Back Into The Garage… Door

Garage Warning Label

I needed to write this week. Not that I haven’t written things; I’ve actually been writing a lot the past three weeks. I think I clocked about 25,000 words. However, they weren’t for my blog; it shall not be neglected. Here is a personal update. I backed into my garage door with my car last Saturday. That sucked. My backup camera showed nothing in the way, my backup sensor did not beep, and my rearview mirror and back window were clear. I backed out, and CRUNCH! I still did not see anything. I got out, and saw my garage door … Continue reading

I Care

Note 01/29/2018: I wrote this July 22, 2017. Two days after the death of Chester. I wrote it, saved it, and closed it. I knew I wanted to publish it, but I was not ready at the time. I looked at it for the first time to edit it after 2017 – Raw Hindsight was published. I edited it before posting, but with the intent to keep the raw emotion intact. I actually shed tears while editing this article; I also smiled. I did not want to rewrite it from my January 2018 perspective. That would ruin the therapy. -Royfuss … Continue reading

Starset – Transmissions

Starset Transmissions

I was driven by friends to listen to Starset’s Transmissions back in August. However, I had some other music to get through. I also wanted to be in a “new music” type of mood. I listened to it a few times, and it really didn’t stand out to me. Then I started picking lyrics here and there, and I started piecing together the album as a whole. This is when everything snapped into place, and my ears fell in love with it. I decided to give it a proper examination with this blog post. Transmissions is very much a concept … Continue reading

Linkin Park – The Hunting Party

Linkin Park The Hunting Party Album Cover

I remember when Linkin Park first teased The Hunting Party; before we even knew the name of the album. All it was, was a heavy guitar riff. This was somewhat unexpected after the more eletronic vibe of Living Things, and it’s electronic dance music remix album, Recharged. Most people were sure it would be an EDM album. Living Things was good, but it is by far my least favorite of Linkin Park’s albums. The riff brought intrigue and excitement to my worrisome mind. I’ve written in the past about my experience with Linkin Park in the post “Linkin Park – … Continue reading