Book Ends

Deomon Wars Saga Hi everyone. Just wanted to let you in on something. I've been playing around with PHP. I needed a new program though. Well I wanted a new program. A new code editor program. So I went with Crimson Editor. It's a nice editor. Similar look to OmniPad, but supports PHP. It also has word wrap, but I'm still not using word wrap. The date is different from OmniPad, if you didn't notice from the last post. In OmniPad you could pick what the date could look like. So that's a down side but oh well. It looks better I think. Macros didn't work in Vista for me in Omnipad so it's kinda nice to be able to use them with this editor. I've been working with PHP as I mentioned. Considering I took a crash course via the internet, I actually know how to use it well. I've acutally found some ideas to implement it into the site. Now I need to take a crash course in MySQL. I've made a simple form with HTML, and it asked for name, age, and Hex color (HTML color). Basically what it did was if you were under 13 it would Display "You cannot enter" and if over 13 it would display "Welcome " name. and change the background color of the page to the color you picked. Simple stuff. I have a whole page with PHP examples from just echoing text from a variable to arrays. Yes I'm talking code talk so if you don't understand, I'm sorry. It's exciting to me. It's nice to know more than HTML and CSS.

Let's switch from code talk to book talk. I haven't talked about books in a very long time. A couple of video game series books have come out that I've bought. Diable: Sin War Trilogy, came out a while ago. I haven't read them yet but a friend of mine says they are awesome. Also Starcraft: Dark Templar Saga, the first two books are out. The last book, Twilight is to be release in Semptember. Haven't read those yet either. Then there's Hellgate London trilogy. First two books are out, but the third one is due in August. They take place before the game. In fact I think all of the trilogies take place before their games. I'm not sure about the Starcraft Dark Templar saga, but the Sin War and Hellgate London do.

If video game books aren't your cup of tea then maybe you'll like the Demon Wars saga by R.A. Salvatore. It's a fantasy series. I like fantasy. My favorite series. There are seven books in the saga. It's split up into a few parts. There's part one which is the first three books. They are about the life of Elbyran and how his home town was sacked by goblins when he was a kid, and he and Jilsponie survives. Well he thought he was the only one that survived and he loved Jilsponie. So he was sad. Anyways the elves saw him and was like, "Let's train him to be a Ranger." So they did. It's a good story. The first part goes throught his training and growing up. Then it shifts to the Demon War. Basically a demon starts a war on the world of Corona. That's why the elves decided to train another Ranger. Elbyran finds Jilsponie and they team up against the demon and his Goblin/dwarf/giant army. Of course they fall in love again. They team up with crazy monk also. I love the crazy monk. They also team up with a half horse half man thing. I forgot what they are called. That's all I'm gonna say about the first part. I don't want to ruin it for you.

The the fourth book, Mortalis, is about Jilsponie. It's a transition between the first part and the second part of the saga. The second part of the saga is the last three books. Transcendence is interesting in the fact that it takes place in Behren, which was not talked about very much in the other books. It has a whole new cast of characters and it's sweet. Then the last book, Immortalis, ties everything together and then you truly understand why Salvatore wrote Transcendence. I love it.

I talked about that because Salvatore revisited the world of Corona with The Highwayman. It's a good book that takes place in the early days of Corona. They bring back a few things from the Demon Wars Saga. How magics work and stuff that is. It's a good read. Anyways Salvatore is writing a new series for the world of Corona which uses the same characters from Highwayman. Saga of the First King is the same of the saga. The first book is The Ancient. I saw it at Barnes and Noble and picked it up. There were only two copies left and these were signed by Salvatore. I had no choice. Plus it was 20% off. I notice a little bit of difference between The Ancient and the Highwayman. The Highwayman takes place on a smaller scale. It revolves around Bransen and the Pryd Town. The Ancient revolves around Bransen, and a few other characters. Also the entire world of Corona is involved more. I think it's going to be sweet. If you want to learn more about the books, check out or for more info on the Demon Wars saga check out wikipedia here. There might be some spoilers in the wikipedia article though. I guess it isn't so bad with the spoilers. What spoiled me was I hadn't finished reading Demon Apostle, and I read the back of Mortalis. I don't recommend reading the Mortalis entry on the wikipedia article. It also spoils it. Anyways yeah. Those are books. I'm gonna read now. Later.

Games To The Video Thrice

I'm testing out a new code editor called "Crimson Editor." New in the sense that I've never used it before. It has some features that I like over OmniPad. In fact it's perfect, except for one little thing that I can overlook. With OmniPad, I could right click on an HTML file and it would offer "Open With OmniPad" right in the main rightclick (not under "open with..." is what I'm saying." So yeah. Moving On.

Over the past "Games to the Video" series they have evolved. This is no exception. These posts tend to be long, so to ease your pain of reading about video games you don't care about I bold the names of the video games, make them links, and I also put a picture next to them. Games to the Video is split into three parts: upcoming video games that I have an interest in, honorable mentions (games that looked interesting but haven't mentioned in the past), and video games from past "Games to the Video"'s. For past looks at Games to the Video, here's the one from August and here's the one from November [links removed].

Mario Kart"Mario Kart Wii", is the only game that makes it return to Games to The Video Thrice, that comes from the first version of the series. Well what do I need to stay about it? Probably that it has finally been given an official release date here in the U.S. April 27, 2008. Yeah. That sounds sweet. It features 4 players on one console, and 12 players online. Yeah! Comes packaged with the steering wheel for the wii. It's just a little plastic case for the controller to set in. Reviews from other places are giving it a 9 out of 10. It's Mario Kart. It has to be good. You can garantee that I'll buy it on the first day.

Okami "Okami", is making its way to the Wii. I played a little bit of the PS2 version and love it. It's being ported by Ready At Dawn, the same guys that did "Daxter" and "God of War Chains of Olympus". They are made up of guys from both Blizzard and Naughty Dog, and they pushed the PSP to the limits wiht their games. I'm really looking forward to see what they'll do with the Wii. Okami is said to be released April 15, 2008. I think I said late 2008, but obviously that's not late. If you haven't played the PS2 version, it's cool because you have to draw stuff on the screen for attacks. The Wii should make this interesting. However if you have played the PS2 version, there are no extras in this port. I'm probably gonna buy it. I need to save some money though so we'll see.

Grand Theft Auto 4 "Grand Theft Auto IV", is coming up. April 29, 2008. This is kinda an exciting time in the GTA series. It's on Next Gen technology finally. I'll probably wait until it drops in price. Maybe a greatest hits. You know it will be. Now Sony just needs to announce it's Greatest Hits for PS3. GTA is on next gen platforms so it'll be beautiful, big (although not as big as San Andreas I'm assuming) and adding some things. Next-Gen has an in depth article on GTA. It's interesting (but 8 pages long). So yeah. It's gonna be on Xbox 360, and PS3.

