“Let’s Play” videos are a thing on YouTube right now. If you haven’t heard of them, they are videos where someone plays a video game and they usually do commentary over the game. I don’t watch a lot of “Let’s Play” videos, because I’d rather play games than watch someone else play them. However, I do watch one person regularly who does mostly “Let’s Play” videos, and I wanted to highlight him. His name is Markiplier, and he’s a cool guy.

Marikiplier usually uploads about two or three videos per day, which is an impressive amount. He plays mostly indie games, which is pretty cool. Among those games are countless horror games. I cannot play horror games, so watching him play them let’s me experience the thrill of playing, without the side effect of me chickening out (yeah, I scream like a little girl at jump scares).

There’s a few reasons why I watch his channel, versus the thousands of other channels that do “Let’s Plays” of indie/horror titles. First, he has an outstanding voice. It’s like a tantalizing angel spraying you with a miscellaneous liquid; it’s so wrong, but yet, so right. I’ll link to some videos at the end of this post for your viewing pleasure, and you’ll be able to give your ears the euphoria that they deserve. Second, he is extraordinarily hilarious. His screams are enough to make your sides split. His “Random Horror Reactions” have captions, and those make the videos infinitely more enjoyable. Again, I’ll link to them later.

Another reason I like him so much, is because he seems like a genuinely good dude. At the end of every video, he thanks his viewers. Every time he hits a subscriber milestone, he makes a vlog and expresses his boundless gratitude to everyone who has subscribed. Not only that, but he uses his YouTube channel to do charity livestreams for several charities.

Story time. A few weeks ago he did a charity livestream for Extra Life. He planned out what games he was going to play, and stocked up on food, and he was going to play for 25 hours. However, his home internet was DDoS’d (much like Extra Life’s website that weekend). He didn’t have internet at his home, so he couldn’t stream anything from there. So, he packed up his laptop and went over to his brother’s place. His laptop didn’t have any of the games that he planned on playing, but he was determined to do this charity livestream. He started broadcasting, and started playing Happy Wheels (I’ll link to those videos as well). He kept getting more and more viewers on Twitch. He played a few other games that he could download, and his mood was getting better (he was pretty bummed out). Finally, he gets an idea. He used to play World of Warcraft, and kept an account active. He decided to create a new character, and encouraged any of his viewers to join him. He got hundreds (not exaggerating) of people to create the same character type, and join him on the same server. Lots of level one Dwarve Hunters if I remember correctly. Just following him around in WoW. This really brightened his mood, and was extremely entertaining to watch. He ended up raising over $55,000 for a children’s hospital. And he does streams like this at least once a month.

Alright, so I convinced you to check him out. Where do you start? Well I started with the Random Horror Compilations. Here’s a nifty playlist of all of his compilations. He doesn’t start out with a webcam, but his later videos do, and his facial expressions are priceless. If you want even more hilarity, watch him play Happy Wheels.

Alright, you like what you see. What are some full length “Let’s Play” you should start with? A must see is his Surgeon Simulator playthrough. I really enjoyed his playthrough of the indie horror game Outlast. Ib is also super fantastic. Vanish is scares the bejezus out of him. A few games that he plays with other YouTubers are Prop Hunt and Trouble in Terrorist Town. Those are entertaining, and you should check those out as well.

I have a few videos that you should watch if you want to get to know him better. His “Draw My Life” video draws out his life, which is cool. This is a video of him playing a fan made game. At the 38ish minute mark, it has a compilation of his vlogs, which is where it will jump to, because YouTube won’t let me link with it starting at the beginning. It’s very heartfelt, especially if you’ve watched a lot of his videos. I started watching him when he had under a 100,000 subscribers (I think about a year or so ago), and this hit me in the feels.

He has a lot of videos. I suggest you check him out, and if you like what you see, subscribe. Like I said, he puts out two to three videos a day, and they are high quality videos. Enjoy.

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