What's Goin' On Here?!

Zombieland Ever have a dream and get the itch to write a book. No? Well I'm special. That happened to me. The thing is though, the dream just inspired it, and it's not really based on the dream at all. Well a little bit. I can summarize my dream because it seems short in hindsight. Didn't even have me in it. Apparently zombies are roaming around a town, and a guy is surviving in this town. A section of this town is safe because magic is warding off the zombies. After running from some zombies, guy enters safe section of the town. Guy enters a theater where it is announced that the government has saved the city from the zombies. The end. It just got me thinking about a book and I decided to flush out a story and very few elements from the dream are going to make it into the book. For instance, there will not be any magic in the book. Unless you cound zombies as magic. Anyways, I have no idea if I will actually write this thing, but I can't stop thinking about it so I jotted some notes down and some character ideas. We'll see what happens.

From the music side of things, I've been listening to the new Three Days Grace CD, Life Starts Now. It's not that new. It was released last September, I think. I just picked it up a few weeks ago, and am really liking it. It still sounds like Three Days Grace, but the lyrics have a lighter mood to them. I really like it. After listening to that a few times, I got an itch to listen to some Blindside, so I did and am remember why I like Blindside so much. They come out with a new CD this year, as well as Linkin Park. Exciting. Have to say, Linkin Park is my favorite band, while Blindside takes a close second. I have not gotten John Reuben's new CD because my brother is suppose to be getting it for me for a Christmas present... 2009's Chirstmas, by the way. I would place John Reuben as third favorite. I'm getting interested in the band The Letter Black. I should be giving you links to everything but I'm kinda lazy today. They have a MySpace page if you care to listen to some of their music. The Letter Black releases their new debut CD Haning by a Thread March 30, so I may have to pick that up. End music section.

Video games. I've skipped out of a couple of games already. The Bayonetta demo was fun, but didn't feel like a 60 dollar game... but maybe I'm being stupid. It's fun combat, for sure, but the atmosphere gives out too much of a Japanese action game vibe. That's what it is. I don't know. Just didn't seem like my type of game. MAG was released as well, but I'm not much of an online shooter type of person. I tried to get into online play with Uncharted 2, but that left a bad taste in my mouth after my entire team left the match, 3 minutes into my first game online. I finished out the 20 minute match... well it was 17 minutes because the other team got 50 kills. I got 18, I think, which isn't bad considering they had a full team, and I was a lone newbie. MAG sounds like it has a lot better community, but I'll have to see. I might pick it up still. Army of Two is getting bad reviews, which is too bad. I thought they were going to improve on the original game, but apparently they didn't. I might check it out at a discount price or maybe rent it for a weekend fun time with a couple of friends. Dantes Inferno reviews are in. About average, which isn't bad. It's just God of War 3 is right around the corner, and I want to play through the other God of War games again to get a refresh on the story and to get into the combat again. I'm a God of War fanboy so I'm kinda clensing my palate, which doesn't makes sense at all. I'm saving money, I suppose.

I gave you a review of some sort on Darksiders, and I liked it. You will like it more if you buy it at a discounted price, probably. It was a good game to be sure, and I thought it was worth 60 bucks, but others say that it's not worth 60 bucks. I think you will give it a better shot if you paid 40 bucks for it. In fact I heard that you can find it discounted already. It didn't do well from a sales standpoint, however a sequel has been confirmed. So that's good news to me. I've got nothing else to add here.

On a Borderlands note, we did it. My friend and I beat the three 20 round stages of Mad Moxxi. Many attempts were made, but we finally did it. First we got our weapon proficiencies up to level 50 with a few of our weapons. I upgraded my Sniper, combat rifle, and shotgun proficency. This was a couple of hours of grinding through the last couple of levels of the game with level 51 enemies. You level up at a decent speed. Again, that is geared at a specific kind of player. No reward for a good 20 hours spent on that, but it was pretty fun. Except when you die. All that positive energy drains away fairly fast when you die a few times. I mean three times. If we died three times, we quit. Just no hope left. Anywho, Gearbox announced the new DLC called "The Secret Armory of General Knoxx." New weapons, new level cap, new enemies, new areas. W00t! Other than that, not a lot of information is given on it, yet. I'm patiently waiting for it and I want them to take their time because I don't want a rushed DLC that sounds awesome.

