from other peopole is that It looks even more stunning with 10. However, they suffer from bad framerate in the 10, so they go back to using 9. I talked about graphics in my previous post and that still stands.

So what did I find good about this game that makes me go "This is awesome." Well the gameplay is fun. I love hacking and slashing, and shooting. It also looks great on my settings. I love the outside levels, the best. The animations are good. Music is good. It has a very complex items system, that is fun to use. Modding weapons with mods that you find adds attributes to a weapon. You can also upgrade the quality of your weapon if you have enough money. You can also craft your own weapons, and make them out of bluepirnts that you find and scrap metal that you get from breaking down weapons that you do not need. I do have to agree with IGN on this though. Flagship should have designed an auto sort function for your inventory. I've tried to pick up an item only to get the "Full inventory" message and I open up my inventory to find a lot of open slots, just not in one place to that I can fit a pair of boots in my inventory. I have to rearrange my inventory then all of a sudden I have enough space for 3 pairs. Then I can get back into the action. Which is another fun thing. This game is action packed. The difficulty does increase as you go. My friend and I are just about done with Act II, and a quest is we had to travel to the Mellinium Battle. We get there and, Holy Crap, we have to fight in the battle. That would have been logically assumed but we didn't assume so until we got there. This battle actually killed my computer because of the memory glitch. Lots of enemies and they are big enemies. It's also a big open area which is cool. my computer died and it was late so my friend went home and I haven't had time to play. Tomorrow we will so we're going to kill everything then. There will be much rejoicing.

I decided to buy the strategy guide for the game. I wanted some tips on item modding and such and I was to impatient to wait for GameFAQs to post one, and to lazy to look it up on the forums or something. The guide came with a sweet poster and helped me out. On a side note, what happened to people posting guides on Gamefaqs? No one has posted any FAQs for Dead Head Fred yet, or Dragon Blade. I used to be able to find guides for lesser known games on there. I can find lots of Phantom Hourglass and Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles, however. I should write a guide for Dragon Blade. I'm too much of a perfectionist, which I guess could be a good thing. I would tell people where all the objects to be destroyed are, how many enemies to kill, etc. It'd probably be one of the easier games to write a guide for. There's strategies on how to beat bosses on the forums that I can steal from. I could do it. If I had time. Sadly I don't.

Some reminders. Call of Duty 4 comes out tomorrow, along with Gears of War for the PC. I'm picking up Gears of War tomorrow, along with Phantom Hourglass. Yeah I still haven't gotten it. Call of Duty, we'll see. Yes it looks awesome but I've already told you that War games aren't my cup of tea. November 13th is sneaking up on us too. Lots of games there. Assasign's Creed comes out then. I forgot to mention it in my Honorable Mentionables section of Games to the Video 2. I'm going to work on a paper for Englsih. See you in a week probably.

I'm Going to London

I'm Going to LondonI played Hellgate London for eight hours yesterday. Yeah it was that awesome. A friend brought his computer over and played together. It was a process though. First off was picking it up. We ran down to Gamestop to pick it up. They gave us a huge box for the collectors edition. It made me happy. It came with a poster, 106 page graphic novel by Dark Horse Comics, A DVD of the making of the game, an in game pet, the sound track and the game. I also preordered it, so I got a Lava Dye kit, which just makes my character's armor Lava colored, and a founders offer, which is you pay 150 bucks and you get subscription for life. I thought it was a good deal. It's ten bucks a month to subsribe (it's optional but you get a bunch of stuff if you subscribe). Alright Let's move on to what I think about it.

Hellgate London is a mix of feelings. I read some user reviews, and there were two types: Really good or really bad. I see where they both came from. The people who gave it a really good score, looked passed all the glitches and realized how fun the game is and reviewed it really good, which is a bad way to review things. The people who gave ita bad score saw all the glitches and what not. So I'm going to give it to you straight. First I'll start with the good and then I'll go to the bad, and then I'll give you what I would add to the game.

The good. The game is really fun and really addicting. It's the same addictive game play as Diablo II. I love hacking up demons, and the undead, and shooting them. It's even more fun playing with friends online. How they did it was great too. When you go online, when you are at "Stations" which are safe havens and where you buy goods and get quests and stuff, othere people that are online are there. You can trade with them, chat, invite them to join your party, etc. Once you get into a battle zone, you are by yourself or with your party. I thought that was cool.

