Reindeer Games? Penguin Games

Santa Gamer Penguin Microsoft doesn't want me to know the correct time apparently, now that I'm using Ubuntu a lot more. Every time I use Ubuntu for an extended period of time, and then I boot up Windows, the clock is off by quite a bit. The minutes are right, but the hours are a tad off... just now it was saying it was just past Midnight. The date was right though. Anyways, I just formated my Vista/XP harddrive and reinstalled just Vista on it. I hardley used XP anymore, so I'm like, let's just get rid of that and get more harddrive space. I was running low on my Vista partition and was actually storing files on the XP partition because of it. Anyways, reinstalled Vista, and got most of my applications installed. Haven't installed my games yet, because I was thinking that they were the ones hogging up my harddrive. Right now I'm using 82 GBs of space, with no games installed... something is defintely hogging my harddrive space. So I checked it out. I do have a few programs that hog HD space, like Adobe CS3, but not too many so I was curious. I do have my music, folders, and documents copied over too, but that's under ten GBs together. Anyways, here's my results folders from greatest to least: Windows folder at 22.5 GBs. Good job Microsoft. Users folder at 18.2 GBs. I have a few other things in there too like my websites are actually over 5 GBs. Files not in any folders: stuff like the page file and hybernation file. This comes to 10.1 GBs. My two Program Files folders (i have a 64bit version of Vista so I get two folders :P) comes up to 8 GBs. Then the rest isnt' important. Under my users folder, there is a hidden folder named AppData that is over a GB. Has a bunch of Temporary files. Maybe if I cleared my Temporary files it would be cleaner. Yes Vista is a hog, but I still like it because I didn't have to download one driver from the manufactuers website, or use a CD. Moving on to my Linux adventure!

I've been using Ubuntu now for awhile and loving it. I installed VirtualBox in it, and put XP inside of that, along with some other Linux distributions. VirtualBox is just a virtual machine, that allows you to install different operating systems within an operating system. Had some fun with DreamLinux, but then relized that I hated it. PCBSD was fun, but X kept crashing on me. That's linux mambo jumbo for graphical interface, kinda sorta. So quickly dismissed that. PCLinuxOS is a pretty good distibution. I'm going to play with it some more. But I wanted XP in there for a few reasons. I got Starcraft installed in there, and it runs nice. The only thing is that my sound is a little scratchy in Virtual box.

Hey, a seamless transition into games for linux! Not anymore I guess. I've been testing out some free games for linux. All I have to say is this: I've been spoiled by playing commercial games. I don't know. Why I play a First Person Shooter, I expect decent graphics. But hey, the games are free. So can't really complain. I just wanted to let you know that I'm spoiled because I've played games like Unreal Tournament 2004 and 3, Resistance and Resistance 2, and other games of the like. So I'm used to great graphics, and at least a scenerio to play through on single player. Basically what you'll find on Linux are Doom 3 mods basically. Speaking of Unreal Tournament 2004, I got that installed on Ubuntu. That was interesting to do. I have the Unreal Anthology, which doesn't have a Linux installer on it. So I had to go online and find a guide on how to install it. Found one, and followed it. Basically you had get all the .cab files, and have them installed by a little program called unshield. So I followed the guide, and tried to run the game, and it didn't work. A guy had posted a shell script that does all the steps that the guide did. So I deleted all my work, and downloaded the script and ran it. Worked like a charm (actually better). One thing is I do not have sound for some odd reason. So guess what I learned? I'll probably have a windows partition forever for my precious video games... and Adobe CS3. But I do use Ubuntu quite often. I'll continue to experiment with games on it though. I'll let you know how that turns out.

I haven't talked about my Television viewing habits with you lately. I have very strange habits for a college student. For instance, I like a lot of cartoons. I generally watch Cartoon Network, or nickelodeon on the weekends for the lack of anyting good on. The Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy is a great show, and I can't believe that it's on Cartoon Network. It's borderline Adult Swim. But a funny show none-the-less. I was watching a Christmas episode of it where they go to the North Pole to prove that Santa does exist to Mandy... and find that he was turned into a vampire. Good times. Then there's Total Drama Island. I didn't want to watch it because of the name. But my friend, who has similar viewing habits when it comes to cartoons, told me that it was pretty funny. So I started watching and actually got hooked. They had a marathon on one weekend and I just watched all the episodes. It's one of two shows that Cartoon Network has to put a "Warning Teen rating" screen up for. Really funny stuff. It makes fun of reality TV shows, so I'm in on that. Hate reality TV. Then there's Fairly Odd Parents. I don't know. I just like it. It's mindless ten year old humor. Good times.

Time to put on my grown up pants. Let me tell you what's on my DVR and what will be on my DVR. For this fall, I've been recording Supernatural every Thursday. Season 4 is awsome so far. I mean angels have entered the demon infested world. Good times. And Bobby has a panic room! This December they are taking a break from airing new episodes, but they'll be back in January. Then I DVRed Dexter every Sunday night. Season 3 just finished actually so my Sundays are clear. I love that show. A serial killer who kills serial killers. Then the writing and the acting are just spectacular. The show has so many twists and turns and it all just comes together at the end of the season. I can't wait until next season already.

I started watching a little show called "Leverage". If you liked any of the Ocean's movies, then you'll like this. It's about a good guy, who leads a team of theifs to con evil companies, for a good reason. It's interesting. It has a very Ocean feeling to it. I can't explain it very well, but it's good. I'll continue recording this. Then there is a show called Dollhouse. Don't know if you heard of this one. All i know is that it has the writer/director from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog. It should be good. I used to know what it will be about. It's about these people who are called Actives, or Dolls who have their memory and personalities wiped and have their minds reformated to whatever they need to be at a certain time, for instance if they get hired for a crime. When their minds are in the wiped state, they are in a child like state, and live in the secret Dollhouse. The story follows on of these Dolls named Echo, who becomes selfaware. It sounds interesting so I'm going to give it a chance this February.

Then there's shows I didn't DVR, but will see when on DVD, or will watch on TV if I see it. There's Frank TV. Great sketch comedy show, because Frank Caliendo is really good at doing impressions of celebrities, including George Bush, Sean Connery, and the list goes on. I try to watch it if I see it's on TV. Then there's House. I haven't been watching it this season, but I've seen two episodes and they were good so far. I will buy this one on DVD. I kept forgetting to record Heroes. I recorded the first episode of season 3, and it was good, but I keep forgetting to record it. So I'll have to buy on DVD. I'm thinking I'm going to be getting Burn Notice on DVD this Christmas so I'm looking forward to that.

That basically sums it up for this fall. I'm pretty boring. Anything is better than MTV. In high school I tried to watch MTV, and then I shot myself in the foot... not really but MTV sucks. It's basically crappyly made crap if you haven't watched MTV in awhile. They literally don't have any music on the channel anymore. I remember I used to watch music videos in the morning before school, and then my Junior year there wasn't anymore music videos. So I don't know why they keep the name. They should just call it Crap. Not even CrapTV. That would be false advertising because it's not TV. It's just crap. Shows like Next and Parental Advisory are just crappy reality shows that are crapily scripted and crapily acted. Watch a show once. You can tell that it's being acted out by crappy actors. You will not see these people hit the big times.