I used to follow a web flash animation called Secret of Mana Theater. It was funny. It started in 2002 with flash 5, and is based on the game Secret of Mana. It uses sprited from the game I should say. The site only hosts 50 of the episodes, which is not very many, because he made 250 episodes. They were basic, but funny. They are more like animated comics because there is no audio. Well there is some audio in the later episodes, but no voice work, so everything is said with speech bubbles. You can find a torrent with all the episodes here [link removed]. If you don't know how to download torrent, google it. Sorry to sound harsh, but I just don't want to explain it. The game is fun to play as well, so if you can find yourself a copy of Secret of Mana for the SNES, I suggest you play it.

I'm done. Bye.

No Rest For The Wicked

Borderlands Tankenstien I've been playing Borderlands a lot. It's my go to game when I have nothing else to play... except I do have other games that I should play like Metal Gear Solid 3, Prince of Persia Sand of Time, and others. Anyways, I'm enjoying the game. It's just a good game.

I've started a lot of characters, but I only have two level 50's. One is the Hunter, which is a sniper, and the other is the Soldier, which is like a medic and good all around character.I've only beaten the game and the two playthroughs with the Soldier. My Hunter is almost done with the second playthrough, just need to finish up a few quests. I'm working on a Siren and a Berserk, but I am playing them a little differently. The game has a proficiency system, which basically means you can level up gun proficiency by using the gun type. For example, your proficiency goes up with sniper rifles if you use sniper rifles. I've been trying to be proficient with all guns with my Siren and Berserk. So far it's going well. It means that I need to carry around each type of gun, but that's a good thing. Ammo hasn't been an issue because if I do get low with one gun, I just switch off.

Gearbox has released two Downloadable Contents for Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned and Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot. I highly recommend Zombie Island because the writing is fantastic and the story is better than the main story, although shorter. Plus it is a completely different playing experience over the main story because it's zombies, wereskags, tankensteins, and more interesting bosses. The environments are different as well. It's not long. Probably 3 - 5 hours at most, but it was worth 10 bucks. Then there is Mad Moxxi.

This is geared toward a certain player. Basically, Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot has three different arenas. Each arena you fight 5 rounds with 5 waves with a total of 5 waves each. So 75 waves of enemies total for the main quest. The DLC is basically horde mode from Gears of War, or firefight from Halo ODST. It starts out normal. Then later they add perks. That's what I call them. Sniper Challenge makes it so that your Sniper Rifle does more damage and the rest of your weapons do less. There's one for almost every type of weapon. Then there stuff like Vampire, which depletes your health and you gain health when you kill. Naked means you don't have a shield for the wave. After you finish the initial arenas, you get a Skill point, and Three more arenas unlock... except they are the same three arenas. The only difference is that there are 20 rounds... that's 100 waves.

This sounds cool, but a few things. First off, no experience is gained. That's fine because it would unbalance the main game. I understand why they did that. No leveling up weapon proficiencies... I have a problem with that. Going in at level 5, and leveling up yoour weapons isn't that big of a deal. Plus, most people who are playing this are level 50, and want to level up their proficiency. Third, weapon rewards suck. Generally, you get crap weapons after wave 5 of each round. Not that big of a deal to me, just something worth noting. 4, no saving. If you quit at round 13 in an arena, you have to start over. Going through 100 waves takes 5 hours at least. 5, if you die, or everyone dies in your game, you go back to the beginning of the previous round. So you die at round 12, wave 3, you go back to round 11, wave 1. Waves get a lot longer in the later rounds. I know, it's a penalty, but the thing is, we didn't die during round 11, so replaying it is repetative, and kinda boring. We died because we got Naked for the 5th time in a row. Or whatever. 6, each wave in a round is the same. You fight bandits and skags and crimson lance, and maybe eridians. No zombies, wereskags, tankensteins, spiderants, Skythids or anything else. Wave 1: starter waves which is a bunch of weak combination of the three or four enemy types. Wave 2: gun wave. Bandits and Crimson Lance that carry guns. Wave 3: horde wave. Mostly bandit psychos and midgets. Wave 4: badass wave. Badass bandits, crimson lance, skags, and maybe eridian. Wave 5: Boss wave. There's like 7 bosses they pick from. It's weak. You only fight 1 per round.