The bad. Flagship Studios needed to spend more time ironing out the glitches. Holy crap. Betas should not go until 5 days before release. Betas are there to tell you what is glitchy, and then you fix ALL of the glitches. Wow. My friend and I fell through ceiling and floors so many times. For some reason, it took him longer to load whenever we switched to and from different areas. I don't know if Electronic Arts rushed them or not. If they did, it's another reaosn to hate EA. The thing is though, their producer was NamcoBandai, but then EA bought part of NamcoBandai (oops it's Bandai Namco). Another glitch is that it apparently has a memory problem that people are talking about. When i closed the game finally after about 4 hours of playing, I had an error saying that my memory was full... I have 4 GBs and my video card has 756 MBs. So neither were low on memory for this game. I dont know if this was the game's fault or not, but for some reason my friend kept getting dropped. Now my router sucks and has dropped just me on several occasions when we play Unreal Tournament 2004 at my house, but this is wierd. We both have the same network card, so I know it wasn't that. I was even further away from the router and I was fine. I can't explain it. For the most part, those are the main glitches.

People have complained about the graphics. I think it looks really good. I think it's close to Oblivion. You have to have the settings on high. I didn't get to use the DirectX 10 features because for some reason my video driver kept crashing whenever I did that. I was to retell you that I have an NVidia Geforce 8800 GTX. Not GTS, but GTX. That's a 756 MB video card. It's awesome. It can handle DirectX 10. It's been done with the Unreal 3 demo. Anyways back to the graphics. I did notice one thing. If you turn down the settings to medium, the game looks like complete crap. There's a huge difference. My laptop could almost handle it on the recommended requirement. So I installed it on my laptop and It was kinda laggy. I looked at the settings, medium for the most part and some low. I get to the character screen and it was laggy and it just looked so horrible. So I can see how people say the game looks bad, but if you have it on the best settings it actually looks great.

What I would change. This is what I think they should have done. First, fix the glitches before you release the game. Some people pay 70 bucks (collectors edtion plus one month of subscribing) for the game. They shouldn't have to beta test it again for you. I also wish it had full voice acting like Diablo 2 (NPCs say what's on the screen when they are talking about a quest, etc.). They have some generic voice acting for greetings and good byes, but that's all they are: generic. It has some good voices, but I wish I was talked to. That's just me though. Kinda on the voice acitng note, have some Gossip like you did in Diablo 2. If you are doing a quest for someone and you talk to someone else, have them give you a little more information about your quest. I'm not asking for another Diablo 2, but those were good things that you had there. Would have spiced it up more.

Well those are my early thoughts on the game. If you haven't bought the game yet, maybe wait a month or two so they can patch it up. It really is a fun game. Personally I can look past the glitches, and enjoy it. Good Night.

Games to the Video 2

Welcome to part two of upcoming video games. Things have changed since September. Release dates and such. I'm going to talk about games I'm interested in that are coming out, some honorable mentions, and then kinda update on games that were in part 1 and are released. November is a popular month, especially November 13. I won't cover Hellgate London since it comes out on Wednesday, but if you're buying it at Target, it is going to be on the shelf on November 1, instead of October 31. I don't know why. This is a very long post, so if you don't want to read it all, just skim through the games. I seperated the games into paragraphs and bolded and hyperlinked the name of the game. Let's start off with the games that will be released.

Gears of WarFirst is "Gears of War" for the PC. It comes out November 6 2007. It has everything the XBox 360 version offers, plus 5 new compeign maps, more multiplayer modes, and some other features. I don't own an XBox 360, and Microsoft just keeps putting games that I want that are on the XBox onto the PC, so I don't see myself buying one anytime soon. Especially since the PC version has more to offer. The game is still being developed by Epic, even though Unreal Tournament 3 is coming out right around the corner from this. They have an outside company that I can't remember the name of, working on the maps, but they are working closely with key members of Epic, so i expect epic quality (hehe puns...).