Now you look what you made me do. You made me rant about MTV, and that's just not healthy. I'm going to make a new paragraph because this one has been tainted too.

Anyways, I probably won't post before the end of the year again. So I'm going to wish a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

I Think I Can Squeeze You In

New Prince of Persia It's been over a month. What happened!? Busy Busy Busy. Video game busy. School busy. Just plain busy. I have finals next week, but I decided to squeeze in a post before Christmas. One of these years I will decorate the site. That's what I tell myself, but than I get busy. I should make it in July, like they do with Christmas CDs. Happy Thanksgiving by the way. I had a pretty good one.

Moving on to Resistance 2. I basically said what I needed to say in the first post, except I hadn't finished the game. Graphics, still awesome, guns still awesome, enemies, still awesome and scary, and the game is just totally sweet. Yes I said totally and sweet. I had to rethink my position on the story though. First off, Insomniac has the balls to do the ending they did. I won't spoil it, but it was fantastic. I loved it, even though it left you going "... What the..." and then left you wanting more. To be honest, I saw what happened in the end, coming. But I did not think they would have ended the game there. I guess that's what Resistance 3 is for. Anyways, I had to rethink my position on the story because the first Resistance was kinda telling the story of the Chimera, and didn't tell a lot about the main character, Nathan Hale. However in the second one, the story revolves around Nathan and you don't learn much new information about the Chimera. Personally, I wanted to know more about the Chimera and the alternate history, but the story was great if I reshifted my brain to "Nathan Hale" mode. They did a good job of focusing the story around him, and telling about his struggle. And there is quite a big struggle. I'm playing the ending through my head and makes me smile and happy. It's a sad ending, but it makes me smile knowing that Insomniac did it. I have to say it's the best ending ever, just because know one has really ended a game like that before without an extra scene after the credits or something. So yeah. I need to replay the freaking game now, but I can't and I'll tell you why.

I beat Fallout 3. As a good character. Now this is a game that the ending totally sucks. It just sucks. Yeah that over 200 endings thing. It's because they change one little picture, or one line of dialog in the ending movie. It's not really a movie, just pictures with dialog over it. The game is still really fun to play though. I'm going through it as an evil character now. Kinda stopped playing though because of other games. So yeah. Other than the story, the game is really fun and will keep you entertained. One reviewer said that he thought that the new V.A.T.S firing system would get old after a while, but it doesn't. He admited that it doesn't. I thought the same thing, and it doesn't. Seeing a head seperate from the body one and and the body fall the other way never gets old. Nice big world. Didn't like the walking too much. Once you do walk to a place though, you can fast travel to it from than on, but still, that's a lot of walking. So I used a cheat to give me all the fast travel locations :P. Significantly improves the game. So does god mode and full stats, atleast to me. I don't have time to level up. I have things to kill, people to help. Moving on because there is oh so much more.

Gears of War 2 is awesome. I don't own a 360 but my friends do and I love that game. The only game that I wish I had a 360 for. But the 360 isn't worth the money for one game. The rest are on PC and PS3 that I really care about (hint, Halo was over hyped, Gears 1 is on the PC, and that's all for exclusives). Anyways, Gears 2 is one of the best shooters I have ever played. Not going to compare Gears 2 to Resistance 2 because they are very different games. The only similarities are they both have guns. That's all. So I won't. Chainsawing locusts is still so much fun. The new Horde mode is great in this game. We played with 4 people on hardcore mode and had so much fun. I mean days of fun. On hardcore, horde is hard. It works so well in this game. We actually spent time with my friend's brother, and had a great time. So if you have a 360, get Gears 2. You need it.

Also played some Left 4 Dead. Fun game. Fun to play with friends. Your allies AI is smart, but it's always more enjoyable with friends. The director, which modifies the zombie AI in game is cool. If we were doing good, the zombies would come in greater hordes, if we were sucking, they would thin out. It was a good time. No story at all, but the game was designed to be like a zombie movie, and they hit it dead on. After you beat a campeign (they are campeigns not levels because they give you a scenerio like, get to the hospital to contact a helicopter or get to the army base to escape) credits will role like "playername as Zoey" and stuff like that. Than just displays statistics like how many times died, zombies killed, and it's just cool. Haven't played the versus mode, but the coop mode is so much fun.

I think Metal Gear Solid was next in line. Yep. So my friend who doesn't have a PS3 bought Metal Gear Solid 4 because he loves the series. I have never played a Metal Gear game in my life so I didn't buy it. I went out of town over Thanksgiving weekend so I let him barrow my PS3 for the weekend. He played and beat it in that weekend. He said that it was awesome and need to play it. I asked if I should play the other games. He said yes. So I bought Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes for the gamecube (from Rock 30 Games. Hey, I wanted upgraded graphics, first person mode, and extended cut scenes and I dont care if the bullet time stuff looks cheesy, I thought it was sweet. Fit it better than it did Neo. Plus progressive scan with my Wii made it look that much better. It's been awhile since a game made me want to come home from work and play it right away. Resistance 2 didn't do that because it scared the crap out of me, but on my second play through I think I'll want to play it more now that I know where the scary moments are. Fallout 3 didn't do that for me. And we know that I hated Force Unleashed. Little Big Planet was a fun party game so it didn't do that for me. But Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes did. Lots of cutscenes, and yet I liked that. It was such an engaging story. I also bought The Metal Gear Solid the Essential collection which comes with the first three metal gear solids for the PS and PS2, so that's next on my list (after finals). Than Metal Gear Solid 4. Can't wait.

One more game. I also bought the new Prince of Persia. I love it. This game makes me excited to get home from work too and play it right away. Almost did that today but I'm like, "no I told my brother I would update today" so here I am. Yes the game is easy, and it's true you can't die. You literally can't. You fall down a pit, you go back to the most recent ledge, thanks to Elika, a princess of a land that has been corrupted by an evil god. You are helpingh er, but she seems to help you more. Anyways, about the falling off and going back to your most recent sturdy platform. This is actually harder than the Sands of Time Trilogy thing. In Sands of Time, you can reverse time and stop reversing whenever you want, like at a bar you were swinging from right before you missed and died. Well in this new one, if you miss the jump after swinging from the bar, you have to go back to the last sturdy piece of land. There could be walls climbed, and poles shimmied, and other obstacles between that. So if you want to really think about it, it's actually harder. And in combat, if you need to be saved by Elika, it gives time for the enemy to regain health, but you don't die. So there is a penalty for being saved.