The DLC is geared towards people who have beaten the game and want a challenge. It succeeds at that. It is challenging and that's a good thing. It just doesn't have any rewards, execpt two skill points. It's kinda depressing to get to round 16 wave 3, and die. Go back to round 15 wave 1. Get back up to round 16 wave 3, and die again. After doing that two or three times, I loose all initiative to play. That's generally when we (my friends) stop playing because our hope is crushed. That means that we get to start all over again next time we play. I would recommend Mad Moxxi to only the people who have beaten Borderlands and want a challenge. One day, I will beat at least one of the arenas in Mad Moxxi... but it won't be anytime soon. It'll have to be a time when my friends and I can have a lan party and dedicate an entire night to it.

Anywho, I still am enjoying the main quest because I still have two characters to reach level 50. Also, playing around with different guns is actually fun.

"The horde wave is comin' to eat'cha. Om nom nom nom.
- Mad Moxxi, Borderlands.

Darksiders: Wrath Of War

They should have kept the subtitle of "Wrath of War" for the game, Darksiders. No big deal that they didn't. I bought and beat Darksiders already. Good times. Many people say that it barrows elements from several games. Basically it's a mash up of Zelda, Prince of Persia, and God of War. Many people drag Devil May Cry into the mix, but the only thing that it barrows from that series is the gun. So let's get rolling.

You are War. Somebody gone messed up the cranberry sauce and woke you from your slumber. You only get woken when the 7 seals are broken and the apacolypse begins. So you roll down to earth and destroy anything that doesn't deserve to live. This means angels or demons. You do this because you work for the Council who is in charge of keeping a balance between good and evil. But you get down to earth, kill a few demons and angels, and then you relize that your 3 brothers aren't here to join the apacolypse. The Councel sucks you back to their cave and tell you that you are a rebel, and that the seals weren't broken. As punishment, Mark Hamill gets to keep you on a leash while you go look for The Destroyer... Mark Hamill is the voice of the Watcher, who is keeping War on a leash. If you don't know who Mark Hamill is... shame on you. Luke Skywalker? Yes. The voice of the Joker? Yes. Just imagine the Joker's voice from either Batman Arkham Asylum or the cartoon TV show and you have the Watcher. I feel that I needed to school you on this information. So you are War looking for The Destroyer, with a Joker version of Navi tagging along. Navi is the little fairy from Zelda Ocarina of Time that went "Hey! Listen!". The Watcher isn't as annoying. Plus it's the voice of Mark Hamill.

Since you are on a short leash, you have to regain your powers/items/horse. You are a horseman without a horse for about half of the game. That's OK though. The post Apacolyptic world is an open world, but some paths are blocked off until you regain and ability or recieve an item. Very Zelda-isk. Usually you are sent forth onto a mission which involves going in a Zelda type dungeon where you will find a useful item that will open up paths, or help you reach secrets. You will get to solve a lot of Zelda like puzzels as well. All this is not a complaint. The developers did a very good job replicating the experience. The puzzels were fun and satisfying and never frustrating which is good. However they really don't reinvent the wheel.

