Website Update 2021-11

The old website felt stale, so I did some dusting. I cleared some of the cobwebs from nooks and crannies. Applied a little bit of paint. I’m feeling good about it. I thought about doing a full redesign with a new theme. I looked at some of the more popular themes out there, and I wasn’t feeling anything. I got a few ideas from window shopping. Luckily, Mantra is pretty flexible. It’s the same old theme I’ve been using for… eight years? No, wait! I’ve been using WordPress for nine years. Time keeps on chugging, and Mantra continues to allow … Continue reading

Reconstructing and Recollection

Welcome to “Games of…” wait. This is not right. It’s April. Oh, yes! I remember. I made this, Games of Remaster! I also made this, a proper appendix! When I posted “Games of 2020,” I noticed the number of posts was getting too big to summarize at the beginning of each post. So, I slapped together this old appendix. The gaps between 2012 and 2013 gnawed at me. I thought, “Could I fill in the gaps?” After mulling it over, I determined I could do it and more. For four months I worked on gathering the data, drafting the posts, … Continue reading

More Stream Information

First, I want to point out the Twitch Schedule off to the side. No, to the right. No, a little lower. It says, “Twitch Schedule.” There ya go. Glad you found it. Anyways, I posted times that I am most likely to be streaming, as well as what I am currently streaming, and any future games that I will stream. Currently, I am playing Saints Row IV. I didn’t want to stream it. I wanted to bask in all of it’s glory. It was a good choice. Which brings me to my second topic. It’s a lot of work to … Continue reading


Twitch Logo

Look to your right… what do you see? Is that a Twitch Channel for Royfuss?! Why, yes it is! I don’t know how much it’ll be used, but I do have some plans for it. I invested heavily in a second PC that has a super rad capture/streaming card in it. In theory, this will allow me to play my games without stressing my PC any further, while streaming to Twitch, or just capturing data. That PC should be here by the end of the week, so you’ll probably see me do some testing. I’ll announce ahead of time when … Continue reading

A Few Things

Hello. I’ve been lax in my updating, because I’m me. But hopefully I’ll be updating more periodically. The thing is, I never like the look of my websites. I generally like the layout, but colors make me sick after awhile and I neglect the site. To fix this, I decided to download a theme instead of creating one. I found a nice theme that allows me to easily edit and change colors and other things. I like it. So I’ll be implementing that soon. Things to lo0k forward to. I’ll have a tutorial up soon, so the tutorial section will … Continue reading

The Old Is New

Today, I spent most of my day converting the old Royfuss blog posts into the new format. Here are the results of that labor. I also added a link to the side bar. It’s entirely hard coded with CSS, HTML, and PHP, but the PHP isn’t doing much. If I get the initiative to do it, I’m going to load up them into a database format, so I can have PHP do all the work next time that I update the look of the website. I removed several links that were dead, broken in some way, or lead to a … Continue reading

Welcome to the New

Royfuss Old Logo

I’ve been working on this for a few months now. First off, on the old website, I noted that I was working on a new site. I also noted that I might do a redesign of Royfuss… well this is the redesign. The site I was working on and never let anyone know about didn’t work out. I didn’t secure it and it got hacked. As a result, the site got butchered. I have since abandoned the site. This site is secured up the wazzoo, and I’ll make sure it stays that way. The old site is still available. I … Continue reading

Sleepless Slumber

It’s all poetic and stuff. And yet so very true. So I haven’t updated in a long, long time (that’s the slumber part), because I have been very, very busy (that’s the sleepless part). I had an intense semester, so that’s my excuse. I literally submitted my last assignment just now. I’m going to be updating more often this summer. To prove it, I’m going to be posting a three part series within the next couple of weeks. I don’t know what I’m going to name the series, but it’ll be witty and clever… terrible and stupid. Anyways, here’s what … Continue reading

Level 1 – 2010

The site is finally done. Welcome to version 1.0. It’s a blog with Gamers Blogging About Games and the video game industry. Since it is a blog, there isn’t a lot of pages, but let me give you a tour. The Home is your standard home page. Has excerpts from the latest blog posts, poll, and a video game release schedule for the month. The Blog is what you are probably reading now. Contributors will publish blog posts about various video game stuff. The Forum is a nice place for other readers of the blog to chat. Contributors are … Continue reading