I needed to say that. Anyways, the game is great. The art style fits perfectly with the game and looks stunning. The open world fits very well. The music sounds great, but it's like the game doesn't know what to do with it. You will be in an area, and the music will just suddenly start playing for no reason. No enemies, or epic scene. Just it starts playing. Then it stops playing just as suddenly. That's my only gripe about the music. The gameplay is great. The platforming is really fun, like in previous games. It feels great just to run up walls, jump on skinny ledges, swing from bars, climb stalegtites, run across the cieling, run across the walls. It's just all fun. The combat system is fun and very much improved from the Sands of Time trilogy. Pulling off combos is the best part of the combat though. You have your sword attack, glove attack, acrobatic attack, and Elika's magic attack. All of which can be put into a combo. You only fight one enemy at a time, so even the weaker enemies feel kinda like a boss battle. With the open world, you will do a lot of exploring. You unlock certain areas with new magical abilities, and once you clear the corruption out of an area there are Light Seeds to collect, plus you get to see the area not corrupted. Light seeds allow you to unlock more of Elika's magic. The dialog between the "Prince" (who is not even a prince) and Elika is very cool and funny. There seems to be a lot of chemistry between the two, and it's great to watch i t unfold. For the most part, you learn the story of the game from this dialog and the story is great. You actually care more about Elika's story more than the Prince's, because the story revolves around her kingdom being turned corrupted and saving it. Some things about the Prince are revealed, but not a whole lot. He has lots of adventures, has a donkey named Farah, doesn't have a family, and raids tombs for a living. And is very sarcastic, which is very fun. I'm guessing a prequel will be made for this game because I want to know how he got the claw for a hand. Anyways, moving on.

For those who want to gripe that the game is too easy, there are achievements for them. There's one that you have to beat the game without being saved my Elika 100 times, and there 's also a time achievement. So do those if you think the game is too easy. Do them both at the same time for a harder challenge.

I'm going to call this good for now. See you after finals probably. Now I have to post this.

Snow Day!

So we actually made national news up here. Very bad blizzard. We're all good. I'm used to it. Kinda enjoy it actually. Nothing like over 9 inches of snow, and snow drifts taller than you. Good times. The roads were so bad that the closed my school yesterday at 4 o'clock, and today it was closed. That hasn't been done for 11 years. Because of snow anyways. I had a pretty good day off. I got Resistance 2 on Tuesday, so I got to spend quality time with that.

I have some things to say about the second game in the series. The graphics are awesome. The first one kinda had a small color palette. Lots of greys and browns. Resistance 2 has lots of colors and looks great. I remember in the second level, San Fransisco, you reach the surface (because you were under water) and you see a stunning site. You see the Golden Gate bridge being torn apart, and chimeran ships flying in the air, and explosions going on. It looked great and was awesome. We also got some new controls. They switched the default controls up a bit, and it is pretty good. You can still customize it, but crouching is done differently from the first game, and so is zooming in with a weapon, so you needed the control change. My only grip was with the sniper rifle. The alternate fire zooms in through the scope, and slows down time. Well the alt fire is R2 and the primary fire is R1, so you have to have two fingers going on that side. I got used to it.

The guns are still amazing. I love having an alt fire on every gun. The old guns have been improved, and you get some new ones that are also fun. One example is the Splicer. This fun little gun shoots saw blades that follow an enemy and rips them to shreds. Lots of blood going on, but doesn't seem to do as much damage as it should. On one enemy, I can melee them once and they die, but with the splicer, i have to send 3 or 4 blades after them to kill them. The Magnum is also a very fun gun. Its primary fire is very powerful (like any magnum in a video game) but it's alternate fire is what makes it fun. After you shoot an enemy, the bullet stays lodged in them, then the alternate fire blows up the bullet. It's a good time. The magnum usually kills the weeker enemies in one shot, but that leaves the other enemies around them still alive. Have no fear, because that explosion will take them out. You also have your returning guns, like the Carbine, Lark, bullseye. With the new aiming system, these guns just feel more powerful though.

A few gripes about the game though. The story is pretty weak. Personally, i loved how they told the story in the first one through Parker. The story seemed more interesting in the first one too. I haven't beaten the game yet in the second one, but I'm almost done. It's pretty short, i hear. About 7.5 hours, and I'm almost at that point. Plus what's going on in the story hints at it almost being over. Anyways, I don't think Resistance 2's story is as good as the first one because it tells the story differently. Instead of telling it from a third person perspecitive, it's through Nathen (the main character). It just doesn't fit. The first one, he said two things: "No!" and "Uh!." He may have actually said one sentence, but to me, that made him an awesome character. In Resistance 2, he talks too much. Maybe it's just me. The story is actually pretty good, but how it's executed, just doesn't seem right, in my opinion. So yeah.

But the AI is awesome. So is the setting. I hate Titans in this game. Titans in the first one were pretty easy to kill after you figured it out. But in the second one, these things seem like they can only be killed with the Lark (a rocket laucher). I had to fight one without a rocket launcher, and it wasn't fun. It would not die, and I died several times. And this is on "Causual" which is easy. The enemy is smart, and they come in large numbers. Most of the gun fights usually have more than 10 enemies on screen at once. Even when fighting Titans. I once fought 2 Titans and about 30 Rollers. Yeah the rollers are weak, but their annoying when fighting Titans. I found a glitch in one fight that I was getting frustrated with. Alright, there's this tiny room with no cover in it, and when you approach the door to get out, about 10 enemies pop out. I remind you that their is no cover, and no grenades for me. The kill me pretty much instantly. Well After a few tries, i'm like "Let's just run through the door and ignore the enemies, even though they stand right in the middle of the door. So I did, and got through and predictably died. Well, I got a checkpoint by doing that apparently, and when the game loaded that check point, the enemies were not there and I was through the door. Yippy!

The mood of the game has altered from the first one. The first game was kinda scary. Well this game is actually scary. I'm afraid of pigeon noises now. Why? Well there's this new enemy called the Cameleon. It's called that because it's invisible. If one of these things are near you, the make pideon sounds. If you get a little closer to them, you hear a zombie moan. If you get a little more closer, you hear a stampede and then you see a "cloaked" figure that's about the size of a bear coming at you, and you are so scared that you don't react and you die in one hit. After a few times of fighting these things I don't get scared but I still go "Ah man" and continue being very cautious for fear of being pumbled. Then there's the Grim. These little things are basically zombies from the movie Land of the Dead. Meaning they are very fast. They were once human, but they've been tranformed into Chimera by being put into cacoons. The explode from these cacoons when you get close to them which can scare you. Usually does. Especially this one part wher eyou are running through a extremely dark building, that is an apartment clompex with small hallways and it's infested with Grims. Scares you seeing these things through a flashlight. Scares you when they roll dead bodies down the stairs too. So yeah, the developers were going for scary moments, and they succeded.

I'm not done. There's also 8 player online coop campeign. It has its own storyline, which is cool. I haven't played it yet. The game also features a 60 player online matches. They put you in small squads to complete different objectives so there is still tactics and not all out chaos. Sounds fun. Haven't gotten around to it yet though.

Alright, that's enough about Resistance 2 for now. Let's move onto Fallout 3. So I finally played that today. It's pretty fun. I'm not very far into it. I can only play this game on the PC because I have to use cheat codes. That's right, I said it. I have to. To enjoy a game like Fallout 3, I have to. It's just me. Me and RPG's don't mix usually, unless there's cheat codes involved. I'm having fun with it. I'm trying to be good in the game. Not send mini nukes into a town or anyting like that. So far it's good. Well I'm gonna go because I can't sit in front of my computer any longer. I n eed a new chair.