Unlike Zelda, there is a lot of combat. Which is also good. The combat feels like God of War. You will use your sword most often. Along the way, you will get other weapons, like a sythe and some gauntlets. Each handle a little bit different from each other. For instance, the sythe has a longer reach but is slower than your sword. The gauntlets pack a punch (haha puns) but are slow and tend to throw your enemies away from you after two punches. You get relics that you can socket into your weapons, which add attributes to your weapons. It's a simplistic system like adding more damage or stealing health, but it does add a fun RPG element to it. Speaking of RPG, your weaposn gain experience when you use them. The higher the level, the more damage they do and you can buy upgraded moves for them. Speaking of buying, you will be visiting the Vulgar who is your demon shopkeep. He sells you items, weapon moves, upgrades, and allows you to teleport to places. You can also buy magic abilities from him as well. You get 4 magic abilities, which include fire damage, poison damage, stone skin and you do more damage, and spikes popping up around you. Not very many but varied nonetheless.

There's a good variety of enemies. Not a lot, but a good amount that kept me entertained. Each one seemed to have a little bit different tactic in defeating. This game is a shining example on how to do a boss battle right. Each boss was Zelda like in their epicness. Let's talk about characters while we are talking about enemies. I already talked about The Watcher. There are a few stand out characters, but there are a lot of trash characters or there might be a character that comes back later in the game and you forget the name of them. Darksiders likes to set up characters but never fully executes them to their full potential. It's like they plan on exploiting them in a sequel. However, each voice actor does a good job at breathing life into their character, which helps. War's voice is a little unexpected at first, but you realize fits nicely into his motives and personality.

I really like the graphics syle of the game. The apacolypse has a lot of varied colors which makes it a joy to explore in. The environments are varied as well. You'll explore the desert Ashlands, tropical Anvil's Forge, and many more locations. The look of the game is different from your normal realistic browns and greys, which is refreshing. Kinda reminds of Torchlight if you are loooking at graphic style. However, they seem mature in their own cartoony way. For sound, I didn't notice anything amiss. The voice acting is superb. The music always matched the mood and never seemed out of place. The sounds of combat were good. The only gripe is the enemies remarks when you are fighting them. They reused lines over and over again and most of them were cliche hollow threats. It's a minor gripe.

The biggest gripe would be controls. There isn't enough buttons on a controller for everything that needed to be done. Every face button was used and reused. This is probably why the magic system was simplified. I found myself not using magic very often because it was a hassle and made me lose my flow. I had to hold down "L1" and then use "X, Square, Triangle, Circle" to pick from the four magic spells. When you go from hitting Square to choosing from 4 magic spells, it takes away from the flow of combat. Although there are only 4 spells, you can assign potions to them as well, so you might need to access your menu more often later in the game. Personally I didn't use them often so I didn't worry about it too much. "R2" is used to use your secondary weapons like your gun, grapling hook, cross blade, etc. But you have 6 secondary weapons and you can only assign 3 of them to be quick selected from the D-Pad. So you will enter the menu more often later in the game to solve some puzzels because you'll be like "Crap. I need the grapling hook but I haven't used it in a long time so I don't have it assigned." Takes away from the game a little bit. Down is reserved for switching between sythe and gauntlets, that's why only 3. You do get used to the controls in the game, and they work, it just is a lot of stuff on a controller, and therefore magic suffers.

All even with the controller gripes, I still recomend buying the game. It took me about 20 hours to finish the game on normal, but I have plans on replaying the game. The difficulty is right on. It's a good balance of satisfyingly hard and easy. I think the hardest difficulty will offer up a good challenge and I might throw the controller. Not necessarily a bad thing. I also want to get a Platinum Trohpy on this game. I don't care about Trophies but something about this game makes me want it. I only have one Platinum Trophy and that's from Assassin's Creed 2. So maybe I'm riding off the high off of that trophy. I hate telling people whether or not to buy/rent a game because it's really up to you. I really liked the game and am glad that I bought it. There are some games that I regret paying 60 bucks for, but Darksiders is not one of them. Now go buy it.