Super Mario GalaxyThis is kinda cool. "Super Mario Galaxy", for the Wii, was second on Part 1 also. Awesome. The release date hasn't changed so expect that November 12. I've kinda kept my ear away from this game, because I don't want anything spoiled. I went digging around in the Game FAQs forum and apparently there's been leeks to america. I stopped the second I heard that. What I have heard is that people who played the demos and such, say it is the true sequal to Mario 64. It also has 2 played coop. I that hasn't happened since Super Mario World. So that's cool. I think that's eveything about Mario Galaxy.

Resident EvilThe rail shoot known as "Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles", for the Wii, comes out Novmeber 13, 2007. I really hoped a couple of companies would make a rail shooter for the Wii, and Capcom has. RE: Umbrella Chronicles features storylines from RE: 0, 1, 3, 4 and an extra level. It features 2 player coop. You also have the option to use the Wii Zapper, but the Zapper doesn't come out until the 19 of November. I'm excited for it. It'll be fun to kill Resident Evil Zombies, House of the Dead style. Yeah it'll probably take the scare factor down, but it'll still be fun.

Soul CaliberSwitching it up from nightmares to Nightmare, "Soul Caliber Legends", for the Wii, comes out on the 13th also. They switch up the game play from Fighter to Action Adventure game. I think it sounds fun. The sword hasn't been captured the best on the Wii yet. Twilight Princess was basic with sword movements, Dragon Blade did a fairly good job sword play, but it wasn't as responsive as some would have liked. So hopefully Soul Caliber Legends will get it right.

Medal of Honor "Medal of Honor Heroes 2" comes out on November 13, for the Wii. I told you there was a lot of games coming out on the 13th. To be fair, these are shipping dates so probably won't be on the store shelves until a day or two later. Heroes was put out on the PSP, now they are making a second one for both the PSP and Wii. It's funny they do that with PSP games. The Wii one is what I'm interested in. I haven't played a Medal of Honor game before. In fact I really don't like historic war games very much. This one makes me excited however. It's the biggest player for online on the Wii. It supports 32 players online. On top of that you have two other modes, Campiegn and Arcade mode. Both goes through the story, but Campeign goes through it like the other Medal of Honor games, while Arcade goes through it as a rail shooter. I'll probably check out reviews before I buy this, but it definitely looks fun. It also will use the Wii Zapper. Apparently it works well to use the Zapper with campeign.

Unreal Tournament 3This is the type of First Person Shooter that I like. "Unreal Tournament 3" comes out November 19, 2007. As you know, I've played the demo. I had a blast with it. It just looks awesome. It's going to be fun for sure. There's actually going to be a story, instead of just a tournament type campeign. The weapons that I played with are cool. Nothing like bashing someones skull in with an Impact Hammer. Yeah this is definitely rated M. But the blood is so pretty. It's actually the fourth installment of the game, but they named it 3 because it uses the Unreal 3 engine. They also didn't name it Unreal Tournament 2007 because it's a new chapter of the game. If you were wondering why the name that's why.

Super Smash Bros. BrawlThis game just keeps adding characters: "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" It's for the Wii and comes out February 10, 2008. They pushed it back from December to February. They just keep adding characters. I really don't have much more on it. The controls don't take a big advantage of the motion sensitivity, but it does offer a couple of a different options. You can use the Gamecube controller, the classic controller, or something else that I can't remember. I'm just filling in some space here.

God of War:  
						Chains of OlympusThey moved back this game. "God of War: Chains of Olympus" for the PSP, comes out March 4, 2008. The game seems to be coming along very well. The demos were shipped at the end of November and people seem to be getting them around the 20th of Ocotober. I wasn't sure if i signed up for one or not. I must have not because I didn't get one. Oh well. No big deal. I'll play the game when it comes out in February. I love the God of War series, and my only fear is that I'm going to have to buy a PS3 in the future just to play God of War 3. That won't be for awhile and PS3s will go down in price. Moving on.

Mario Kart WiiDriving around in my Kart. "Mario Kart Wii" (working title) is said to come out Quarter 1 of 2008. Nothing different from last post. I need filler though. So I'll just ramble on about how it's bundled with the Wii steering wheel. This is optionaly. It just allows you to grip the controller like a steering wheel. You can just hold the controller side ways. On more line and... Alright that should be good.