Now Wolfie's Burning

Sackboy Paintbrush Hi again. I've been busy of late. Nothing knew to you guys. Anyways, last week I finally beat Okami for the Wii. One of the best games i have ever played. I enjoy lots of games, but calling a game one of the best games i have ever played is not an understatement. The story is amazing, the art style is perfect for the game, the world is awesome, the music fits perfectly with the setting... and I could go on. Ready At Dawn studios, the people who ported the game from the PS2 to the Wii, did a great job with the controls. Took a little bit of time to get used to, but it didn't take long to get used to. If you own a Wii (or PS2) you owe it to yourself to pick up this game. In the game, you play as Amaterasu, a white wolf, who is actually the god of the earth. Seems an evil dragon that you killed a hundred years ago, comes back to life and wants to continue accepting human sacrifices from this one villege. In doing so, he corrupts the world. Boo! The thing is, you were killed in that battle 100 years earlier, so you're a little weak after coming back yourself. You have to ability to paint, which works great with the Wii remote. But, you've lost all 13 of your brushes. The brushes allow you to do various things, like if you draw a slash on the screen, it slashes the enemies, or if you draw a lightning bolt, lightling shocks enemies. Stuff like that. You also have regular attacks, which you just need to swing the remote to attack. You can string together combos, use brush techniques, equip various weapons, and a ton of other things for combat. Your brushes also allow you to solve puzzles. Yeah. Its a lot more fun than I make it sound.

The graphics for this game are interesting. Perfect for the game, but different. I don't know how to explain them. Kinda like watercolor. It's unique. No other game uses this style. The new Prince of Persia game kinda uses it, but still not quite like Okami's. The sounds and music sound great. The world is fun to explore, and it is very large. I finished the game in just under 50 hours. So yeah. You meet a lot of interesting people, and the story actually gets a little emotional towards the end, which you don't see very often in games. It also has a lot of comical moments, some of them cheesey, but fun. The character Isuun, that rides on your head (he's about the size of an insect), is the source of most of these moments. The story unravels, and you think the game ends at about 15 hours into it, but surprise, it's not. The story didn't feel drawn out at all. I'm gonna stop babbling and say you need to buy this if you own a Wii or a PS2.

The only thing is the original studio, Clover Studio, set it up for a sequal, kinda. But they don't exist anymore, and Capcom owns the rights to the game, but most of the members of the old studio moved on to other things and work for different publishers (the main guy is part of Platinum Games, who has Sega as their publisher). So yeah. There's too many games that came out recently that I want. I decided to pass on Fallout 3 for the time being. I'll probably get it later though. My friends have gotten it and they really like it. Right now I'm focusing on Little Big Planet.

This is an awesome game. It's one of the best Platformers out there. Takes a little bit to get used to, because the physics are different from other platformers, like Mario. But it's fun. I got it. Played through the tutorial stages, and when I got to the "real" stages, I was filled with glee. Then one of my friends, we'll call him "Matt," came over and was like, "I kinda want to see thins game." I was in a middle of a stage, but I tossed him a controler, he signed in, and the next checkpoint, his sackboy popped out to join me. Cool. Anyways, he likes a lot. Later on, we playing, and another one of my friends, we'll call him "Kyle," comes over and Matt is like, "Dude you gotta play this game." Kyles like "Oh I don't know. Maybe I should watch a little bit." I tossed him a controller right away and he signed in, and he joined us. He became addicted on sight. Anyways, this trend continued down my friends. We had some pretty good four player action going on. I'm glad I bought three extra controlers. We basically played that all week.

The story mode is fun. I just beat it today. I'm missing a few items in the later levels, and need to beat a few levels without dying to get the Ace medals for them, but I have completed all the story mode levels. Kinda dreading getting those few things that I'm missing. Some of them I need 4 four people to get. I spose I could go online, but I don't like playing with strangers :P. Plus I have friends. The story isn't that great, but that's not suppose to shine. What makes this game shine is the creation mode, where you can create your own levels. You can also upload it to the servers and other people can play them. You can play other people's. I've tinkered with the creation mode, but haven't done much. I create a rocket ship that flew me straight into the left wall and killed me. Then I created a truck that went really fast. In fact, it went so fast, the back wheel broke off. It was still very fast with just one wheel... until that broke too. Good times. I've played a few of other people's stages. Mario ones suck. They do a good job replicating the stage, but the physics of Little Big Planet do not work well with Mario stages. They're just boring. Someone made a God of War stage, and that was fun. They did a good job of making it like God of War, but made it so it'd be fun with Little Big Planet style. There was a Batman one that was fun, but I died before I could finish it. I need to go back and beat it this time. Pac Man stage that looked perfect, but again not fun because it's pacman in LBP. There was a tower one that you had to make your way up one tower, and then cross over to another tower and make your way down. That was fun. The only thing is, there's a lot of trophy stages. Basically you get free LBP trophies, like get a 20x multiplyer, and what not. People don't like the challenge. I haven't done them yet, and probably won't, unless I'm getting really close to having all the trophies for the game.

So Tuesday Resistance 2 hits stores. I'm excited. I actually preordered this game. It's so close I can smell it. Then last Friday, the Mirror's Edge demo hit the playstation store. I downloaded that. It's freaking amazing. It's Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, except in first person view. Challenging, but fun. I'm excited for that as well.

I'll stop talking about video games now. For real life, I had a good Halloween. I went as Dr. House from the TV show House. I went out to "Matt's" girlfriend's house, we'll call her "Emily," and we had a bon fire. Most of the people there were Zombies. Luckily I fit in because House walks with a limp also :). Anyways, it was a good time. Little chilly, but the fire kept us warm. Well. I'm gonna go now. You've exausted me of my knowledge.

Tiny Giant

Hello, hello. This is weird. I'm at my desktop computer, and yet i have to use google docs. Well, I guess I don't have to. Anyways, I'm on Ubuntu. Having fun with it. Finding out various stuff. I found out what was up with my windows key. My keyboard has a little switch on it that turns off the windows key, because it's a gaming keyboard. I flipped it back from "Gaming" to "Computer." Anyways, I'm happy.

A few things. I didn't find my IPod. I know, sad. But I decided to go with a 16 GB IPod touch. Yay! My brother was kind enough to buy me one at his Target store. We're out here. My parents are bringing it back with them on Sunday. Yay! I've been listening to the Repo! soundtrack because I'm too lazy to switch CDs. Good CD still. I also bought Anberlin's new CD New Surrender. I haven't listened to it yet. I'm looking forward to loading it on my new ipod though. It has 12 tracks, a good length.

I went down to Gamestop and actually preorded a game. The only reason i go to Gamestop is if they are the only ones carrying a game that I want, or if I preorder a game. And I only preorder a game if you get something cool. Unexpectantly, I preordered Little Big Planet for the PS3. I had too. If you preorder through Gamestop, you get Kratos in game content, like Kratos constume, Medusa costume, and Minetour costume for your sack boy/sack girl, and a bonus God of War stage. Yes! Plus the game sounds very fun. I want to make levels! I had a problem though. They gave me the card with the code on it that I need to type into the Playstation Network. It looks like it has a scratch off thing, like the gas station lotto tickets, but it's not. It's actually a piece of tape. So I go to peel this tape off carefully... and it rips a layer of the paper... the layer with the code on it... there is no way I could get the full code. I had 4 digits. Out of 12. Luckily the nice people at Gamestop were kind enough to give me another one after I proved that i preordered the game. So I extremely, very carefully peeled the tape away using a combination of a knife, my hand, my fingers, and my friend's hands.
*No digits were lost in the redeeming of my preorder code..

