Three and a half months. This is the amount of time since my last update. It’s also the amount of time since I’ve done anything related to writing, which isn’t good for my sanity. You can look at my past, and notice several lapses in my posting, but I usually do writing in between posts. The recent lapses in posting (late 2014) involves a personal writing project. This writing project is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I finished the writing portion around the time I posted “Games of 2014.” That post was also a massive undertaking, by the way. After the post, I started the process of editing my writing project, and I ran out of juice; I couldn’t look at words, or form words anymore. I needed a break.

So what did I do? One, I turned to Minecraft to recharge me. I built winter houses, long-ass rail bridges, an underwater house, and I dug a big-ass hole. I have plans to build a big-ass temple in the big-ass hole. While playing Minecraft, I got a lot of shows and movies watched. Overall, I felt it was a productive time.

Minecraft - Rail Bridge

This is the rail bridge… yeah I didn’t half ass it. The left portion is kind of a cross section of it. Now imagine this spanning about ten times the length you see here. That’s just one portion of the rail… now imagine I have about 5 or more of these portions… yeah it’s a lot.

Minecraft is only a supplement. I got through a few games from my backlog. I played through Brothers: A Tale of Two Son around the time I posted “Games of 2014.” Brothers is a simple game. I played as two brothers; the right side of the controller controlled one brother, and the left side controlled the other brother. I solved some fairly simple puzzles. The graphics have a storybook aesthetic to them. What makes the game standout to me is the emotions the game provokes, and how it is able to provoke it without using dialogue. The characters speak a language that is not known to me, and there are no subtitles. However, I was able to understand what was happening based on the characters’ animations and actions, and I felt sad when the characters felt sad, or something bad happened. I was going to write up a post relating to Brothers, but the furthest I got was a rough outline; I just couldn’t create a quality post that would do justice to the game.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

There are moments when you can just chill out with your brother and enjoy the view.

After the seriousness of Brothers, I choose to play through Need for Speed: Rivals and Wolfenstein: The New Order. Racing games are relaxing to me. I love the Burnout series, and Rivals was pretty much created by the same people. I had a lot of fun with Rivals. I did everything, and got the platinum trophy for it. I put in a lot of hours (I haven’t tallied my game hours for the game, but I’d guess around 25 hours). I thought The New Order would also be relaxing, and something I wouldn’t have to take so serious. I was wrong. The New Order has a fantastic story, and it’s fun as well. Super violent, but the narrative actually fit my action. I’m hoping to do a review of The New Order soon, so I won’t say too much about it.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Yep… looks like a Wolfenstein game.

I finished those two games about the same time, and I needed something to fill up time for two games. So I chose Far Cry 4. I had a lot of fun with Far Cry 3, and I heard FC4 was basically more of FC3, but better. The mountains of Kyrat (FC4) are a lot more fun then the Rook Islands (FC3). There’s a lot to do. I also plan to do a full review of Far Cry 4 so I won’t say much more.

Far Cry 4

I like hunting in Far Cry 4; especially the most dangerous game…

I didn’t do just video games. Life still goes on, and stuff happens, and that will continue. I’m shooting to update the blog every two weeks. I also have to continue editing my writing project, and I’ll let you know when that is finished. I also need to read more, but that’s not your problem. I’ll try to get those reviews up in the next few weeks. For my next game, I think I’m going to give Assassin’s Creed: Unity a shot, or maybe a lighter game. We’ll see.

Thanks for reading.

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