Grimm "American McGee's Grimm", is from the mind of American McGee. I have to admit that I've never played any of his games (but I want to play "Alice" which is a dark version of Alice in Wonderland). It'll be available on GameTap only. It may come out on other platforms, but initially in Spring 2008 (no official release date yet) it'll be on GameTap. It's a 24 episode series taking place in twisted and dark fairy tales. I saw it on XPlay and it looked really interesting so I may have to sign up for Gametap. I might wait for a retail version though. There's talk that American might make retail versions later. That's all I got from that.

Borderlands "Borderlands", is a game that has slowly grown on me. Not a lot of information is available on it. It was shown in an article of Game Informer in September of 2007. As far as I know, no new information has been released about it. Well the release date is said to be quarter 4 of 2008 (because they said that it wouldn't be released in the 2008 fiscal year and that ends Oct. 31 2008). It's going to be on PC, PS2, and the 360. The trailer is on the Playstation network in HD and looks awesome. That's what really sparked my interest big time. A half of million differnt weapons is said to be in the game. Randomly generated weapons and areas (similar to Diablo II). Four player Co-op. I'll probably get it on the PC because then my friend and I can play Co-op together. That's that.

Mirror's Edge "Mirror's Edge", is an interesting game that I stumbled upon. It takes the First-Person shooter Genre and changes its focus on the "person" part. I sounds cool. It's an adventure game. Sounds like the story takes place around a girl to rescue her sister from a corrupt government. No release date but speculation tells me sometime in 2008. It's going to be on the PS3, 360, and PC. I'm leaning towards the PS3, but maybe I'll do that PC thing. I'll see what the reviews say about controls and what not.

Edge of Twilight "Edge of Twilight", grabbed me with it's screenshots and then its story. Not much is known. But it kinda sounds like Twilight Princess. There's to parallel worlds. One dark one light. Each has different powers. It's going to be on the PS3, 360, and PC. I'm leaning towards the PS3 version on this one. No release date set yet. 2009 is speculated though. I jump way ahead of myself don't I?

Section 8 "Section 8", just got jumped on to me when I started looking at articles for these games on Gamespot. I saw a screenshot of this game and then read about it and I fell in love. Sounds interesting. Looks good too. So "Sector 8" is about an infantry unit taking on dangerous missions in space. Who knows if it'll be good or bad. It's on PS3, PC, and 360. A lot of that going around this post. Quarter 3 of 2009 for a release date.

God of War 3 "God of War 3", was announced so that's why it's on the list. To be announced for the release date though. It's going to be epic. It's on the PS3. One of the reasons I went with that console. I kinda wish Kratos would have been in Smash Bros. Brawl. It'd be fun to see Nintendo characters bleed at the blades of Kratos. But alas that will never happen. God of War is a Sony only title. I'm just yammering at this point so yeah. Just need a little more.

Starcraft 2 "Starcraft II", is all I should have to say. But I won't. No release date from Blizzard. Probably a good thing though. They wouldn't make it and fans would be dissappointed but happy that Blizzard is polishing it. Anyways all three races have been announced/revealed. Half of the zerg units are new and most of the old ones have learned some tricks. It's the zerg and that makes sense. Terren looks awesome along with protoss. With the new Zerg movies/screenshots, the game actually looks a little grittier. That's a good thing. for a second it was looking like "Warcraft in Space." A lot of fans have complained about that, and sounds like Blizzard is taking it more seriously that they need to get rid of some shininess and put in grittiness. That was my only complaint. We are looking at a TBA for the release date on the PC. Good.

Alright now for Honorable Mentions. "House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return" hit the Wii. I remember playing House of the Dead 1 at the arcade at the bowling alley back in the day. I wanna get it but need to save money. I heard it was 40 bucks. It's for the Wii. Good things have been said. "Worms: A Space Oddity" also hit the store shelves for the Wii. It's 2D (I praise it) and people like it except for no promised multiplayer, and the price. 50 bucks, but apparently you can download a cheap worms game that plays similar on XBox Live. I might check it out someday. Heavenly Sword for the PS3 is awesome. The only reason it wasn't in my previous games to the videos is because I didn't have a PS3. I don't mind it being short. It's really fun. Assassin's Creed is also another good one to mention. Just watching someone else play is fun with that game. Of course I recommend playing it. I think that's it for Honorable Mentions.

Well there's 8 games that I mentioned that have come out now. Let's take a look at them, and see what happened Hellgate London I've beat to death so I won't mention it here.

Gears of War I bought for the PC and enjoyed palying it. I haven't beat it yet. It's one of those games that I got sidetracked my other games with. So one day I'll finish it. Judging by the release dates of some of the games listed above, I won't be getting new games for some time, or have long periods of time without a new game. So yeah. I like it and made a good transition to the PC, but Microsoft it retarded asking PC games to pay for a gold Live accound for some extra stuff. PC online gaming should be free. Yeah I can play online against other players, but I have to pay to play Co-op. That's dumb. Leave it to Micro$haft.

Mario Galaxy is an awesome game and I will go back and beat it for all 120 stars someday. I hate purple comets though. The rest of the game is awesome and just feels awesome to run around and up side down on a planet. Get blasted into space if fun. The story is also pretty good, for a mario game.

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles I played for a little bit with a friend, and then I got sidetracked mario galaxy and I loaned it to a friend and haven't gotten it back yet. That's pretty much it with it. I need to get it back and play it more. It was fun for the little while I played it.

Soulcalibur Legends I never bought but a friend of mine did. He thought it was alright.

Medal of Honor Heroes 2 I never bought but heard good things about. What? you think I'm made of money? read the review if you want to know if it's good. You don't trust game review sites? Well read the player reviews. Ha! Gotcha there! Moving on.

Unreal Tournament 3 I think I told you about. The story is horrible, but the unreal tournament feel is definitely there and is a very fun game. Coop with my friend was fun.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl I just got. Adventure mode is fun, brawl is fun, the mini games are fun. It's just fun. I enjoy playing it and trying to unlock everything.

God of War Chains of Olympus I acutally just started playing yesterday. It's fun so far. Ready At Dawn did a great job making the game. It feels like the PS2 God of Wars and looks almost as good. It's a little slower framerate so it skips a little in the animation but it still looks good considering it's on a handheld.

Phew. Done with that one. Last year was a big year for games (especially the last two quarters of the year) so that's why this post has a lot of games spread out. A lot of new IPs I've noticed. As more information get's released about these games, they might fall out of my grace, or they will rise to the greats. I don't know. A lot of games on the list don't have a lot of info about them yet so we'll just have to wait and see. i might do and update post on this entitle "Games To The Video 3.5" or something. Or maybe It'll be a regular post. Later and thanks for reading.