Well that's a short update for you. I have to switch back to windows to upload this. Later dudes.

The Cube!

Ubuntu Well I'm kinda sad. I lost my IPod yesterday. :( I let the office know about it at school, and I hope a kind soul finds it and gives it to the office. The drive home pissed me off last night. I hate the radio here. There's two stations that i can stand, but i just happened to turn on the radio when both the stations were playing commercials. So I swung by Best Buy to pick up Anberlin's new CD New Surrender, but they were sold out, along with Target. Luckily, after Best Buy, a song that sounded good was playing on the radio. So half my drive had good music. I'll give it a week of listening to CDs, before I go out and buy a new IPod. I'm debating between a 16 GB IPod nano, or 16 GB IPod Touch. Hundred dollar difference between the two, and size difference. But the Touch does have awsome stuffs, like WiFi, and a nice screen for videos among other things. But the Nano is nice and tiny. So I don't know. I don't think I would jailbreak the touch, if i got it. Anyways, moving on.

So I finally installed Ubuntu succesfully on my computer. I'm having fun with it. Especially with Compiz Fusion. Very fun. I can rotate my desktops in a cube, make it rain on my desktop, among a ton of other things. My super key doesn't work though. The super key is the windows key in the linux world. Crap. I just figured out that my Windows Key doesn't work in Windows either. Both of them don't work, which is odd. Everything else works though. with little to no tweaking. I had to enable my video drivers and wireless card drivers because they are restricted, but they were recognized right away, and the second I enabled them, they worked great. I guess I don't understand restricted drivers a 100%, but oh well. I've been playing with other things in Ubuntu too. I'm gonna play with it tonight. Find a code editor like Crimson editor for linux. Yeah I know. There's Vi, and Gedit, but they aren't the same. Especially Vi. Gedit is color coded, but I need a smich more. I made up a word. Smich. It might have to be Smidge. I like that better. Smidge. Tell your friends.

I have to say this though. I like Vista a lot. Yes I know. I love Ubuntu and Vista equally for different reasons. The driver support is incredible for Vista. My friend built a new computer, and we didn't format his harddrive that had Vista on it. We upgraded from a dual core to a quadcore, a huge video card, and everything except the drives and power supply. We booted into Vista, and right away, the "Installing devices" in the taskbar showed up. I opened the hardware Management MMC snapin and saw all these unknown and not installed devices. One by one, the devices showed up as installed and known. Everything did. It needed a restart, so we did. Then we installed updates, which had a new driver update for the video card. Bam! Awesome.

Alright. Last thing. My friend found another musical. This ones different. If you don't like musicals, you'll probably like this one. Why? Because it has heavier music. Like hard rock music. Very drum driven in most songs. What is it called? Repo! The Genetic Opera [link removed, virus scan showed it is infected]. It comes out in theaters November 7. The director is the same director of the Saw movies, if that helps you. To here a sweet sample, go to the website and check out the Zydrate video clip. The song is awesome, and so is the scene. Repo! takes place in a future where organ failure is the main cause of death. A company named GeneCo [link removed, virus scan showed it is infected] makes synthetic organs that are afordable. They have 90 day grace period to pay off your organs. But if you don't pay by the end of your 90 days, a Repo man comes after you to reposses your organs that they gave you. To save you money, Repo men don't use anesthetic. Interesting. Then there's the drug Zydrate [link removed, virus scan showed it is infected]. It makes you num. Good for surgerys. Grave-Robber is a man who sells Zydrate on the streets. He also steals the organs from the Repoman's victims that died. He sells them on the black market. That's the background information to Repo! The plot revolves around Shilo, a daughter of an overprotective father, who blames himself for his wife's death. I've listened to the soundtrack a few times, and i want ot know more and can't wait for this movie.

That's all I have. Bye.

Game Update

Pirate Mario A few updates to the Games to the Video 4 list. Legendary has been pushed back from September 30, to October 21. Mirror's Edge is given the release date of November 11. Prince of Persia will be released December 2. Good times people. I rushed the honorable mentions list from it. I forgot about Little Big Planet for the Playstation 3. It's set to be released October 21, 2008. It didn't make the list because I wasn't sure about it. Now that I've watched some videos, it looks pretty amazing and fun. I'm very tempted to by it, just for the level creater. There's a ton of options to make unique levels. Plus it looks like a very fun platformer. I think I might by it. It's going on my personal list of games. Anyways, just thought I'd update that stuff for you.

Piracy is starting to piss me off. Because of a few people, everyone is treated like pirates, and that's not fair. Piracy is the downloading of video games (or movies and such) illegally. The reason it pisses me off is because people have to type in CD keys for every piece of software that they buy. They have to register with the company. They have to call the company if they need to reinstall the software for any reason, sometimes. It's just stupid. Why should I have to do that if I paid my hard earned money? The most recent example of this is the video game Spore. It has some hardcore DRM (Digital Rights Management, pretty much percautions against piracy, such as typing in a CD Key when you install). You would have to authenticate Spore every ten days, and you could install it on only three computers (or three times). You could call Electronics Arts if you go over the three times (much like you do with Windows), but why should I have to? I paid 50 bucks for the game. That was the original DRM though. Because of the controversy, they upped the number of computers to 5. Oooooo. You want to know a funny thing? The game was cracked, and pirates can download the game illegally. So I'm treated like a theif, and the real theives continue theiving the game anyways. I didn't buy the game (not because of the DRM, but just because I don't want the game). No I didn't pirate it either. I don't do that. I respect developers enough to buy their games.

My DRM problem occurred when I bought the game Sims 2. Another EA product. The thing with this game is it would not let you play the game, if you had a virtual drive program installed. This includes Nero CD burning software. As soon as I got that error, I checked it out and found out what it meant (it wasn't worded all nice and neat. It just said an error code number and i had to go to their website and find out what it meant). Anyways, I uninstalled Nero, because I wanted to play the game. I uninstalled Nero, restarted, I think I had to reinstall the Sims 2 also. After all this nonscence, I get the same error. I don't think I had any other virtual drive software installed. So guess what I did. I took the suggestion of a couple of people. I pirated the game. I owned it. I paid for it. Was unable to play it for some dumb reason. So I had to pirate it and crack it. I couldn't play online (I didn't really want to but what about the people who wanted to?). I also reinstalled Nero. I was content. And EA, if you don't believe that I own the game, I'll send you UPCs, take pictures with me and the box and CDs, or whatever to prove that I did buy it. You probably would make me. I'd probably sue you after I proved to you that I bought it. So that's my bad experience with DRM... other than having to call Microsoft eveytime I reinstall windows.

