Archiving For A Purpose

I began archiving my old Blogspot blog today. I’m not really sure why. Google has kept it alive for a very long time, and they haven’t announced anything about shutting it down. I think I’m archiving it because it gives me something web design related to do. I don’t like dealing with the design aspects of WordPress, but I really like all of the features and plugins. As a result, I use a theme I can kinda customize, and keep it as is.

The archive process for the old blog is a similar process as when I archived my old Royfuss posts. Actually, I’m using the same template. I designed a new banner and some navigation buttons for it. It was the first time I opened up Photoshop in a very long time; the last time might’ve been when I archived my old Royfuss posts. It felt good create something in Photoshop, and tweak some web code. I actually spent a couple hours just doing that.

It’s going to take me awhile to archive the old blog. I’m copying and pasting each post and metadata, and I have to add some extra HTML tags along the way. I’m also taking the time to read/skim through the posts. I’m making notes of anything to highlight. Most likely, the full archive will be stored locally for my reference only. One day, I’d like to share the highlights here.

I think I’m also archiving the site, because I was hoping I would feel like I was accomplishing something. I’ve been feeling stuck in a rut lately. I was optimistic when the new year started, but now I just feel like I’m going no where. Reading through the old posts from the blog can be entertaining, funny even. But for the most part, it just reminds me that time flies. I’m working on posts from January 2004, which was 14 years ago. It’s weird when you can look back and remember things from over a decade ago. Some of it feels like it just happened maybe five years ago.

I need to get my shit together. I hate feeling like this. I’d rather read the old posts when I am in a state of mind where I can smile and laugh, more than think about how much time has passed.

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