I Got Bored

Bohan So last post I talked about movie and music. This day we will talk about video games. I'm always about video games. If you haven't noticed I keep tabs on video games. I generally can tell you the release date of big video games; exceptions are video games I don't care about. Example, Metal Gear Solid. I'm sorry. I really haven't gotten into those games. Also XBox 360 games. A new Games to the Video post will be coming up. I lot of games came out that I picked up from the last list, plus lots of new games coming out this year. Not to mention I've been keeping tabs on Playstation 3 games.

My problem isn't knowing about video games, but my problem is finishing them. Good monkey, there's a lot of them that I haven't finished for various reasons. Let me give you a list. Heavenly Sword. I love the game and I want to beat it but the final boss is really hard. I just get so mad from dying so many times that I have to just set down the controller and walk away. I'm literally within grasp of beating the game. I'm on the final form of the last boss. In fact the first time getting to the final form of the boss, I almost had him. We both had the same amount of health left. About 5 hits for him and 1 hit for me (he does more damage then me). He killed me. I was mad. So that's why I haven't beaten Heavenly sword. With Burnout Paradise, I got sidetracked with other video games. Heavenly sword among them. That usually happens with me and burnout games. I'll go back to it eventually and wonder why I quit. Mario Galaxy. I'm a huge Mario fan so you may wonder why I haven't beaten that yet. Well I've beaten the story I suppose, but I haven't gotten all the stars. I have 7 more. I'm doing the purple comets which are the devil. Basically, purple comets make you replay certain stages, but you have to collect 100 purple coins (sometimes more). Some stages it is easy, but others are hard because you are timed. Other stages are hard because you can't go back, so you are basically timed except worse. And then another stage is just place crappy. The floor dissappears on me and it sucks. So that's why I haven't beaten that yet. Then there's Super Paper Mario. I got sidetracked by other games. I'm on the last level with that also. Then there's Dragon Blade. Yes a fun game, but I went A.D.D. on it. Crysis is another one that I'm almost done with but went A.D.D. on. Same with Gears of War.

There are a few games I finished. Portal is one of them. Hellgate London I beat on Normal with a friend. Hellgate you don't really beat. I beat Unreal Tournament 3 story. But Psychonauts I went A.D.D. on. I'm close to beating that too. Then I have a list of games that I bought but haven't played or barely got into. Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles I played once with a friend then I loaned it to another friend and haven't gotten it back yet. Apperently there's 40+ hours of gameplay for that game. Impressive for a rail shooter. Phantom Hourglass I bought but haven't played at all. God of War I haven't played at all. I think I might take it for a spin today. Assasin's Creed I haven't played yet. I was going to beat Heavenly Sword before I started that though. So that's my excuse.

Anyways there's a lot of game that are coming out later that I'm looking forward to buying but not beating. It was a joke. I was making fun of myself. Laugh. Oh come on. Give a little chuckle then. No? How bout a smirk? Come on. Alright I stretched that out too much. Anyways be prepared for an all new Games to the Video post coming up. If you are curious about the past Games to the Videos, check out my news archives for August 2007 and November 2007. I think. Bye.

It's About Something

He Was A Quiet Man This might be a long post. I finally updated Itunes after a couple of versions went by. The update manager never works for itunes for me so i go to the website to download it. I noticed that they finally got a 64 bit version for Vista. Sweet deal. Itunes worked but it works smoother now. Anyways I got two new CDs. I'm listening to Jack Johnson's Sleep Through the Static. It's nice. I first got into Jack Johnson with Sitting Waiting Wishing (I heard it on the radio) so when I saw he had a new CD (yeah i kinda missed two CDs of his) I got it. It's nice. I like the singer-song writer style. I also got Simple Plan's new self title album. It's OK. I like "When I'm Gone." I like the accustic version better however (which doesn't usually happen). BRB, gonna get a pwop. Back. I haven't listened to it all the way through, but they kinda changed their sound. A lot more rap beats put into it. It's strange to hear from Simple Plan. I have to listen to it more to know if it is a good thing or a bad thing. It might grow on me. I'm gonna switch gears over to movies now.

I rented the movie "He Was A Quiet Man" and watched it with some friends. It's a great movie. It's a dark comedy movie. The way that I like to describe it is Donnie Darko meets Office Space. It's about a guy who works in an office (kinda reminds me of Melvin from Office Space), and he pretends that he blows up the office building during lunch, has a gun in his desk, and plots out who the 6 bullets will be for... and his fish encourage him to do so. Yeah. Dark comedy is a good term. The thing is though the day that he gets the guts to finally do it, he is so nervous that he drops a bullet on the ground and he ducks down under his desk to get it, and he hears gun shots... someone beat him to the punch. Melvin... oops that's not his name... i forget the name... anyways he becomes a hero after shooting the shooter for shooting a girl that he likes at work. Yeah it just gets crazier. I won't spoil it. It's a must see I think. So go rent it. It's the one with the nervous looking office worker holding dynomite.

I also rented "Good Luck Chuck" (my first blu-ray rental, and it looks great). I'm not a big Dane Cook fan (as a comedian) but he is a very good actor. If you are looking for a good love story comedy, this one is good. Seems Chuck is a good luck charm for women... meaning when they sleep with him, the next man they date is their soul mate. But Chuck is tired of not finding his, and he he finally finds a girl he thinks is his soul mate, he doesn't want to loose her. It's a comedy so it doesn't have much of a story obviously... but it does have funny moments. Not the best for a bluray specticle, but it did look better then a DVD.

Also rented "30 days of Night" (spring break was a week ago). Not much of a scary movie, but it wasn't a bad movie. It's a vampire movie taking place in Alaska. They have 30 days of night there (being so close to the north pole). Small town in Alaska. About a 100 people stay in this town during the month. Vampires find it a good place hunt. So they do. It's not scary, but has freaky moments. I mean a little girl having a snack on a human corpse. For some reason they have a giant meat grinder at the power plant. Marlyn Manson makes a cameo (not really but a vampire looks strangely like him/her). I made a joke. I don't know. Maybe you may want to rent it and decide if you like it. Like I said, it's not scary, but has freaky moments.