I'm not done. No. Pirates pirate for very poor reasons (except in the case of you actually bought the game but was unable to play it because of DRM :P). "I want to see if my computer can run it." That's one of the poorest excuses. There's system requirements right on the box. Usually on the website too. Now some people are like "yeah well the requirements lie". No. No. Just no. 99% of the time the requirements are spot on. Yes there are a very very very few exceptions, but most of them are spot on. If you played the game the way it was suppose to be played (without cheats and a thousand other applicaitons running the background) the recommended system requirements will run the game smoothly on high settings. Which is what most people want. And most poeple should know that the game will run on minumum requirements, but it won't be pretty. It's just common knowledge by now people. If you're smart enough to pirate, your smart enough to know this ( on a side note, music is easy to pirate, but video games are tougher than that, so yeah, smarts are important). Personally, my PC ran Crysis just fine on high settings, and it met the recommended requirements. Now when I used cheats and was shooting infinite ammo out of a rocket launcher, it lagged, but that's because I wasn't playing the game it was suppose to be played. Although it was still playable and fun to shoot 10 rockets in a row. Oh and even if you pirate the video game to see if it runs on your system, and it does, you aren't going to go buy it because well, you already have a free copy. It's going to end that way most of the time.

Reason number two pirates pirate. It's also a weak reason, especially in this day and age of video games. "I want to see if I like the game." BS. There are several video game reviews websites, such as,, among several others. There's TV game review shows like XPlay. There are forums for gamers that you can ask what a game is like from people who have played the game. There are player reviews. There are Demos for a lot of the games that you can download for free to see if you like it. And if all those fail, you can rent them for 3 bucks! And if all those absolutely fail you, you can trade in the game and get some of your coin back. This is just a retarded reason to pirate. If you know how to pirate, you can read, watch videos, download demos, walk/drive to a rental store, etc. 10 years ago that excuse might have flied, but not today.

Reason number 3. Money. This is not as poor as the rest of the reasons. I mean video games are expensive, so are the consoles to play them. But that's the price you pay for entertainment (literally). Video games are a privledge, not a right. But video games aren't that expensive. People spend time and money to make video games. The good video games are have the creaters' soul in it. You can tell when a developer has spent a lot of time and effort into a video game. Don't they deserve that money?

I'm loosing my momentum. I think I'll quick when I'm ahead. I'm going to do some research on this subject of video game piracy, just to see some solid numbers. I found one site studied a sample of PS2, and XBox pirates and it said that over 70% of them said that they would have bought the video game within a month, if the game was not available for free. Good bye.

The Future Unleashed

The Future Is Now So I wondered on over the The Future's myspace page to see what they were up to and noticed that they released a CD called Is Now Sweet. You can purchase a digital copy from here [link removed, search iTunes]. It's only 10 bucks and it's an awesome CD. I remember when these guys lived here and were called Stainless. I remember rocking at their shows. I know the lead singer, Adam and his brother, the bassist, Jordan. Now they're in Tennessee, and I can't go to their shows. Anyways, their awesome CD.

All the songs belong together. I was reading on their Myspace and they said that all the songs could be played live in that order. I defintely can tell. The music is very energetic and Adam's voice is awesome for the music. I can't pick a favorite song. Usually I can with CD's. I just can't. If I had to pick a top few songs, the songs "Outmigration," "White Lies," and "Rocket Science" seem to stand out to me, but like I said, all of the songs are awesome. For awhile I thought "Someone's Girl" and "Blasted Maltese" were the same song, because the transition is so smooth. I really like how they ended the album with "Rock 'n' Roll Shakes" because it is an energetic song, and is something a band would end with if they were playing live. A lot of bands like to end albums with slower songs, but "Rock 'n' Roll Shakes" fits great at the end.

The length of the album is about right. It's about 40 minutes long with 12 tracks. It leaves you wanting more, but it is satisfying to listen to. I highly recommend you at least listen to them on their myspace. Alright, now that I have that out of the way, let's move on to Star Wars.

The last couple of weeks I've been watching the Star Wars series, because I've never watched them all before. I watched Ep. 1, 2, Clone Wars (2003 animated series), 3, 4, 5, and 6. All to get ready for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. I loved the demo. I'm on the Third level of the game (the junk yard planet that I don't know the name of). The first two levels were fun. The controls worked then. I hate the third level. It just sucks. I'm getting ahead of myself though. The game has several small glitches. Just small ones, that wouldn't effect the gameplay so much. The Euphoria engine sucks though. When I knock down an enemy, I don't want them to roll if they aren't dead yet, just because their was a very small incline. It's annoying. Then you accidently grap on to wrong things with your force grip. That really sucks when you're like "Grab this enemy and throw him at another enemy" and this happens: "You grab a piece of junk and throw it at nothing." I could have swarn I was locked onto the enemy though. Minor thing, but in a middle of a boss fight, it'd be great if the boss was the focus and not a peice of junk when I was to stun the boss with lightning.

Anyways, I'll let you know my entire opinion after I beat the game. I'm hoping that after I get done with the third level, the game will get better, because a combination of the environment, and enemies on this planet just sucks.

Fracture demo was released for the PS3. I played it after some frustrations with Star Wars, and I have to say that I'm impressed. It's also published by Lucas Arts, but different developer. The interesting part of Fracture is tht you can change the terrain, and it adds a fresh way to strategize. "Oh a machine gun is shooting me and there's no cover! What shall I do? I know! Raise the terrain with my terrain raiser gun!" Bam and it works. The regular weapons are fun to. You have your standard machine gun, rocket launcher, and grenades, but the grenades also do stuff to the terrain. There's a grenade that makes a stalegmite come up from the ground. You can also blow up buildings, and walls. Lots of desturctable environments. To say the least, the Fracture demo helped me releive some of the frutration that The Force Unleashed created.

Alright, That's all from me. Bye.

Four! Four Games To The Video!

Games To The Video 4 Ah. Ah. Ah. The Count from Sesame Street. Anyways. Welcome to the fourth installment of Games to the Video. If you're not familiar with this, this is just video games that I have stumbled upon that look interesting. This time it evolved once more over the rest of them. There are so many video games that I have stumbled upon that look interesting that I decided to just do the ones that will be released in the next few months (through the end of the year for this particular post). I've made a list of video games that I've stubled upon and that look very hopeful of being bought by me, and there are over 30 games on that list. But there are only 14 on this list that will make it into this post because the rest get released either next year or later. If you would like to look at my past lists. here they are: Three, Two, One [links removed]. Alright, now on to the games!

