2018 – The Starting Point

A healthy part of experiencing tragedy is to create and achieve goals for yourself. Making sure your life moves forward despite what happened. Last year, I told myself I need to get back into reading. I have finished three books since November, and just started a fourth. I plan on continuing to find the time to read, even though I probably will not reach the frequency I did in middle school and high school. Also last year, I made a goal to work on the backlog of shows I want to watch. Now, the only Marvel Netflix show I have left is The Punisher, and I’m a few episodes in; I should finish it within a month. At the beginning of January, I created new category in my Steam library called “Games to Play in 2018” to put a dent in my gaming back catalog. I have completed one of them, and I am almost finished with two others. Sometimes a short term goal grows out of a short term goal. I plan on buying a house before I am thirty, and if things go well, I should be purchasing one this year.

To accomplish goals, you need a starting point. A goal I have been setting for myself for years now is to write and publish more. Sure, I write some things that never see the light of day, but I never publish them; even those writings are very infrequent. Consider this post a starting point.

At first, I did not think I needed this post. I have three articles written about the year 2017, and how I experienced it. I have been writing the articles since December, but they have been in my head since January 2017. Two of the articles are very personal. They were written out of negativity. At first, I thought I needed an introductory article to give you a warning. However, this article you are reading now is only an assurance that I am moving forward. I am making progress on goals no matter how small. As long as I push on, I can hold my head up high and say tragedy may have changed me, but it did not keep me down.

If you are feeling knocked down, or stuck in a rut because of tragedy, I suggest creating goals for yourself. Making progress on those goals can feel rewarding. Maybe you will not feel it right away, but when you look back you can take pride in the progress you made. All it takes is a starting point, and then you can feel good looking forward, instead of dwelling on the past.

The next few articles might have been written in negativity, but they were also written as therapy. 2017 hangs heavy over me, but I have a good feeling about 2018. Please check in on the blog in the next few days. Thank you for taking the time to read.


Put my filters on tell myself “I think I can” increasingly harder, When you’re aware of your surroundings
So, cast your vision or get cast as a victim, If I’m getting knocked out I’m going down swinging
Optimistic child nothing was impossible, All eyes on tomorrow with something to aspire to
Gratitude keeps us strong self-pity makes you fragile, But sometimes we can’t see our dreams just the obstacles
Some people say no regrets as a form of denial, Some people say no regrets when they’re out of control
Some people say it with their backs against the wall, It’s always best to say it after you’ve given it your all
– John Reuben, Oh Baby Don’t Waste Your Time

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