Next movie on my list is Jumper. I saw this in movie theaters a long while ago. I liked the movie. Apparently a lot of people didn't. I read some reviews on Rotten Tomatos (which I don't normally do) and people had weak excuses about why they didn't like the movie. I for one enjoyed it. The movie is planned to be a trilogy. I could see how it would unfold to be a great trilogy, but with poor reviews we may never see that. The movie kinda introduces you to jumpers. A lot of reviewers said that the story of Jumpers and Templars going back to the middle ages is weak and is totally not true... no way! I would have never thought that a science fiction movie would not be true! I said that's a weak excuse. Don't you? It has plenty of action, and I could see a second movie being really good now that they explained some stuff. It's a short movie, but I think that's a good thing. I noticed a trend of movies getting close or beyound 3 hours and now I'm seeing movie that are less then an hour and a half (Cloverfield was also short but good). I suggest that you check out Jumper. If you're not sure if you'll like it or whatever, go see it as a matinee. It's cheaper that way.

I think I'm gonna stop there. I have a lot of video game stuffs to talk about but I'll save that for another post. Wait I do have something else to say. So I read the newspaper at work. I really get excited when I see a picture of a certain newspaper writer int he paper. I forget his name, but he's cool. Basically he uses the newspaper every week as his own personal blog (kinda like me with the website). He just talks about what he thinks of stuff. He reminds me of myself. He likes music, he wants to see the Civic Center attract bigger bands. I for one wouldn't mind seeing Linkin Park coming here. He Anyways I was reading an article of his on Friday (or maybe it was Thursday), and the title of it was "Obama Muslim!?". Basically the article of talking about a stupid email floating around saying that they proved that Obamam is muslim and wants to destroy America. I recieved this email and deleted it promptly. Basically forwarded email are a tribute to how stupid America is. For one did you know that none of it is true?! OMG!!!!!!!!!!1111111. But it said it was true!? (sarcasm). An email said it was true... yeah it has to be then. No. Turns out that Obama's church is in fact a Christian church and that it isn't a sham to make people just think he's Christian. He actually is. In the article he laid down facts about it, and cited them (never trust information that isn't cited). He also said to check out a website that tells you if an email is true or not. I forgot what he recommended, but it's similar to Also in the news, a lot of people getting sued for stupid things. Big whoop. 8th grade honors student kicked out of his honors because he bought a candybar. Next day he got back his honors status because they realized how stupid they were. Another one that I couldn't believe was some lady had to go to the hospital because she sat on a toilet seat for 2 years without getting up... wow. Apparently her boyfriend brought her food and water but didn't realize that he should really call for help. He's being sued by the way for neglect... they are both in their 30's but she's mentally handicapped, and had a phobia of leaving the bathroom. I forgot to tell you why she had to go to the hospital... the toilet seat was stuck to her butt... actually it was more that it was actually part of her butt... yeah. So that's the news. Everytime I read the newspaper I loose faith in humanity.

And that's the reason I don't talk about politics or news that doesn't relate to video games, movies, music, or technology. I gave up on my Twisted Metal site. It just was too big for me. See you later.


Twisted Metal Sorry about the last post. I got interrupted and I was just about to upload it but a friend came over. Anyways, here's a new post. Working on another webiste (that's funny isn't it. How many website have I said I've been working on?). I did finish my last one. I just didn't feel the need to publish it. It's there if I ever want to though. My last website was a guild/clan website. In the end, I didn't want to publish it. I love the look of it though still. Anyways, my new website. It's a fan site. In fact, I have a sneak peak of it here [link removed]. Looks identical to this site. I copy and pasted the code and edited a few things. I'm trying to do a few things with it though.

You see, it's hard to find a lot of information in one spot for Twisted Metal. The closest thing is, and the site is poorly laid out, sections are outdated (Small Brawl hasn't been released yet according to them... it has been out for awhile). I mean they update it obviously because they tal about Twisted Metal Head On Extra Twisted Edition (it just came out this February). They have done a great job uniting Twisted Metal fans. So I give them that. And what information they have is good and detailed. So yeah. But you have to scroll down a few times before you get to the information you want. They like to use pictures big just for words (Local News, FAQ, etc.) Not to mention the backgrounds are attrotious (i think that's how you spell it... they're bad). The main, broken glass background, isn't too bad, but some of the backgrounds used in forum posts are horrible. I shouldn't have to struggle to read text. So what I'm doing is creating a better designed site.

Now if you are a Twisted Metal fan, you may have noticed the "TM 3 & 4" and probably got mad. For the record, I hate Twisted Metal 3 and 4. To nonfans (or people that have never heard of Twisted Metal), real fans hate those two games because of various reasons, but the main one is because it was developed by a different developer (989 studios). I added the section because people who get into Twisted Metal for the first time because of Head-On or newer Twisted Metals, might be curios about previoys Twisted Metals. They should be able to get information on them, and come up to a conclusion that, yes those two games sucked, and now I know why. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I type way too much. Back to the site. I'm not 100% sure what I want to do with the site. I've jotted down some ideas. Few details need to be kinked out. I wonder what I want to do with the sidebars containing Latest News and Poll. Me thinks that I will put the news and poll sidebar only on the homepage. I have more space then (less scrolling) for the rest of the site. Makes sense. Like I said, I don't know fully what I'm going to do, which makes it hard to create a layout because if I decided to add another page to the navigation, I have to add that link to all the pages. I missed one that I added on the about page for the twisted Metal site. So yeah. It's possible that I might mess up somewhere. Alright just wanted to let you get a sneak peek. Laterz.

Serving Media

EDIT: I forgot to upload this. Sorry. I got it already, slapped it together and started it up, lights and fans turn on... no POST. I was sad. I'm pretty sure it the motherboard is bad. I'm sending the motherboard back, and getting a new one.

I think I mentioned something about building another PC. No not the Ati/AMD machine I was talking about. Don't have that much money. Similar though. I think I called it a media server. Anyways, this is what I'm building a new PC for: Stream video and audio (to game consoles or to any computer that I want), hook up to my TV and watch movies from it, and the ability to be a DVR in the future. I also wanted to use it as an extra gaming PC if needed (plus it's hooked up to a 42 in TV). So I slapped one to together for a little over a 1000 bucks. I impulse buy way to often. I really need to save some money. I bought an AMD quadcore processor, 4 GB of RAM, and decent video card (512 MB memory for 170 bucks) among other things. I wanted something that ran cool and was quiet. If it was going to be running for long periods of time, it needs to be cool and if I was watching a movie, it needs to be quiet. So I bought this for a case. It has big fans. I bought two more fans for it just in case. I needed some extra fans anyways. I always hate buying motherobards. They are easy to narrow down. You need a certain type of cpu socket, you need a certain main power, and cpu power, you need to make sure you have enough PCI/PCI express, SATA slots, make sure you have the right form factor. Once you get it narrowed down, that's the hard part. Which board is good out of these? I don't know. Well I want something kinda cheap but not crappy. So i went with a BioStar board. Never had one before, but it was 80 bucks and had everything I needed. I hope it'll work well. Reviews are bipolar. Some good, some bad. So I implused bought and worried later. I also bought a cheap mouse and keyboard. Nothing fancy there. Then I bought 2 10 foot extenstion USB chords. I want to control/game from the confort of my recliner. 6 feet of chord didn't cut it. So now I have 16 feet. maybe over kill, but I can use the chords with my PS3 controller and its wimpy 3 foot recharging cable. So now I can game and charge my controller at the same time. I also bought a 500 GB harddrive. To store all those media files and for hopes of a DVR in the future. So yeah.