Crysis Warhead Crysis Warhead follows the story of Sargent Sykes. Also known as Psycho. It's not a sequel to the awesome game, Crysis, but really a side story. Psycho gets seperated from you in Crysis. This is when Warhead takes place. It follows his adventure. Of course the nano suit comes into play again. They've revamped the muliplayer for this game. The multiplayer was kinda weak in areas in Crysis. So in Warhead, they listened to the community and fixed it. This game comes out September 16, 2008, for the PC.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed Star Wars: The Force Unleased is an exciting title. I'm not a big fan of the Starwars franchise, but this game looks fun. You play was Darth Vader's secret apprentice. The game takes place between Episode 3 and 4. It features the Force in a cool way. The physics of this game just looks cool. It will be our for the Playstation 3, XBox 360, Wii, DS, PSP, and Playstation 2. The PS3 and 360 versions of the game features awesome graphics and physics. The Wii, PSP, and PS2 versions of the game will allow you to participate in Jedi trials. The Wii version allows you to play 5 extra levels, and use the wiimote as the lightsaber while using the nunchuck for Force powers. The other versions have some other features, but I won't go in depth into it. The game will be released September 16, 2008 for all the systems.
*Oh. After I typed this, they released a demo for the Playstation Store and I downloaded it. OMG! This game was awesome to play. The controls worked great for the playstation 3. The Force is even more awesome when you are controling them. Smashing doors, throwing object/people/lightsaber, shooting lightning is just so much fun. I'm definitely buying this game, but now I'm not sure which system; Wii or PS3? I may have to buy both. I'll read reviews on the Wii version to see how the controls flow. A demo would be nice for the Wii.

Legendary In Legendary you open up Pandora's box and unleashes tons of mythical creatures. Great job. Anyways, it's a first person shooter game, and you have to fight these mythical creatures. According to interviews with the developers, the A.I. is suppose to be really smart. It looks like a fun game. Release date is September 30, 2008 for PC, PS3, and 360.

Fracture In Fracture you play as Jet Brody, generic action hero name. The game looks really actiony, which sounds fun to me. But there's more to it then that. It has a script that was written by movie script writers. The story takes place about 100 years in the future, where global warming has taken a toll on the earth. The future also holds new technology, and two factions; the people who believe in genetic enhancemnt, and the ones who believe in cybernetic enhancements. Jet Brody likes cybernetics. Anyways, a civil war is going on between the two factions. The Pacificans like Genetics, and the Allies like Cybernetics. Being cybernetic, you get cool guns that can shift the earth. One gun raises and lowers the terrain, while another gun Shoots giant spiked rocks out of the ground. So yeah. Looks fun. Fracture gets released on October 7, 2008 for Playstation 3 and XBox 360.

Golden Axe: Beast Rider I don't think I can express why Golden Axe: Beast Rider sounds like a fun game, other then to quote Gamespot. "... hack off limbs and ride fire-breathing dragons in the new Golden Axe." Need I say more? Alright I will. Sega brings it's old series to the current generation with Golden Axe: Beast Rider. The combat sounds a lot like Heavenly Sword. You get two types of attacks. You can block and perry. Enemy attacks are outlined in specific colors which tells you which buttom to push to counter the attacks. Magic is also in the game. And beasts make appearances too. Yes just like the classic games, you can ride beasts, except this time beasts play a little more central role in the game, instead of just a "power up." Sounds good to me. Beast Rider will be released October 14, 2008 for PS3, and 360.

Fallout 3 Fallout 3 is a video game! Yeah! Anyways, it's made by the same people who made Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion. So this game takes lots of elements from Oblivion, such as huge world, the RPG elements of Oblivion, and that's all the comes to mind actually. You get guns. You can make your own guns such as a Teddy Bear rocket launcher made out of a wood chipper and teddy bears. Sounds cooler then it actually is really. This is has over the top gore. You break limps off with teddy bears. You can use their new aiming system which gives you percentage chances of hitting certain parts of enemy body, or you can play it as a regular shooter. Watching you snipe someone in the head in slow motion is awesome especially when their legs break in half for some strange reason. I enjoy the mini nuke. Yes. Mini Nuke. I have always said, never leave your post apocolytic home with mutants walking around without a mini nuke. I'm looking forward to this game. Expect it in October 28, 2008. It's coming out for the PC, PS3, and 360.

Resistance 2 Resistance 2 is a sequel to Resistance Fall of Man for the Playstation 3. It takes place on U.S. soil this time around. Seems those nasty Chimera can cross the ocean. We get to see some new enemies in this game, including the giant Leviathon. Also new guns, just as a Magnum that shoots bullets that you can detonate after they get stuck in a body, or in a wall or something else. Fun times. We get a bigger coop campeign, and bigger online play. Two campaign modes also. I'm getting the collector's edition which comes with some great extras (for 20 bucks more though but I think it's worth it). Resistance 2 is a Playstation 3 exclusive and comes out November 4. 2008.

Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead is a game that uses the Counterstrike Source engine. It's an interesting looking game. To be honest, the Counterstrike Source engine is showing it's age, but this game really looks fun. The game doesn't really have a story; it's a series of campaigns. Basically 4 people band together and fight zombies. Sweet. Four player co-op in other words. The thing that makes this game really interesting is that you can also play as zombies. There's 4 different zombies that you can play as with 3 other friends, and each zombie has different characteristics. Same thing with the human side. This game get's released November 17, 2008 for the PC, and 360.

Mirror's Edge Mirror's Edge is a very unique game. I talked a little bit about it in my last Games to the Video, but a lot more information has surfaced about this game. It takes place in the first person view, but it's not a shooter. In fact, if you steal a gun, and run out of bullets, you throw the gun away. It's all about speed, and grace. You run around and jump from building to building, delivering messages, and trying not to get caught by the government. The trailers for the game look fun, and the game's graphics look stunning. The game says it will be released some time in 2008 for the PS3, PC, and 360.

Prince of Persia Prince of Persia just looks sweet. They're making a new one, that has a separate story from the other ones. I like the art direction they took with this game. It's realistic, with a little bit of Okami influence in it. I can't describe it very well. Watch some trailers for it, and you'll know what I mean. It follows a new prince, and is separate from the other games, as I mentioned before. Similar gameplay to Assassin's Creed, except Prince of Persia style. It's coming to the PS3, PC, and 360, in the fourth quarter of 2008.

Velvet Assassin Velvet Assassin puts you in the shoes of Violet Summers, a World War II spy. She's actually based on an actual spy named Violet Szabo. You kill people. It sounds simple. To be honest I haven't read a whole lot (but then again there isn't a whole lot to read) about this game. Violet stealth kills the Axis powers. She can inject herself with morphine and that slows down time. It fits with the story some how. I'll give you more information when I know. This is probably one of those games that I'll wait for reviews for before I buy. Games is for the PS3, PC, and the 360 and is said to be out Quarter 4 of 2008.

Dark Void Dark Void is a very interesting looking game. It's a third person shooter. It's kinda like Gears of War: it has the same cover machanic as Gears. The interesting thing is that you have a jet pack. It's more of a vertical shooter. You go up instead of forward. Like I said, interesting. There's other cool things, like free falling and killing cybernotic Watcher's. It just looks cool. I'm keeping an eye on it anyways. Will be out for PC, 360, and PS3 in Q4 of 2008.

Damnation Damnation caught my eye just recently. The story is what really caught my eye. It takes place in an alternate history of the United States, where the Civil War has gone on into the 20th Century. You have are a rebel and have to fight against an arms dealer's army. It's not a pure shooter; it has some platforming elements and some gun play. Looks like a good combination. Anyways, the game gets release Quarter 4 of 2008 sometime. It's on the PC, PS3, and 360.

That's all the games I have listed as being shipped before the year is over. Some of them are just around the corner, while others are a few months away still. I probably won't buy all of them, but I'll defintely read reviews. professional reviews and player reviews alike. It's not time for a list of games from past lists that have been released.

