Roy’s Ruckus

I did it. I completed a project. I got my old Blogger blog archived. You can find it here. Most of my thoughts about it are on the home page. Give that a read, and maybe the posts highlighted in the Index Map. I did enjoy going through every single post. I loved seeing myself grow as a writer and as a person. I am glad I spent so much time blogging, and I hope to pick it up again. Maybe not every day though… that was a bit much. My next project is doing something similar to my older … Continue reading

Coming Back

Blogspot before example

I hope you had a merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a happy New Year. We had Christmas early with my grandma (mom’s side), aunt (also mom’s side) and uncle. We did something different this year. We drew names for gifts and limited our presents to books. I got three of the Dune books and three of the Mistborn books. My brother gave me another book, Three Dangerous Men. I am looking forward to reading all of them. My dad gave me some coins that my grandma, his mom, had passed down to him. As always, Santa brought me pajamas. Actual … Continue reading

Games of 2021

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Here are 23 games for “Games of 2021.” I did not watch a lot of T.V. shows or movies; instead, I used my time on video games. The last time I played over twenty games in a year was 2018. You can check my math by reviewing my “Games of” Appendix. Not only can you check my math, but you can see what this series is all about. I am very proud of this series. Here is a quick summary. This is not a “Game of the Year” post. Instead, it is a list of games I played over the … Continue reading

Backwards Projects

We are nearing the end of another year. For some reason many people look backwards this time of year. I am one of them. I look back at the previous year. I also look back even further. It takes a while to look back across 33 years on this Earth. It’s interesting. As I mentioned in November, I caught the web design bug again. I decided not to redesign the WordPress site, but I wanted to design something. I have been working on multiple projects. I redid the theme for my pre-WordPress archives. It now matches closer to the WordPress … Continue reading

My Experience with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

BotW Vista

When I got my Switch in 2019 I also got The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I am a huge Zelda fan. However, the reviews and description of some of the gameplay had me worried. I was cautiously optimistic as the game began. A voice woke me up and led me out of the cave into the landscape of Hyrule. I did not know what was going on, but I saw a man nearby. I made my way through the waypoints at the beginning of the game, and stopped playing after 45 minutes. I was not having fun. … Continue reading

Website Update 2021-11

The old website felt stale, so I did some dusting. I cleared some of the cobwebs from nooks and crannies. Applied a little bit of paint. I’m feeling good about it. I thought about doing a full redesign with a new theme. I looked at some of the more popular themes out there, and I wasn’t feeling anything. I got a few ideas from window shopping. Luckily, Mantra is pretty flexible. It’s the same old theme I’ve been using for… eight years? No, wait! I’ve been using WordPress for nine years. Time keeps on chugging, and Mantra continues to allow … Continue reading

Why Do I Hate Halo?

Halo: CE Opening Cutscene

Introduction I have never liked the Halo series. So, why do I have hundreds of hours into these games, and why do I feel the urge to keep playing them? I want to explore why I hate Halo beyond “I hate them, because they suck.” This would be disingenuous, and the series deserves more respect than that. My Nostalgia We have to go to the beginning. Halo: Combat Evolved launched on the original Xbox on November, 15, 2001. Nintendo would release the GameCube a few days later in North America. Sega discontinued their failed Dreamcast earlier that year, and left … Continue reading

Reconstructing and Recollection

Welcome to “Games of…” wait. This is not right. It’s April. Oh, yes! I remember. I made this, Games of Remaster! I also made this, a proper appendix! When I posted “Games of 2020,” I noticed the number of posts was getting too big to summarize at the beginning of each post. So, I slapped together this old appendix. The gaps between 2012 and 2013 gnawed at me. I thought, “Could I fill in the gaps?” After mulling it over, I determined I could do it and more. For four months I worked on gathering the data, drafting the posts, … Continue reading

Games of 2020

Welcome to “Games of 2020.” I did better this year. I completed eleven games! The total number of hours playing games this year surpassed several of the previous years, so I feel good about 2020. Variety was a little lacking; I am disappointed that I did not play any indie games. In the end, I had fun with each and every game. What is this? Well, every year I create a post that highlights all of the games I completed in the year. It is not a “game of the year” countdown post. The series has taken several forms throughout … Continue reading

Games of 2019

This past year was different. Normally, I strive to get into the teens with the number of games completed in a year. This year, I only completed five. To even get close to the teens, I would have to count games I played for just a little bit, mobile games, and tabletop games. Still, if I included all of those games, I think I would fall short. For the past couple of years I have created posts that highlight all of the games I have completed in a year. Lately, I have been prefacing the title of these posts with … Continue reading