I've also been thinking about software for this baby. I thought about a few things. What OS? I thought about Ubuntu (well Mythbuntu as it were) then I thought about "well i could use it for gaming later one." Linux doesn't work as great with games. So how about XP. I was leaning toward this big time, then I remember. 32 bit versions of windows do not support 4 GBs of RAM. So Now I'm leaning towards 64 bit vista. I think I'll do that. I got my RAM covered, and i get the added bonus of directx 10. Still a downside to this though. I've been reading reviews for some TV Tuner cards, and a few of them say 64 bit version of Vista doesn't play well with them. It's a future thing, so maybe kinks will be worked out. Now I have decided on an OS, what programs do I need. I need to be able to stream audio/video/pictures. I've looked at a few programs. Orb is looking to be the best one thus far. All you need is a browser to access the files (and some security stuff). I might do a combo of programs though. TVersity is looking good also. The best one though that I have found for streaming to my PS3 anyways, is SimpleCenter, but the media server thing is only on a 30 day trial. I like it though. I'll look into seeing how much it costs. Nevermind I'm retarded. The UPnP is in the free version (which is used to stream music and video to PS3s and PSPs). To over internet conection though. Just LAN with SimpleCenter. Remote Access is extra. Although it is only 30 bucks for the premium version. I don't mind spending that. it's when companies sell software for hundreds of dollars that I get cheesed. Under 50 bucks is good with me.

Then I have VideoLan player for a media player. The player can play any type of file (except Real). I have a few ogm and .mkv files so that's what that is handy for. I'll also get WinAmp for music ripping and stuff. Then there's DVR software. I don't have to worry to much about it now, but I'm leaning towards MediaPortal. It's a sweet looking program and it's free. It also depends on whether or not my Tv tuner comes with DVR software. It seems like there is more. No need for a wireless card. I'm setting it up right beside my router. No need for a monitor, since it's plugging into my TV. No need for speakers, becaues my surround sound set up is actually PC speakers. Easily unhooked from my TV and plugged into a computer. I made sure I got a motherboard that could handle 5.1 surround sound. Now I hope it works. I don't have the best track record with motherboards, although this one I'm on right now is working fantastic. You see my first computer that I built had a bad motherboard. It was a good motherboard, but it had defects. The right speaker always would crackle whenever playing sounds. Just always did. I though it was the cheap speakers I was using at first, but then I got nice speakers and still crackle. I had all sorts of problems with the sound ports actually. Then I shocked the USB ports on the front of the case. yeah don't ever do that. They don't work. Every time I would plug in a USB device into it, the computer would freeze. That's the case though, not Motherboard. Ah... memories. The old computer is my zombie computer by the way. I acutally put a piece of scotch tape on the USB ports in the front. But I digress now.

I'm getting excited for the thing to arrive. It's going to be a chore though. I plan on reripping all of my CDs onto it. I want them in mp3 format. On this computer I have all my music in Itunes format. I forgot what it is. I'm also going to dump all of my movies and pictures onto it. I have a lot. Then I'll install a few choice games. Unreal 2004, Unreal 3, Gears of War, Crysis. I might slap on a copy of Hellgate London for my own pleasure. I mean Hellgate on a 42 in. TV. You may ask why I don't hook up this computer to it. It's quite simple really. I'm lazy. The case alone is heavy. With all of the components, it's even heavier. Un hook everything, hook it up to the TV. Play a few hours of games, then truck it back into my room, hook everything back up. It's a process. Plus I've been wanted a media server. Don't want to leave this computer on all the time. I need to dust it. I plan on cleaning my computer, and desk, this spring. Spring is coming. Take it out to the garage. Spray a can of air into it until all the dust is out. remove the drives and give them a good dusting. I should really remove the powersupply to dust it, but that's a task in itself. After I do that, but desk isn't going to be easy. I have a bunch of stuff on it. Pictures, knickknacks, and such. Basically stuff I didn't have room for anywhere else. Then my cat's fat. After I dust the desk and give it a good cleaning/cleaning out, Have to vaccuum around it. It's a process. I know I just got done saying I'm lazy, but I'm also a perfectionist. It kinda sucks to be me.

Peace out.

George Foreman Grill

Playstation 3 George Forman It might be a reference. I don't know. Anyways, I thought I'd talk about my new Playstation 3. It looks an Gearge Forman inside my entertainment center, but it is sweet. When I first heard about the PS3 and it's price point, I went "Nay nay, that's expensive. I won't get it." I think it was just last E3 that they announced that online was going to be free. I went "I'm glad Sony isn't following Microsoft." Then I heard about it came out. I was still like, "well to really enjoy the PS3, you need a high def TV. The BluRay player is jacking up the price a lot, and I don't have a high def TV, so what's the point of me playing extra money for somethign I can't enjoy." I kept on hearing about how you can access music and videos on your home network, and what not. I was still like, "No High def TV still." Then I got a 1080p TV. I went, "Maybe." Then after awhile it ate at me like the PSP. it stared at me at Target. It said, "You know you wanna." and I was like "you're expensive though" and it was like "Do it." I was like, "I do want Heavenly Sword, and I'm going to have to have one for God of War 3 when it comes out." I already swore off the 360 because all of it's games that I wanted were coming out for the PC. But then Burnout Paradise came out. And Assassin's Creed looked awesome. "Do it." it said again. So I bought the devil. I have to say, I don't regret it at all. I just bought every game I wanted for it because Target was having a sale of "Get a $10 giftcard with game" deals. So I bought Assassin's Creed and Heavenly Sword today. Got two $10 gift cards. The last copy of Ninja Gaiden Sigma was on clearance for 30% off so I snagged that before someone bought it. Then House season 3 was on sale for 25 bucks so I used the giftcards and 5 bucks to buy that. I spent 160 bucks on 3 games and a TV on DVD. I gots goods deals. I also spent a lot. I'm also enjoying killing things in Heavenly Sword and laughing at the lines this one guy says. I also scratched my head whenever I saw Kai, the weird sister of the main character. I still enjoy killing things.