GABE: "Dante's Inferno is derivative. Darksiders is more like an homage."
TYCHO: "Yeah, but what's the difference?"
GABE: "Whether or not I like it."
-- Penny Aracade - 01/08/2010 comic

Games To The Video 7

Games To The Video 7 This is games to the video 7. The first half of 2010 is looking great. With several games being pushed back until the first half of 2010, we are seeing a lot of games that would normally be saved for the holiday season. I hunted down release dates for most of them, but I still have a few that just say "Q1" or "Q2". On my list that I keep up to date with release dates of all games I'm interested in, I still have a lot of "To Be Dated" and "TBA 2010". I used my judgement on how much information was available on the game, and determined that those "2010" ones will probably be released in the second half of the year.

If you want to check out the other "Games to the Video" posts I did, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 [links removed] are all there for your viewing. For this edition, I'm tweaking things a little bit. You'll stillf ind a picture, link to Gamespot to the game, little blurb about it, and the release date. The games represented are all games that I found and think are interesting, not just popular titles. You won't find Mass Effect 2, because I didn't like the first Mass Effect. Simple as that. Games are for the first half of 2010. I get release dates from a few different websites. Some of them I heard from interviews from Xplay. Sites like Gamespot, IGN, and Wikipedia are my other sources. I used to do and Honorable Mentions section, but I just smashed them into the main article. I don't know if I'll keep doing it that way, but for 7, that's how it is going to roll. I will take a look back at Games To The Video 6, and let you know how those games did. Let's get started.

Darksiders Darksiders: used to have a subtitle of "Wrath of War". I did put it in Games to the Video 6, but it needs to be here as well. Same stuff from Games to the Video 6. I want to add that I preordered it, which doesn't happen often (although it seems to have happened a lot during 2009). I like the art style. The game looks fantastic. The concept sounds good, and the gameplay videos just make me want to play it. My sources say January 5, 2010 for this gem. It will be on the Playstation 3 and XBox 360.

Bayonetta Bayonetta: Made by Platinum Games, the same people behind MadWorld, and a lot of other games under a different name. Basically, this game is Devil May Cry, next-gen. The demo was fun. It's definitely a fast paced action game. You pull of combos like no one's business. It reminds me of Ninja Gaiden, except Bayonetta makes Ninja Gaiden look like a slow moving turtle. You play as a witch, who is going to be killing a lot of angels. Good times. Shooting and slashing are only two ways to do this. Your hair is the source of your magic... and your clothes. During a boss fight, you'll be wailing on them, and then a button prompt pops up, your press it and you go into some quicktime events where your clothes flow off and turn into a dragon that goes om nom on the boss. Did I mention that you play as a female witch. If you took a look at gameplay videos and said "Devil May Cry clone", you wouldnt be far off, but to be fair it is created by the same guy who made the first Devil May Cry. The game sounds like a good time, and the demo was fun, but I will be waiting for some reviews, since Darksiders comes out same day. January 5, 2010 if you missed that date. PS3 and 360 as well.

Army of Two The 40th Day Army of Two The 40th Day: You may have noticed that the first Army of Two appeared no where on the previous Games to the Video. That's because I played it once with a friend a long time ago and I never bought it. Well the sequel makes it because the first one was fun, and I'll be buying it for the 360 so I can play with friends. The first one was meant to be played with another person and I assume this will be too. Anyways, coop for this one as well. The coop elements seem more dynamic from the first one. You can enter into coop moments at any time, versus predetermined sections. Aggro also makes a return. Basically everything from the first game come back, except it is better. The controls have been refined. I assume this was prompted by the release of Gears of War 2. Sounds like the controls are similar. Cover system comes back. I think I saw people taking cover behind a hippo, or a rhino. I think Hippo because the level had water. You take control of the same peeps from the first one, Tyson and Eliot. The game takes place a few years after the first game. There's more weapon customization options as well as the option to carry a 4th weapon, dropped from an enemy. Good times. January 12, 2010 for the 360 and Playstation 3 for this game. Apparently there is a PSP version as well.