OkamiThis is a remake. Okami for the Wii comes out Quarter 3 of 2008. It's a port from the PS2. I don't know much more about it. I didn't buy it for the PS2, but I did play a little of it and it was fun. I think it'll make a great Wii game because of the drawing on the screen. I'll buy it. If you bought it for the PS2, you might not want to because there's really no extras for the Wii other then the controls. That's all for the games that aren't out yet.

Now that that's over, let's move onto the Honorable mentions. First up is Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for the Wii. It comes out today, the 28th of October. I haven't played much Guitar Hero, but it was fun when I played it and got a hang of it. I still suck. There's a good sound track for this one, and it's also on the Wii. There's online play also. Next game is Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare for PC. Like i said before, I don't really like war first person shooters, but I've heard a lot of good things about this game. That's why it's in my Honorable mentionables. Link's Crossbow Training is here because it introduces the Wii Zapper. There's not much to say about it so that's why it's here. And that's all the Honorable Mentions.

There's five games that I mentioned last time, that have come out since then (with the exception of Hellgate London which comes out in 3 days). So let's get started.

Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire came out in September for the Wii. It was a budget title, and I bought it for 40 bucks. It got bad ratings by reviewers like Gamespot, but it got pretty good reviews by players. It's a fun game especially for a budget title.

Dead Head Fred came out in August. It was rated fairly well. The big thing that reviewers didn't like were the controls and the camera. I haven't bought this yet. I've been debating whether or not to. I might some day.

Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles came out very recently. October 23. I haven't bought it yet, because Target doesn't have it yet. They seem to get video games in late so I'm waiting to see if they will. Probably won't and I'll end up and Gamestop. It's a remake of Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night.

Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass came out at the beginning of October. I don't know why I haven't bought it yet. It got great reviews. I love the Zelda series. I'll get it for sure some day.

Well that's all folks for this post. I hope you enjoyed reading. I probably will post more information about the games when they come out. I usually do. I talked a lot about Dragon Blade in previous posts. If you are excited about any video games coming, go to the forum and post it. Later.

Resurrecting the Dead

Mythos LogoIt's been dead for 6 months. I'm going to do the ungodly and ressurrect it. I know it probably shouldn't be done. But it's the only way. I shall give it a name. It didn't have a name before. I shall name it,: Zombie X. After the failing miserably for the 5th time at installing Ubunutu and having a triple boot, I decided it wasn't worth it to try yet again. So I'm going to revive my old computer. Hehe. I realized I have a 70 GB harddrive, a motherboard, 512 MB of ram, 128 MB video card, and a sweet looking case. I also have two unused wireless cards. Sure one of them doesn't go into motherboards very well, and the other is blacklisted by Ubunutu, but I'll make it work. Zombie X shall breathe again with Ubuntu 7.10. So that's my little project. I'm using the harddrive for something so after I'm done using it, I'll pop it in. I also have a DVD drive that I can use for it. That's kinda improtant.

Continueing on with the Halloween based post. I talked about Hellgate London Beta, and I knew I wasn't suppose to. Well I can now. I switched up classes on you though. I was a summoner and that was fun. Shooting stuff with guns and summoning demons is more fun then slicing things with swords. I got a lot further too. I had a blademaster but I didn't get very far before I became A.D.D. witht he game. I tried a summoner and that kept my attention longer. I'm not saying it was a bad game. It's just I had the Unreal Tournament 3 Demo and Dragon Blade to play. And I felt more compelled to play... I just had a brain fart on now to spell "thoughs". Somehow i don't think that's the right spelling. These. Those. Ah those. that's the word. Just to let you know, You can download the Hellgate London demo now. It's a single player demo. The beta was multiplayer. I dont know what other differences there are. Another reason I went A.D.D. on Hellgate is because I didn't get into the story really with the beta. They didn't show off the story, which makes sense, for the beta. Really all you were doing was doing these quests, leveling, and getting items. The quests seemed generic "get this, kill these, Penetrate the dark hole." Yes a sexual innuendo. I had to use Webster the 19th JR for that one. Let's see what else I can spill my guts about now. That's really as far as i got. I was killed by the thing in the dark hole, which was hell, and I didn't feel like resurecting because I had to do something.