I bought Burnout Paradise the second say I had it. By the way this post is not going in chronological order. I started the post off with "What games I bought today" and now I'm at "what I bought last week sometime." Maybe it was two weeks ago. I can't remember. I'm having fun. It was a week ago. It was a Sunday. Anyways, Burnout Paradise is really really fun. I really really have fun playing it. It looks pretty to boot. The problem is, I never really finish a burnout game 100%. I'm at about 25% right now. I bought new games. Let's just say Burnout got put on hold now. Maybe it won't be for long. I haven't finished Burnout 3, or Burnout Dominator, or Burnout Revenge. I have a bunch of crash modes for Burnout 3 left over, and same with Revenge. Burout Revenge is on the PSP so load times take foreever, and when you have to redo crash modes, it takes awhile. Load for 60 seconds, crash for 15 seconds, load again for 60 seconds, repeat. It's a waste of time if you don't get gold in the crash the first time. 3 is a little better, but still it takes awhile. Dominator doesn't have any crash modes. I don't know why I didn't finish it. I can't remember how far I am even. I think I might be close to being done. I was thinking, and I actually did finish Burnout 2. I forgot. I've never played the original Burnout. Don't feel the need to though. Paradise is cool though. It's an open city, and you pull up to an intersection to race/roadrage/etc. You can go into Showtime mode, which is crash mode, anytime you want. High scored for certain streets are recorded. Just drive arounds, see lots of traffic, hit R1+L1, push X often. It's good fun. Then there are billbaords to crash through, and shortcuts to find. There's also Super Jumps to find. So if you get tired of the same old burnout stuff, you have stuff to do. It's cool. To win new cars, you actually have to take down a the car in the open drive thing. If you win a certain number of challenges, Crash FM dude tells you that a car is driving around and you need to find it and take it down. The car generally pops up around you after awhile, and they are easy to tell that they are the car because they are driving on the wrong side of the road, passing regular cars, crashing, etc. It's a good idea. After you take it down, it goes to the junk yard (logical) and that's where you conveniently store all your cars. It's fun.

Another thing I enjoy is downloading demos and old PS games. I downloaded Twisted Metal 2 and it's great to play that game again. Only 6 bucks, and I can put it on my PSP. It's strange on the PSP because R2 and L2 is the nub. I also download Ratchet and Clank Demo and decided I didn't want to buy that. I downloaded a trailer for Borderlands in HD and was like "Me want" but hasn't come out yet. I'd go check it out. It's really cool looking. At first I thought they were ripping of Hellgate London, but it turns out it's a little different. Yes randomly generated, randomly generated weapons (over 5000 different weapons), first person shooter, and RPG elements, but this seems different. It just does. Especially after watching the trailer it seems different. Don't know why. It just does. It also uses the Unreal 3 Engine so that'll look sweet. Well I'm gonna leave you with that. Bye.

Bleed It Out, Geeking Out

Linkin Park Minutes to Midnight Tour Hey everyone. I got back to Bismarck on Thursday from St. Paul. I went to a Linkin Park Concert there and it was awesome. Best concert I've ever been to. They encouraged the fans to sing along, and rocked out. We were in general admission, which is the floor area. The best place to be. Coheed and Combria, and Chiodos also played. They sound pretty cool. The lead singer for Coheed and Cambria has really long hair. It's crazy. It was hard to understand the lyrics of those two bands, because the vocals seemed turned down. I could hear Linkin Park just fine. Linkin Park had a great set list. Breaking the Habit was really cool to hear at the beginning because Mike and Chester were the only ones on stage and Mike was playing the piano, and they slowed it down. Then the entire band came back out and played the song normally. It was awesome. I'll share some videos/pictures with you once I get some from everyone. I plan on doing something special with them, that I think all of you will like. If you get the oppertunity to see Linkin Park live, I'd do it. Just don't bring any pot to the freaking concert. A person next to me lit up, and I'm like "What kind of retard needs to get high at a concert?!" and I was pissed. It was a momorable concert for me, why would you want to forget it? It was crappy because the smoke came right at me and my friend. It sucked. I hate cigarette smoke, so you can imagine how much I hated smelling that. It was still an awesome concert, and I'd go again givin the oppertunity.

Onto some Computer stuff. I rebuilt my old computer finally. I decided that I had a DVD drive that I wasn't using, and a hard drive, I would just pop it in there. Now I had everything else that makes a computer. It was all ready to go except those two parts. For some reason this took a long time. First I put in my DVD drive in the top most slot. Then I tried to put in my Harddrive. The motherboard power chord was in the way though. So I had to take that out. Then the RAM was in the way. I had to take that out. I put in the harddrive, and the screw holes don't line up. Oh well. A loose harddrive in an old rig isn't a big deal. So I preceed to hook all the chords in, and the IDE chord from the harddrive to the DVD drive to the Motherboard, is too short. Crap. So I take out the DVD drive and put it down two slots and got it hooked up. I put back in the RAM, and this was an adventure. For some reason the RAM took me a long time to put in. It was tough for some reason. I got the RAM in though, I shot air into the power supply for about 15 seconds, there was a lot of dust. I fired up the PC, popped in Ubuntu, and away I went to installing it. The old girl worked after about 9 months. It was great. I love playing with Ubuntu (linux for those who don't know). It actually worked now that I am not dual booting with it. So that's awesome.

I decided to see how much it would cost to make a sweet ATI/AMD rig. Here's what I came up with ( prices from Newegg). If you want more specifics, just click on the links to Newegg.

A few things about it. I actually own the black Sunbeam Transformer case, and it's the perfect case. It's sweet looking (it looks like a Transformer, the robot cars :P), it's roomy, has lots of fans so my computer never really gets hot. It's a really well built case. The harddrives just slide in there using some mounting brackets (that dont require screws) which is also sweet. It also has a little box that goes inside the case that you can put screws and extra mounting brackets in. Then the power supply (Apevia 680 W) is also have I have in my current rig. It's sweet. It has lights, 3 fans, and can handle anything I put in my case. I highly recommend it if you need that much power (if you get a high end video card you will).

I also roamed around Newegg to build a media server. I built a really nice one for under 1000 bucks. I bought a Playstation 3 and it can stream music and movies from your computer to it. I thought, I kinda want a media server that I could access from any computer with internet too. So that's what I did. I looked at the Phenom 9600 for the processor. I figured the a Quadcore would be good for a server. I also looked at 4 GB of RAM, and a 500 GB harddrive. I also wanted to have the option of turning it into a Digital Video Recorder so I wanted a big harddrive. I knew it would be running for long periods of time, so I wanted a cool case and a quiet one. I found a sweet one with two HUGE fans. The side fan Is the biggest fan I've seen in a computer. Reviews say that it is very quiet. The Sunbeam case is noisey. It sounds like a jet engine when I turn it on. I just think that means it has a lot of power :). So yeah.

I'll be sure to get some videos and pictures up from the concert in the media section soon. Later.

