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Update 2: Stream has ended. Keep an eye on the sidebar for future streams.

UPDATE: Stream will start at 1:00 p.m. central time.

You may have noticed that my Twitch Channel had some activity yesterday. I sted out a few games. I began testing some Torchlight 2. Streamed flawlessly. Did some Far Cry 3, which is more intensive. No problems. Was able to play the game at my native resolution (1680×1050) and stream them at 720p. I can up the streaming resolution if I wanted to, but people with crappy internet wouldn’t be able to watch without stuttering.

I was able to stream some God of War collection on the PS3 as well. That’s interesting because the PS3 has a blueray player, so there’s some encoding on it forbidding you from streaming or capturing. Luckily, there is a way around it, so I’ll be able to stream PS3 games with no issues. There’s probably a minor quality downgrade from just streaming from PC, but not noticeable for the viewer.

Just want to give you a little bit of detail of the setup. I wanted a dedicated machine to handle the encoding and streaming. This would allow me to play the game with no performance issues. I built a dedicated PC with a nice i5 processor, and an AMD Radeon HD 7850. I don’t think the graphics card was necessary, but I did it anyways. I also go a mid sized case, just to make it more portable because I will have to move it between my consoles and PC. The center piece of the rig is the Avermedia Live Gamer HD. This card allows me to capture the stream from any external HDMI device, which includes my PC, PS3, and 360. This thing is a beast, and the software that comes with it is very easy to use.

One more thing. I have a stream scheduled today. Sometime this afternoon. I’m thinking about 3:00 central time. The game will be DMC: Devil May Cry on the PC. I hope you can join me.

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