Dark Void Dark Void: Tesla is in it. Do you need a better reason? Yeah probably. You can run on the ground and shoot stuff. There's a cover system and all that, similar to Gears of War. Oh and you have a jet pack that allows you to take the fight vertical. Good times. That was really the selling point for me, which may be a little sad, but whatever. To be honest, I don't know a whole lot about the story. You are fighting some aliens in an alternate universe where the aliens have enslaved the humans. That's pretty much it. Testla helps you in some way. Yeah. January 19, 2010 for PS3, 360 and PC.

MAG MAG (Massive Action Game): Not making up the name. 256 player online battles. Think massive online multiplier game for first person shooters. Because that's what this is. 8 players make up a squad, 4 squads make up a platoon, 4 platoons make a company. Players gain experience and gain ranks. Each squad will be led by a higher ranking player. Each squad will have objectives, and each individual player will gain more experience if there objectives are completed. This encourages people from running around doing there own think, because you think 256 people and the chaos. Hopefully Zipper Interactive, the same people who did Socom, knows what they are doing. I'm curious to see who they do. This game comes out January 26, 2010 for the Playstation 3 only.

Dante's Inferno Dante's Inferno: based loosely on the poem by the same name... actually the poem was called "The Divine Comedy" but whatever. The section of the poem was called "Inferno" and was written by Dante. So the game doesn't have the same name as the poem I suppose. When I say "loosely" I mean it. The game is pretty much a God of War clone, however it does have a few things differentiating itself from it, judging from the demo. First you are Dante and you have a scythe. Death's scythe to be exact. You can either condemn or absolve things you grab with your scythe. This leads to experience points which can be put into "good" or "evil" skills depending on what you do. Good skills upgrade your cross weapon, and evil skills upgrade your scythe with more combos. The demo was brutal and graphic, and i expect the game shall be too. I await the game's release February 9, 2010 for the PS3 360 and a PSP version.

Blur Blur: I like my arcade racers. Burnout Paradise will probably forever be by favorite racer of all time... at least until Criterion releases another Burnout game. But Blur looks good. Real world cars, with arcade physics sounds good to me. Also, vehicular combat. I see a few cool real world vehicles like Corvette, Viper, Mustang, and Eclipse. There's more listed, but I was just giving a taste. There's multiplayer and there's 4 player splitscreen. I actually started watching out for this game after I mistook for another racing game. This one comes out February 15, 2010. PC, PS3 and 360.

Singularity Singularity: It's a first person shooter, but it has a time mechanic. A device that lets you go between the 1950's and present day. It can also control the age of an object or the enemies. Good times. Premise is good. Activision is treating the developer well. However me and Activision aren't playing nice right now, so this game might have to wait. If it's really really really good, Activision might redeam themselves in my eyes. Maybe. Release date is February 15, 2010 for PC, PS3, 360.

Red Steel 2 Red Steel 2: Red Steel 1 was a crappy game. The developers realized this. So when the Wii Motion Plus was announced, the went "hmmm.... our swordplay would be 100% better with that." And so Red Steel was born. They are using a new game engine, and the game has a Borderlands graphics feel to it. You can switch between sword play and gun play anytime you want, which sounds good. The game needs to prove itself so I'm gonna wait for reviews on this guy before I go out and buy, but it is looking promising. Release date of February 16, 2010 only for the Wii.

Heavy Rain Heavy Rain: This is an interesting game. First off, it's one of the best looking games I have seen, judging by the screenshots and preview videos. I remember seeing the tech demo for this game, and remember how great it looked. Secondly, most of the game is just quick time events. However, if you miss a quicktime event, you don't necessarily die, but it might change the story. Actually it probably will. It's been stated that it shouldn't be called a video game, because it really isn't. It's an interactive movie, that is dynamic. You play as four characters, and your characters can die, and the story will continue, just no through the eyes of that one character. Each of the characters are looking for the Origami Killer. It has adult situations so say no to your children if they ask for it. No the violent kind, but the sexual kind. February of 2010 for this game, either the 28th or 16th. I see both. Playstation 3 exclusive.