Hellgate London, Welcome to Stonehenge

Hellgate London Welcome everyone and all to the show. This is what I like to call the "Official Review of Hellgate London V1.0." Hellgate London has had one of the rockiest starts I have seen for a while. It's been plagued by glitches, downtime, bugs, and haters haterizing it. However, it has been three months. I gave it a chance, and see if it would deliver. I tried to understand the sloppy release, and I think I may have: New Company. Not making any money for publisher (EA), because no games. Taking a long time. New company so publisher don't give a rats booty. They needed to release something that would cost money. I have faith in their next game, whatever it may be. They will not be a new company. They have a fan base. They have an income (especially with subscriptions). Let's start with the review.

Hellgate London was released October 31, 2007. I choose to save my official review for them to get the "kinks" out. They've done a lot, but let's see if that could raise their review score on XPlay from a 2/5 to something a little higher. The story of Hellgate revolves around London being taken over by demons. There's something about a book. There's something about Crazy people and such. Really the story is where Hellgate suffers the most. First, the best cinematics in the game are at the beginning and at the end. The rest are just of a book and a person talking. Second, the characters in game have no voice acting except general "hello and good bye" speeches that are randomly generated. So you have to read everything if you really want the story and such. Most of it is just worthless to be honest. Someone telling you to kill 10 felbornes using a few paragraphs basically. At least in Diablo 2 they had voice actors say everything. Now I'm not lazy. I would read every little thing, but that's asking a lot considering how much reading there is. There are some memorable characters. If you do have the time to read some of the lines, some of them are funny and make you appreciate the character a little more. There's also some spoken lines that are pretty funny too, like the first time you hear a certain someone say "What they S*** do we have here!" Or I'll come right and say it, Arlo is a pretty cool shop keep. Then there's Techsmith 413, and his crazy owner. I forget the name. Yes, he's memorable, but having his name spoken to me would have made me remember his name. There are really no memorable charcter's like Decard Cain, though. So in conclusion for the story, I give it a

Game play is probably one of the more important things of any game. And this is where Hellgate really excels. It is a dungeon crowler. Yes you do go around picking up items. May sound boring or whatever, but I really do enjoy it. You go around doing quests, to level up so you can use a sweet item that you found, or you want to upgrade an existing item. You can actually upgrade existing items, mod them, or even add rare, enhanced, legendary attributes to the item. The game doesn't focus as much on skills, as it does on items. I never found myself going "I need to get to level xx so I can use xx skill." I have however found myself going, "I need to gain another level so I can use this item." or "I need to gain another level because I need more stats." That's another thing with Hellgate London. Items use up a certain amount of stats. For instance, If I have 50 willpower, and I have an item that uses 20 willpower, I only have 30 more willpower to use with other items. The stats also do other things, like accuracy makes your crosshair smaller. Willpower also give you more magic or mana or whatever it's called in this game. I don't know. Stregth is generally used for Armors. Stamana is used for health. Another wierd thing with the magic is, if you are a Summoner, and you summon a demon, that takes some of your max magic away. It's interesting. Those are kinda interesting things, not really bad or good about the game. Just explaining it. In the game you have 3 factions to choose from: Templar, Cabalist, and Engineer. The Templar or more your knights and melee characters, Cabalists are more your magic users, and Engineers are more your military type people. Then there are two sub classes. So there is a variety, but not a whole lot. Which is kinda too bad. With the cabalists or the engineer classes, you have the option to switch to first person which is cool. However it doesn't matter if you get a headshot or not. Pretty much just aim for the biggest part of the body.

With the addition to Patch 1.0, Stonehendge adds some refreshing gameplay things. For instance, it has better weapons, tougher monsters, and some cool quests. It really refreshes the gameplay of the game if you ever got tired of just playing through the normal game. Subscribing adds a little bit to the gameplay, just because of Stonehendge, and hardcore mode, and a few other features. I've beaten the game on normal with a friend, and played some Nightmare. The monsters are harder, and I've heard that the final boss on Nightmare is almost unbeatable. Compared to Stonehendge, the nightmare monsters are easy. Just letting you know. I give game play a

I think graphics should be next. The graphics are pretty good with this game. A few glitches still even with patch 1.0. They've made the animations for the Templar class better with 1.0. That's good. The graphics are very nice. A few things though. It's randomly generated. I have mixed feelings about randomly generated levels, but here it goes. This was the first 3D game that the developers have done, so I'm going to be a little less cruel. The graphics are pretty good for randomly generated levels. The characters look good, and the levels look good. But they are randomly generated. It randomly generates with a few different tielsets: streets of london, parks of london, riverbeds of london (I think anyways) underground tunnels of london, temple looking tileset, hellish tileset, and something that kinda relates to the underground tunnels of london, but aren't tunnles. It can get boring just going through the same old same old. Stonehendge offers a new tileset though. Wilderness tileset which is sweet. There's also a marshy looking one with Stonehendge. I wish DirectX 10 would work, but it's too choppy to play with it. I guess I'm going to have to go with

I'm thinking audio gets its turn. The audio is a mix for me. I have to say they did a really good job with the enemy sounds. I've jumped a few times when a mosnter howls or screeches. So I give an A + for monster sounds. The music is also good. I haven't found the music inappropriate ever. The character's voices (when you do hear them) fit the character. That's good. However, full voice acting would have been greatly appreciated. Also some of the weapon sounds are good, and some are bad. It's kind of a mix. So for sounds I'm going to have to with:

I think I covered everything. If I averaged everything out it comes to 6.5 or something like that. Is that what I'm going to give it... no. Let me do a recap.
The Good: Really fun gameplay and cool items customization, pretty good graphics (although I wish DirectX 10 worked), Great monster sounds, great voices (for the ones that were there).
The Bad: no full voice acting, not enough tilesets for randomly generated levels, kinda a bad story (or at least it's hard to follow), some of the weapon sounds need to improve, I wish the characters were more memorable, a few more things to iron out.
7/10 maybe a 6.5

There you have it. Official review of the game. I think I went In depth enough. I rounded up because I think it's still a really really fun game. From a reviewers stand point though, it deserves a 6.5. That's my opinion. Thanks for being open to it. My final thoughts were kinda said in the beginning. Give it a little more time and I think future patches will only bring up the 6.5 to a 7, maybe an 8. We may see an 8 someday, but I don't know if we will. I'll review it again if some patch updates the game majorly. My thoughts to you: if you like dugeon crowlers, you'll probably really enjoy the game. Enough said. Thanks.