First up is Mario Kart Wii. I've had tons of fun playing this game. I actually got to play a video game that my brother likes over the internet since he lives not here. It's a must have if you own a Wii. I like the steering wheel method of racing, FYI.
I also got Okami for the Wii. The game is amazing. I love it. I haven't beaten it yet, but I'm over 20 hours into it and i had to take a break. If you didn't get it for the PS2, get it for the Wii, especially if you are a Zelda fan. Even if you aren't a Zelda fan, you might like it, because it distiguishes itself from Zelda.
GTA IV is up next. I haven't bought it yet but probably will when it becomes a Greatest Hits. I've heard great things about it from friends.
American McGee's Grimm was also released. I haven't played it yet, and probably won't. It sounds interesting but it's on Gametap. Maybe if I get bored I will.

I summed that up quickly. You may notice that the rest of the games from Games To The Video Thrice didn't even make it on the main list. That's because their release dates are after 2008. Like I said, I had to create some kind of guideline. You'll probably see them on the list next year some time. Next up are Honorably Mentions.

My friend and I were going to swap consoles (I have PS3, and he has 360) because he wants to play Metal Gear Solid 4 so bad, and I wouldn't mind playing some Xbox/Xbox 360 games. So Too Human makes it on this list. I'll probably just rent this one if we do a swap system. When it was first released, Gamespot gave it a bad score, and the player reviews weren't much better, so I told my friend not to buy it. Then XPlay game it a 4 out of 5. Usually can trust them. And then I rechecked the player reviews and they went up so maybe. Then my friend told me that someone gave it a high score, then a week later changed his mind and gave it a lower score. So who knows. A renter probably.
Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness is a mouthful. It's also an honorable mention. I like Penny Arcade, and I like video games. It got good reviews, but I'm not a turn based strategy game kind of guy. So I don't know.
Metal Gear Solid 4 for the PS3 makes the honorable list because it's suppose to be an awesome game, but I'm not a huge fan of the metal gear franshise. Then again I haven't played any of the games.

I think that's all. I'm starting to get to the point of wanting to just post this so I think I will. I'm gonna clear out the news page to just have this one post because it's so long. Anyways, enjoy the video games that are coming out this half of the year.

My Biz

Google Chrome Hey everybody. I like greeting you. I hope it makes you feel welcome here, 'cause you are. Anyways, my school started last week, and I went out of town for Labor day weekend. So that's why no updates for awhile. A few things have been going through my head. First is that I saw a monitor that I want to buy at Best Buy. I kinda shopped around, and they had the lowest price on the monitor. It's a really nice monirot for that price. I have a nice 17" CRT monitor, and I like it, but I want an LCD widescreen monitor now. I want a nice one. I figured 300 bucks wasn't too bad for a 22" widescreen LCD with a high contrast ratio and a 2 milisecond responce time. But we'll see. I want to dual monitor setup with my old monitor as the secondary. But my desk is too small for two monitors and all the stuff i have on it. I like my desk. The general design is great and what I wanted. I can't find a desk anywhere that looks like what I want in a new desk. Not to mention prices. So I was rolling around the idea of building one out of plywood. I've found some instructions on how to build one, and is easy to modify to fit your preferences. So yeah. I might do it. Plus my dad would be tickled to actually help me with something. I don't know. I'll have to price plywood.

Google released a web browser called Google Chrome. It's in beta. It's a lightweight browser, and works great to surf the web. I actually just downloaded it and started trying it out. Oh my gosh i just found something really cool about Chrome! You can go incognito! What does that mean to you? Well this is how Google puts it: "You've gone incognito. Pages you view in this window won't appear in your browser history or search history, and they won't leave other traces, like cookies, on your computer after you close the incognito window. Any files you download or bookmarks you create will be preserved, however." That's cool. Actually a lot of things are cool about it. Your homepage actually is a page that displays your most visited websites, a search place, and your most recent bookmarks. You can either type a web site, like, in the navigation bar or you can just type something you want to search and it will use your favorite search engine (you can change it from google to something else) to search for it. less cludder. It loads websites pretty fast, according to speed tests on the internet. It's faster then the other web browsers anyways. I took some screenshots. Here's one of the homepage i was talking about [link removed]. I had to blur out three bookmarks because they sounded akward and i didn't want you to make assumptions about me. They're not bad, it's just I don't want you to know too much about me. Ha! This one is just one of me visiting Royfuss's homepage [link removed]. Then this one is of that Incognito thing [link removed]. I cold go through a lot more screenshots, like how it downloads things (which is cool but I have a third party download manager and it didn't recongnize Chrome). But I think I'll stick with Firefox for now. If I didn't use addons for Firefox, then I might switch, but I do use addons. I like having my Gmail notifier, my webdeveloper tools, colorzilla, and others. I'm curios why they don't have an email notifier thing. Let me check something. Nope nothing new happened when I checked my gmail with it. Anyways, the browser supports javascript, flash, and all those media things, so it's an awesome browser. I'm waiting for the full release to see what it'll evolve into.

Alright on to other things. First off I found an internet gem. It's called Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog [link removed]. It's a musical, but a great one. And free. It's only 43 minutes long and it's broken down into 14 minute acts. It follows a villian's road to super villian. Watch the first act. That's all I ask. It's really good quality and free. I'll give you a little overview of the story. Dr. Horrible wants to be a super villian and has an alter ego named Billy. He's in love with a girls Penny and has to get up the courage to ask her out. The day he gets that opportunity to ask her out, he's on a mission to steal some Wonderflonium for his Freeze Ray (not Death Ray or a Freeze gun). Alas his nemisis Captain Hammar saves the day and stops Dr Horrible from getting his Wonderflonium, and makes it look like he saved Penny's life and Penny falls in love with Captain Hammar. It's professionally done and the songs are great. Like I said, watch the first act at least. So yeah. I'm gonna get it on DVD when it comes out.

It's new TV show time (and DVDs being released of last seasons of TV shows). I got House season 4 on DVD. That's an awsome show. The season fanale was epic. I just got Heroes season 2 on Bluray yesterday. Loads of special features with this. Even an alternate ending. Haven't watched it yet though. I preordered Supernatural season 3 from which was a mistake because i get the DVD a week after it was released. I saved a little bit of money, but just a few bucks. Most stores have them on sale at a similar price as so I won't do that again. I've watched a few episodes of season 3 of Supernatural but I haven't seen the season fanale (which i heard was interesting from a friend). Not to mention some key episodes.

I got interested in a little show called Dexter. It's about a serial killer that kills serial killers. It's really interesting. You get into the subconcsious of Dexter, and it's just awesome. He doesn't think of himself as "human" but as a "monster." I watched them on DVD (season 1 and season 2) and am looking forward to season 3 this fall. My DVR is going to be busy. I have Showtime now so I can DVR that. I want to DVR the first episodes of season 4 of Supernatural and the first episodes of House season 5. My friend loves Dexter, and he doesn't have Showtime so I'll DVR Dexter every week for him. Do yeah.

Games To the Video will be published either this weekend or the next weekend. Before the 15th of September. Look forward to that. Laterzzzzzzzzz.