I suggest you role down to Mythos.com and sign up for the beta of Mythos. I should say a chance to sign up. I got a sign up just a few days ago and I signed up for the alpha in May. I might have resigned up for the beta. I can't remember though. That "though" was correct. If you slapped the diablo story to it, it'd be Diablo III. It's a point and click, just like Diablo, and you do quests and level and all that jazz. Mythos is being developed by Flagship Studios which is the people who made Hellgate London. It's being developed by a subteam of Flaship, which is nick-named Flagship North. If you don't know the history of Flagship Studios, a lot of founding memebers were part of Blizzard North, the main people behind the Diablo series. Wiki it. It's a good read. I can't tell you much more about it, because I'm in the beta. Sorry. I'm gonna stick to the rules.

Well I'm gonna go do something else now. Sign up for the forum and discuss things with me. Because I'm the only one that cares to sign up for the forum. I'm sad. Happy Halloween if I don't get back to you.

Unreal and Hoverboards

Unreal Tournament LogoI downloaded the Unreal Tournament 3 Demo, and it's awesome. The graphics are amazing. Vehicle Capture the Flag is fun. There's nothing like taking the impact hammer and seeing an opponents skull blow up. It's also funny to run, and then fake your death. It's funny seeing your body just crumple underneath you, and then get back up again. Faking your own death doesn't help against a tank. Turns out, the tank just shoots you anyways. Another cool feature that Epic Games added was the hoverboard. I wasn't sure how well this was going to work out, but it does work. It's good to get you in the action faster. Example. There's fighting going on, you die. You spawn at your base, but the action is accross the stage. You hop on your hoverboard, and it gets you there faster then walking. Another cool thing is you can grapple onto friendly vehicles while on the hoverboard. If you get shot while on the hoverboard, you fall off, and you have to get back off the ground. So if you get knocked off it takes about 3 seconds to get back on your feet and shoot. You can't shoot while on the hoverboard either. So the hoverboard does what it needs to do well.

I also played a deathmatch round, and that was fun. The stage had a giant robot with a turret on top of it that you could drive. I can't remember what it's called, but it's pretty fun to liquify people using the giant laser. The computers actually tell you where they are and what they are doing now. For instance, computers will tell you "I'm going for the redeemer!" or "An enemy Golieth is in the middle!" Now I'll actually know where to go in a big stage.

With Unreal Tournament 3 coming out in November for PC, I've been playing some Unreal Tournament 2004. I just finished playing some double domination, and played probably one of the most frustrating stages for Double Domination. For those who have the game, it's the one where you spawn in a chamber with 5 teleporters, 3 go up, and 2 go down. At the bottom, there's A, and at the top there's B. 14 minutes into the round, our team finally gets a point. That's 1-0 now. It's just crazy. It's fun though.

I've learned to balance my games. I'll play a little Dragon Blade, a little Unreal, a little Hellgate London. For Hellgate, I had to redownload the beta. It's a couple Gigabytes worth of files to download. about 4 i think. Yeah 4 GB. it's crazy. I have the option of using their Java based download manager, or I could use my own downloader. I used my own, which is Download Accelerator Plus! it I got 400 kb per second download speeds. I had the files downloaded within 2 hours. I love DAP. I should add it to the downloads section. It really is a hidden relic of the internets. Well I'm gonna go install hellgate london and study for a test I have tomorrow.

Early Review

Dragon Blade screenshot.I just thought I'd give you an early review for Dragon Blade Wrath of Fire for the Wii. I've only beaten the first dragon, out of six, but I'll give you an early review, and give you a full impression review after I finish the game. Dragon Blade is a budget title produced from D3. It also sells for 40 bucks. I thought the game looked fun so I bought it.

The game is really fun. I enjoy playing it a lot. It's a hack and slash type game, which drew me to it. Although this game isn't a God of Wii, it is really fun. You play has a boy named Dal. Generic story of boy's girlfriend is killed, dragon comes back as sword and asks Dal to clense the world of evil dragons. That kind of stuff. The story sounded good to me, but LandHo!, the developers, could have done better telling it. First off, voice acting would have done wonders I think. They put voice acting in the beginning cut scene that kicks starts the story, and then no more after that. It would have been cool to hear some dragons talking it up. The story was written by Richard Knaak (Warcraft War of the Ancients triology, Diablo books, and a lot more). There's more things the developers could have done to enhance the story, but voice acting would have bumped it up.