God of War III God of War III: Do I have to say anything else? Ok. I am a God of War fanboy. It is my favorite video game franchise, next to Starcraft. I will not listen to any people who argue that the game is bad. It is the only game that I am a fanboy of. The other person might have very valid points, but I will just punch them in the face, insult their mom, and walk away. Cause that's how fanboys roll. Playing the demo for God of War III is like playing the first God of War for the first time... it was amazing. The graphics are some of the best I have ever seen. The gameplay has improved, and the blood and gore has expanded into a blood orgy of goodness. Santa Monica Studios created a new technique called zipper effect. Basically anything with organs, they are holding their organs inside them, and then Kratos comes along and unzips their guts fron their innards. It's awesome. I preordered the Ultimate Edition. I had to. Pandora's Box, and a lot of other things. This guy rolls out March 2010 for the Playstation 3 only. Eat it.

Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands: This is the Price of Persia game being released about the same time of the Prince of Persia movie! It takes you back to the Sands of Time era. Actually, it takes place between Sands of time and Warrior Within. Different story from the movie, which redeemed it in my book. However, it wasn't announced until recently, and it is being released for everything imaginable. This is definitely a wait and see kind of thing. Waiting for a review and demo if possible. If it bodes well, Im gonna have to beat Sands of Time. Comes out May 11, 2010 for PC, 360, PS3, DS, PSP and probably something else.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker: This game has Big Boss in it. That means it takes place after Metal Gear Solid 3. I need to finish 3. I finished 1 and 2. There's four player coop, which is a first in the series... i think. Kojima is directly involved in it, and called it Metal Gear Solid 5... unlike Rising. Looks good. I'm excited for it. I need to finish 3 though. Expect it May 25, 2010 for the PSP only.

Split/Second Split/Second: This is the game I thought of when I accidentally found Blur. Arcade type gameplay, destructive environments, special events, and a story. The game takes place during a game show and you race against opponents. Not much of a story, but the premise sounds good. I'm looking forward to it. The release date is May 2010 for PC, PS3, and 360.

Modnation Racers Modnation Racers: This is basically a mash up of Mario Kart and Little Big Planet. You can customize your car and driver, and the race track. You can build a race track from the ground up. Looking at the demo from E3, they made it look easy, which is important. The gameplay is basically Mario Kart, which is good. I love Mario Kart. No specific relase date, but I've seen Quarter 1 2010, and Spring 2010. So either Q1 or Q2 of 2010 which covers this edition of Games to the Video. Playstation 3 exclusive.

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty: I thought that maybe if I put it on this list that it would actually come out Q2 of 2010. Likely? Maybe. Probably not though. So expect it on the next Games to the Video. If you need background information on this game, it is the Terran Campaign of Starcraft 2, and it is a sequel to Starcraft Brood War. There is a rumor going around that the game is done, but Battle.net 2.0 is not complete, so the game is delayed until that gets done. We still need to see a beta testing for it, so I don't think Q2 is going to happen. But keep your fingers crossed. Wings of Liberty will follow the Terran, specifically, a now mercenary, Jim Rainer. The campaign won't be linear, but will end in a way that will continue the story as planned. I'm hoping for a great story experience. Blizzard has focused heavily on multiplayer, the new map editor is going to be very sophisticated. It's a real time strategy game for the PC. Q2 2010.

Nier Nier: This is a game from Square Enix, best known of their RPG's. This is not an RPG. It's a hack and slash fun time looking game. Nier is the main character who is looking for a cure to the virus that has infected his daughter. That's basically the story as far as we know. They are also releasing game called Nier Replicant, which is a different story from Nier, exclusively for the PS3, but that might be later this year. Nier is for the 360 and PS3, and is said to be released Q2 of 2010, maybe May 2010.

