A Memorable 2018

Another year has come and gone. I do not have a lot to share. I wrote some stuff this year, but I did not share. Most of it is in various stages of editing. Some of it is just way too fucking long, and I bit off more than I could chew. One of them was a ten year analysis of me using Steam. It is a very in depth look at the games I have bought on Steam since I started using it. I got to 2014, and it was very long and very boring. Another post I would still like to post is a Hellgate: London retrospective. At the beginning, I felt pretty good about it. However, it started going in a direction that I was not feeling. With Hellgate: London releasing on Steam last November, I might still clean it up and post it. As mentioned, there were other writing pieces, but nothing of note. In the end, I have not posted anything since April.

Big things started to happen in my life in April. I found a house I liked, and made an offer. Buying a house is stressful. I got closer and closer to closing, and the deal ended up falling through. It bummed me out, and my energy was just gone. Afterwards, I would look at houses online, but I did not feel like actually going to look at them. I mean, why spend all that energy if deals just fall through?

Luckily, I had an awesome realtor. After a few months of radio silence, he texts me a listing and says, “I think you should check this house out.” I checked out the listing. I had scanned over it before, but I decided to give it a second look. I liked a lot of things about it, and it was cheaper than the house I put an offer on in April. I asked my realtor to setup a time to check it out. I fell in love with it. I put in an offer right away, and we had an offer acceptance by the end of the week. This seller was very easy to work with. In September, I was a proud homeowner. Hitting one of my major goals before turning thirty feels great.

In October, I turned thirty. Not only was I a new homeowner, but I have a great support network of family and friends, as well as a great job. Life just feels good. Life was going great, so turning thirty did not feel any different from any other birthday. However, it did get me thinking about my memories. It is strange how my memories evolve over time. As a child, I was more concerned with the here-and-now; this is probably because I had such a limited context of time. In high school, I started have a reference point for memories. I would reminisce with friends and say things like, “Remember when we stayed up all night to play Resident Evil: Code Veronica?” When I got together with high school friends in college, I started saying things like, “Oh, this memory was five years ago.” That is a quarter of my life. In my mid-to-late twenties it turned into, “Holy shit, that was ten years ago.” That’s a third of my life. Now I am referencing memories that took place over half of my life, and it just feels weird.

One thing that keeps me going is the creation of new memories. Going out and having fun with friends. Traveling. Being more outgoing. If all I have are memories that happened fifteen years ago, then my life is truly wasted. With a major goal like having a home I can call my own, I look forward to creating these new memories, both at my home and away from it.

The year 2018 was a good year for me. 2019 is looking to be another good year. I plan on doing more writing, although I cannot guarantee that all of them will be posted. I do have “Games of 2018” written and compiled. I need get it in WordPress, edit it one or two more times, and then it will be up. Expect it very soon.


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