Roots in Technology

Roots in Technology I was on NewEgg and kinda browsing around and looking at stuff. Well actually first I was on GameSpot, and read an article about the new ATI graphics card, the Radeon HD 3870 X2. It was comparing them to some of NVidia's cards and other ATI cards. Basically this card is two video cards in one. Hence the X2 at the end of it. to 512 MB cards I might add for 1 GB of memory on the card. Anyways, I go to Newegg to check out some specific specs on it and what not. I find it spanks my Nvidia GeForce GTX, and is actually 50 dollars cheaper. Who woulda thunk? I would have. ATI has always been cheaper, and I love ATI, and a part of my soul died when I bought the GTX... but Gaming was so much cooler... for a time at least. ATI has been a little behind in the game when it game to GPU's. I like supporting the little man though, so I usually do get an ATI card. I will next time. Especially with what I'm going to talk about next.

While on Newegg I also stumbled upon the Phenom 9000 series by AMD. As you know I like AMD. Every time I play a game that's endorsed by Intel and I start up the game and here the "Ding Ding Ding Ding" sound, hate rolls through my mind. I read about the Phenom series earlier, but kinda waited to get more engulfed by them. After looking at the 9600 and the reviews for it, I want one. For a price of 225 bucks, it's not bad. Now let me go further into the Phenom series. The Phenom series is True Quad-core technology. Intel's Quadcores are just 2 Dual cores slapped together. The Phenoms actually do have 4 seperate cores. It's nice really. They are also suppose to run games smoother if you have ATI's HD series of cards. Hence why I want a new ATI card. Not to mention a new processor. I'm waiting for the 3.0 Phenom's to be realeased though. My computer is still fairly new (I built it last May with the best video card on the market at the time and best AMD processor at the time) and don't want to replace parts yet. If I were to buy new parts now, all I need is the Phenom 9600 and the Radeon HD 3870 X2. The motherboard, that I have, is compatibly with both.

Well I'm going to go now so later.

Orange Box, Blue Portal

The Orange Box I decided to buy the Orange Box. If you don't know, the Orange Box contains 5 games: Half Life 2, Half Life 2 Episode 1, Half Life 2 Episode 2, Portal, and Team Fortress. The games will be called HL2, Ep 1, Ep2, Portal, and Team Fortress, respectivily for the remainder of this post, and maybe future posts. I played, and beat Portal already. That's an awesome game. It even has replay value. I've beaten it twice. I've been playing the bonus maps, and what not. I am also trying to get all of the achievements. It's pretty hard to get some of them. Especially when you have to play advanced maps. Basically they are maps from the main game, but with things removed, or modified. Some of them I scratched my head at for a few minutes then finally figured them out. One of the advanced maps had me thinking for a very long time, and i even had a friend helping me figure it out. Once you do figure out the advance maps, you feel a big sense of achievement. The story is really good. The dialogue is amazing with GLaDos, and the turrets. Valve is going to put the main character of Portal into Episode 3. That'll be cool.

I haven't had a chance to Half-life or Team Fortress. I am playing through the first half-life. I haven't gotten very far. I've been playing a lot of Portal. Not to mention I was going through Steam's shop, and found the Psychonauts Demo, and I was like "I wonder if they have the full game on here" and behold they did. So I paid the 20 bucks and bought it. I was happy. I downloaded the demo first, to see if the controls would work well with my controller. They did. It's a really fun game. If you didn't know, the game was made by the mind of Tim Schafer, who is one of the more funny people in the video game industry. He also made the Monkey Island series, and Grim Fandango, among others. If you get a chance to play the Monkey Island series, it's funny. It's a point and click, items on screen kind of game. It's also probably hard to find since it was made for DOS. So far psychonauts is hilarious and fun. Nothing screams funny then a kid talking to squirls that are telling him to kill everybody.

I think that pretty much cover's everything. Wait. I'm kinda thinking about getting a Playstation 3. I'll probably wait until I get my tax return back or something, unless rumors start popping up about another price cut. I mean, Blu-Ray is probably going to win the HD War. Might be awhile for the official crowning, with regular DVDs still in full swing, but I think HD is down for the count. I could be wrong. I was going for HD DVD, but it just doesn't look good for them. There's other things I like about the PS3, but I want a few games for it too. Assasign's Creed, Burnout Paradise, and Heavenly Sword. That's expensive though. I mean that's 180 bucks for just those games. That's kinda why I'm waiting for a price cut on the PS3. Hopefully by then some of those games will go down in price.

Now I think I'm done. Peace out.

Papa's Got A Brand New Bag

I didn't think I would be so busy during my Christmas vacation. A lot of friends came home from college and I got to see them. We also started watching Heroes season 1 on DVD, and we finished that. That is a really addicting show. It was also on sale at Target for 20 bucks. I picked it up. The writer's strike that's going on has put a damper on any new episodes of Heroes (and several other shows), but one day it'll be finished. I'm all for the writer's and I hope they get what they deserve. But I also like TV shows. Supernatural only has 4 episodes before they run out of already written episodes. A few other shows that I usually buy on DVD are also running out of episodes.

In other news, I bought a crap load of stuff. I bought a 1080p 42 inch Sharp Aquos LCD TV. It's awesome. Watching Heroes on that was a joy. So is playing my Wii. I bought some Component cables for it and it looks nicer. I also got a new router. I will not ever buy a Linksys router. My brother bought two of them, and both of them the ports went out on them. Not to mention it just sucked. I bought a new DLink wireless N router. It's slim and white. Plus the lights look cool. Not to mention I actually get 4 bars in my room instead of two. It's great to have a nice router. I also can connect to the internet on my Wii. Before it was a crap shoot. I followed all of the troubleshooting instructions for this one error, and nothing. Then a few days later, I can connect to the internet again. This new router should stop that from happening. I would think so. Now all I need is a wireless N card, which I have eyed on Newegg. I might do that. I have my Zombie computer sitting in my room opened up. It's waiting for a DVD drive, and a harddrive. I would like to put a wireless card in there and the one that's in my current computer that I'm using (Transformer) works with Ubuntu, which is what I'm going to install on Zombie.

I got a chance to play Crysis yesterday. After I started playing, I couldn't stop. It's everying the reviews say it is and more. The only thing is that the Vietamese can take a few bullets. I swear I shoot them like ten times and they're still alive. Other times I shoot them twice and they fall. I must be too far away or something. Oh well. To remedy that I just turn invisible and get close to them and blast them with a shotgun. I've met some aliens but haven't gotten a chance to fight them. They just run away from me and I have to chase them and then they kill my teammates. I shouldn't really call them teammates as they don't really help me. For instance, I have to take out two tanks. How am I suppose to do that with a military rifle, shotgun, and pistols? You can't that's how. The game is extremely beautiful though. I'm tempted to hook my computer to the TV and see the world on a 42 in. TV. I have an HDMI to DVI adapter and my 8800 GTX does have a DVI out. Anyways I'm going to play some video games or something. Later.