Games of 2011: Games Released in the First Half

This is part two of three of the Games of 2011 series I am doing. In Games Released in the First Half I will talk about games that I followed that have been released in the first half of 2011. Most of the games I passed over for one reason or another. Some of the games I already talked about in What I Played.

I loved Little Big Planet, and so I kept my eye on Little Big Planet 2. Little Big Planet 2 improves on everything from the original. Why didn’t I buy it? Well, I was working on my back catalog of games that I mentioned, and I figured I could get it at a discounted price when it becomes a Greatest Hits title. Simple as that.

Killzone 3 is another game by Sony that I didn’t buy. I keep following the Killzone series, but I never play them. Anyways, the third one sounds like more of the same from the second one. I don’t know if I’ll ever buy the series, but I might.

I bought Stacking, as I told you before. You can read the write up I did on it in the previous post. It’s a charming game and made by Double Fine Productions.

Crysis 2 is another game that I plan on buying when it gets discounted in price. I enjoy the series, but I can’t spend full price on every game that I want. I’m looking forward to playing in New York invaded by aliens, and donning the Nanosuit 2.0. I’ll end up buying it if it goes on sale for a good price.

I already talked about Bulletstorm in my previous post. It’s a fun game and I recommend it.

I talked about Portal 2 already. It’s fantastic, and might win game of the year in my book.

Homefront is an interesting case. I was intrigued because THQ wanted a game to compete with the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield. The story sounded cool as well. North Korea invades America. Sounded like a good story. According to reviews, the story wasn’t that great. However, the reviews said the multiplayer was very good. I’m not a big multiplayer fan, so I passed on this one. I might buy it if I can get it for $20.

I already chatted about Okamiden. If you loved Okami, you’ll like this one, and if you haven’t played Okami, play Okami!

Volition keeps changing their  Red Faction series, and Red Faction: Armageddon is no exception. The first and second games were first person shooters. The third game was an open world third person shooter. Armageddon sounds like a linear third person shooter (although it might be open world, just more linear; I’m not sure). I played the demo, and it was fun… just not full price fun. I payed $5 dollars for Guerrilla, and it was fun for that price of admission. It adds a few things, like being able to repair stuff, which is kinda cool. The problem with the two newer Red Faction games seems to be that combat sucks. Destroying stuff is fun. They have a multiplayer mode dedicated to the destroying stuff part, which is awesome. From what I read in reviews, Armageddon’s story isn’t that great. So, I think I’m going to wait until it is very cheap.

Oh Brink, where do I start. How about all the negative reviews. Almost everyone is saying this game fails hard. I was gunning for it to succeed. Then I heard that emphasis was going to be on multiplayer, and then it fell off my radar, because I like my single player experiences. I’ve heard that the PC version is a lot better than the console version, because of the patches they were able to release quickly on PC, which is good. However, too little too late.

Bethesda, stop publishing unfinished games. With Skyrim and RAGE looking awesome, it makes me wonder why Brink and Hunted: The Demon’s Forge are given bad reviews. Hunted was a game that I was excited for, but after Brink, was skeptical if it was going to be good. Turns out, not good. I was excited for a Gears of War crossed with a fantasy, dungeon crawler, with coop. According to reviews, it succeeds in none of these areas.

I actually bought L.A. Noire. I had a $10 gift card for Best Buy, and the game came with another, so I bought it. Then I started playing Red Dead Redemption because that had been in my back catalog for a long time. I’m looking forward to being a 1940’s detective. The facial animations look fantastic. I plan on buying Infamous 2 and playing that before this.

Speaking of Infamous 2. I’m excited to play this game. I am playing the first one on hard right now, to get a trophy and refresher course on the series. I got really excited after Yahtzee, from Zero Punctuation, reviewed the game and actually praised it. I became even more excited, and gained a lot more respect for Sucker Punch Productions (not the movie, the developer of the game) when I read his editorial. I’m really excited to follow this story that Sucker Punch has crafted.

Almost 15 years of development, and Duke Nukem Forever game turns out to be terrible. There’s many reviews and write ups on why this game is bad, so I won’t echo any of those feelings. I never played the original Duke Nukem, or Duke Nukem 3D so I was just following this game out of curiosity. I thought Gearbox was going to make it a great game, but turns out they just marketed the game and ported it to the consoles… the story and level design was already set in stone when it was handed to them. In short, I don’t blame Gearbox.

Unlike Duke Nukem, I did play the original Alice. Not all of it, but most of it. Alice: Madness Returns is the sequel to this, where Alice needs to return to Wonderland. The original had cool level design and a cool story. Madness Returns didn’t do well in the reviews, so I think I’ll pass over this one.

That’s all of them that I can remember. Trenched was released, but I’ll put up a separate post with a review of the game (spoiler: buy the game)! The next part of the series will deal with games that I am excited for in the second half of 2011. There’s a lot of them. I’ll put up a Google Calendar on my profile page that has all the release dates that I am excited for embedded within it. The forum is in working order now. I needed to clean up a lot of spam, and it seems I have stemmed the tide, but I think all the users that are on it are all spam… if the accounts aren’t activated (they are activated through a link in email) within a month, I’ll delete them. Happy summer!

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