Snoopy’s Love

Snoopy Looking At Me

A few months ago, one of our family’s dogs, Snoopy, started having a dry cough. My dad took him to the vet. They diagnosed him with an enlarged heart. He also had fluid around his heart. They prescribed him some pills, which he would have to take everyday for the rest of his life. A few months later, Snoopy was running along the fence and he was barking at the neighbor dog; something he liked to do often. Suddenly, he let out a yowl – it was a cross between a howl and yelp. It is one of the saddest … Continue reading

Where’d The Summer Go? Oh, It’s Still Here

Royfuss Games Home Page

A lot has been happening, and I have not gotten a chance to write any of it down. I have a few longer pieces of writing I need to get written, but I need to find time. At the same time, I need to do a post before August is over. So, here is a quick update on what I have been doing. I have been pouring a ton of time into redoing my video game database. It has evolved over the years, and I actually overhauled it in 2021. There were things missing, and I ended up creating a … Continue reading

Funerals Can Be Fun

In April a garbage truck malfunctioned, and sprayed hydraulic fluid all over the front and side of my house. They were unable to clean it, which means I need new siding, gutters, windows, and light fixtures. The company who owns the garbage truck is having their insurance take care of it, and it has been a huge pain in my ass. The adjuster came, and gave me the estimate; turns out they will only cover actual cash value. Actual cash value is the cost of the materials and labor adjusted for depreciation. My siding is from 2013, so I am … Continue reading

A 2022 Showcase of Video Games

Ereban: Shadow Legacy promotional screenshot

It has been a while since I have talked about video game announcements. Lately, I have been tempering my expectations for unreleased video games. This year, I am a little bit feisty, and emerged from my backlog to hype myself up for upcoming games. Normally, we have an E3 and conferences around this time of year. Instead, Playstation State of Play, Summer Games Fest, Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, and various other showcases will have to do. I did not watch everything, but quite a few games sparked my interest. Before I dive into the games that caught my eye, you … Continue reading

Greetings From The Used Marketplace

My Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Game Gear

I have a couple of more structured posts in the oven right now. I wanted to finish one and get it posted before the end of May, but that is not going to happen. Instead, this more informal post has conjured itself into existence. This is my experience with today’s used video games market. The used video game market is nuts right now. Last year, a copy of Super Mario Bros. for the original Nintendo sold for $2 million. In general, used video game prices are too high. I think there are a few reasons for it being so crazy. … Continue reading

The Blizzard Vs. My Driveway

Snow and wind reduced visibility overlooking a baseball field.

When snow and wind hinder visibility, it creates a blizzard. This simple sentence explains the concept, but it does not exactly describe the experience of being in a blizzard. I have been through a few blizzards. From Tuesday, April 12, 2022, through Thursday, April 14, 2022, a blizzard rampaged through North Dakota. I want to give you my perspective of being a part of this weather disaster. North Dakota has a reputation of being cold and windy. The people here are hearty, and love to brag about it. Although they are concise descriptors, they do not tell the full story. … Continue reading

Back Into The Garage… Door

Garage Warning Label

I needed to write this week. Not that I haven’t written things; I’ve actually been writing a lot the past three weeks. I think I clocked about 25,000 words. However, they weren’t for my blog; it shall not be neglected. Here is a personal update. I backed into my garage door with my car last Saturday. That sucked. My backup camera showed nothing in the way, my backup sensor did not beep, and my rearview mirror and back window were clear. I backed out, and CRUNCH! I still did not see anything. I got out, and saw my garage door … Continue reading

Tevye’s Shooting Stars

Tevye mini

In my previous post, I mentioned I have a story to tell about one of my tabletop characters. I recently retired Tevye. He is a Firbolg druid. He is alive and well. He parted ways with the rest of the group, and left with a companion on a new adventure. Like all of my characters, he has an origin story. Tevye is no stranger to trauma. Here is his first of many traumas. Tevye’s Shooting Stars A man hums to himself as he makes camp in a woods. He builds a fire, and unpacks his cooking supplies. He carefully seasons … Continue reading

The Foundations of a Character

My miniature for Zia

I have been playing tabletop role-playing games for a few years now. I love creating a new character and experiencing them grow. My favorite part of the creation process is coming up with a backstory. The Players Guide does a good job of suggesting backgrounds, but I take its suggestion and add a personal touch. Usually, I end up with one to two pages of backstory. My first character was a sorcerer named Marth. Marth was a trust-fund kid, and he wasted his parent’s money on booze and whores. He lost a family heirloom and was cast out by his … Continue reading

Breathing By Wires

Java code example

“Programming is a creative task, like painting, writing, knitting, or constructing LEGO castles. Like painting a blank canvas, making software has many constraints but endless possibilities.” Sweigart, A. (2020). Automate The Boring Stuff With Python. Retrieved February 4, 2022, from When I was a kid, I did not have a big creative ambition. I liked to draw, color, and paint, but I did not want to practice and hone those skill sets. I did not consider myself “creative;” instead I was “logical.” It was a stupid way of looking at creativity. It turns out I had not found anything … Continue reading