Quantum Theory Quantum Theory: Basically Gears of War, but the color palette is a lot more extensive. Oh and you have a partner who has swords. I think you can play as her. Also the tower is alive, therefore the cover and what not moves. Not a whole lot is known about it really, but it looks good. Q2 of 2010 is the release date. Maybe March 31 2010. PS3 and 360.

Here's some updates on games from Games To The Video 6.

Batman Arkham Asylum got extremely good reviews. Alas, I did not pick this one up yet. I don't know why. I'll pick it up some day.
Section 8 was praised for it's multiplayer but the single player felt like a training mission for the multiplayer, according to reviews. I'm not the biggest multiplayer guy, so I didn't pick this one up. Also I would have gotten it for the PC, and it sounds like there are not a lot of people online on the PC version. But now that I have a 360, maybe I'll pick it up for that and see how it is. Maybe.
WET is said to be very fun, but short and not a good story and not very much replayablity. I'll pick this up when it's 20 bucks. Or maybe I'll rent it someday.
Darkest of Days got terrible reviews. I didn't buy this one and won't.
Demon's Souls is suppose to be very hard. If I were a hardcore RPG player, I would buy this one. But I didn't. Lot's of people like this one, but it is hard, so prepare yourself.
Brutal Legend is a game that I did buy. Tim Schafer is all I needed to hear. I have not beaten it yet though. Came out at a bad time (Uncharted 2 took my attention). The voice acting and dialogue is great and hilarious. The atmosphere feels metal, which is awesome. The RTS elements of the game seem very dumbed down though. I recommend it still.
Borderlands is another one I bought. If you have friends, convince them and buy this one. I like it a lot. But it seems lonely without friends to play with.
Dreamkiller flopped in the reviews department. Another one I didn't pick up.
Dragon Age Orgins I played for a little bit. If you liked Mass Effect, you'll love this game. However I didn't care for this game. Too much RPG. Way too much for me. If you are a hardcore RPG fan, you'll like this one. Lots of customization, really long story, lots of choices. Enjoy.
Assassin's Creed Bloodlines has tempted me. I want to buy it, but the reviews tell me not to. I might buy it when it is 20 bucks.
Assassin's Creed II. Loved it. I will review it in few days. But for now, just know that I loved it and it improved upon the faults of the first game. Buy it.
Darksiders - Wrath of War is on this list. Comes out in a few days.
Torchlight is a 20 dollar game that you should buy if you love Diablo, or Fate. It doesn't bring anything new to the Action RPG genre, but it is a polished experience for 20 bucks.
New Super Mario Bros Wii was a little disappointing, but it was still fun. The coop was the disappointing part. It is still fun, but it just feels tacked on.
Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks. Haven't bought it. Still need to play Phantom Hourglass. Plus I lost my DS and am debating if I should buy a new one. I could barrow my brothers I suppose.
Edge of Twilight didn't get released as planned. The developers are having publishing problems and plan on continueing developing the game by October 2010. So the game won't be released until 2011 probably. Still looks good.
Sadness. Who are we kidding. This is vaporware. The game doesn't exist.
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. I bought the first game after I wrote up Games To The Video 6, and fell in love with the game. So I bought Uncharted 2, and it's my Game Of The Year, along with XPlay's Game Of The Year, along with several others. Buy.
Halo ODST is a game I bought after I got my 360. I like the direction Bungie took with the Halo series. My biggest complaint with the Halo series was that 2 and 3 were basically rehashes of the first game. ODST transforms the game and I love it. The story is told in a cool way. Kinda like a mystery. Firefight is fun too, but I still like Horde better from Gears of War 2.
Left 4 Dead 2 I bought and played for a little bit. I think it's harder then the first Left 4 Dead. Maybe I'm not used it the game because I played the crap out of Borderlands. It's fun. The melee weapons are fun. Killing zombies doesn't get old.

I covered 3 honorable mentions from Games to the Video 6, because I bought them. The rest I didn't. So that's why. That's all. Have a good year.

"But our Princess is in another castle!"
-- Super Mario Brothers