The graphics are subpar. I agree graphics is not everything, especially since this is a budget title. The dragons look cool, and the fire looks awesome. Backgrounds kinda suck though. I'm just saying. What really makes this game fun, though, is the controls. LandHo! did a good job with the controls. I swing left, the sword swings left, I swing up, the sword swings up. Most of the time anyways. Other then the every-now-and-then times, the controls are good. What's also cool is that you collect dragon parts as you go along. See you're basically trying to put together a dragon. First thing you get from a dragon, other then the sword, is a right dragon arm. This thing is fun. It's a giant flaming arm. How can it not be fun? You toggle it using the D-pad on the wiimote part, which for this arm is the right direction, and you swing away. You can do uppercuts by swinging the remote up, and do a swipe by swiping the remote. It makes since. The only downside to this ability is that it uses ... i forget what it's called but it's the equivalent to magic. I mean the game would be super easy if you could use dragon parts all the time. But i sure do love killing stuff with it.

which brings me to the enemies. The AI's not the highest. So far I haven't met too many different kinds of enemies, and by reading some reviews, I dont think I will. But what little kinds of enemies I fight, I have to execute them in different ways. For example, spiders I have to kill by using the down-swipe of my sword, because they are small and close to the ground. Wolves, I have to block/dodge first when they show up, because they like to charge at you and it hurts. Big demon thing with horns... I just say screw it and whip out my dragon arm. They go down fast that way. The dragon battle was fun. After you figure out the dragon's moves it's pretty easy. The developers said they wanted boss battles to be epic, and they did it. Voice acting would have made it more epic though. Hearing a dragon calling me a "Little Twarp" as I smack him, would have been a nice touch. More reaction from the dragon I guess is what I would have liked to see. Let's see, have I forgotten anything. Gameplay, sound, story, graphics, controls... I think that's everything.

So to sum it up, Dragon Blade is a fun game. That's all there is to it. It's really fun. I have fun when I play this game. Yeah the graphics are kinda bad, but it's fun. Voice acting would have been nice, but the controls are great. For a 40 dollar at release game, it's a good game. Gamespot gave it a 4/10. Gamespy gave it 2.5/5. Ign gave it a 5.5/10. But readers of these sites are giving the game 7-8.5/10. In my own opinion, I'd give it a 7. Nothing higher, but nothing less. I have fun when I play this game. So that's my two cents on the game. It's kinda hard to find since it is a budget title, so if you have a wii and am interested, maybe rent it first. If you like it, buy it. That's always a good motto. Anyways, I'm going to go to work. Later gator.

Forum Up

Forum Up Yep that's right. The forum is up. To register for the forum, just hit the register button on top of the page, and use the Activation Number under Registration, and then Activation number. By the way, it's llama265. It's pretty easy to remember. It's suppose to help prevent spam bots. We'll see. If it doesn't I have to find some other mods.

I've got the design done for my Family Reunion site. It looks sexy. I like it. Now I just need content. which is where my family comes into play. Hopefully I can get it up and running smoothly by the end of the month. Of course I'll show it off to you. Almost everything i create I show off. There's a few exceptions, but that's because the content didn't really take off.

I bought Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire for the Wii. Yes that's a really low score. I agree closer to the user reviews. A 6.5 I would have given it. It's fun. Then again I haven't played a lot of it, so maybe what the reviewer at Gamespot was trying to convey is that it's repetative, and I haven't played a lot of it to notice. Quite frankly, I think they did a great job with the controls. I tried just Wiigling the controler, as the reviewer put it, and that did not work too well. I actually put some strategy into it. Voice acting would have brought the game up higher though. Uping the graphics would have been nice too. But it's also a budget title. 40 bucks when it came out which was recently. I want to fight a dragon. After the first dragon fight I'll probably be back to let you know what I think about the game. I've read a couple of the user reviews, which is averaging about a 7.5, and it seemed to get good at the dragon battles. Like I said, I'll let you know. Then I'll probably review it in the forum. I encourage you to use it.

Have a good one.