The Sunrise

A full moon on Friday the 13th isn’t all that impressive when clouds blanket the sky. What is impressive is being out at 5:00 in the morning the very next day and seeing the night’s sky lit up by a full moon in one direction, and the aura of the sun emerging from the other; the clouds dissipating¬† long enough for me to enjoy this spectacle. It may be because I was up for almost 24 hours, but I thought it was lovely. Lovely enough for me to prolong my lack of slumber for a few more minutes by driving around the outskirts of town. I got a few hours of sleep, and here I am.

In the previous post I mentioned I wanted to publish posts more often; every week. It’s been a month. I have an excuse. I injured a tendon in my hand, because I’m stupid. You don’t need to know the details, but I was unable to play video games, or do excessive typing for a week. If you look at my Raptr history, you would notice a time gap.

I haven’t played much of video games lately. I’ve been powering through a few television shows. I did finish Infamous: Second Son. Fun game. I don’t think I’ll type up a post about it, but I do recommend it if you have a Playstation 4. E3 was going on this past week. I’ll type up a post on some of my favorite highlights. I somehow got into the Destiny alpha on PS4. I think I got in, because I downloaded the E3 app on the PS4, but I’m not sure. I still owe you a Diablo 3 post.

I’m pumped for Linkin Park’s new album, The Hunting Party. I’m listening to it on iTunes Radio right now. I have no idea how to link iTunes Radio stuff, so you’ll just have to check yourself. Really digging the predator vibe the album puts out. Again, I’ll have a post written up for you once the album is officially released.

On a personal note, I’ve been going to the gym more often. I was going three days a week, now I’ve upped it to five days. On Monday, I hit a major milestone for myself. I was able to run a 5K in 30 minutes and 5 seconds. It’s not all that impressive, but I’m proud of myself.

That’s all I got for now. My next post will either be E3 related, or Linkin Park related. Hell, it might be tomorrow, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

Thank you for reading,
– Royfuss

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