Games of 2011: Games Released in the First Half

Games of 2011This is part two of three of the Games of 2011 series I am doing. In Games Released in the First Half I will talk about games that I followed that have been released in the first half of 2011. Most of the games I passed over for one reason or another. Some of the games I already talked about in What I Played.

I loved Little Big Planet, and so I kept my eye on Little Big Planet 2. Little Big Planet 2 improves on everything from the original. Why didn’t I buy it? Well, I was working on my back catalog of games that I mentioned, and I figured I could get it at a discounted price when it becomes a Greatest Hits title. Simple as that.

Killzone 3 is another game by Sony that I didn’t buy. I keep following the Killzone series, but I never play them. Anyways, the third one sounds like more of the same from the second one. I don’t know if I’ll ever buy the series, but I might.

I bought Stacking, as I told you before. You can read the write up I did on it in the previous post. It’s a charming game and made by Double Fine Productions.

Crysis 2 is another game that I plan on buying when it gets discounted in price. I enjoy the series, but I can’t spend full price on every game that I want. I’m looking forward to playing in New York invaded by aliens, and donning the Nanosuit 2.0. I’ll end up buying it if it goes on sale for a good price.

I already talked about Bulletstorm in my previous post. It’s a fun game and I recommend it.

I talked about Portal 2 already. It’s fantastic, and might win game of the year in my book.

Homefront is an interesting case. I was intrigued because THQ wanted a game to compete with the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield. The story sounded cool as well. North Korea invades America. Sounded like a good story. According to reviews, the story wasn’t that great. However, the reviews said the multiplayer was very good. I’m not a big multiplayer fan, so I passed on this one. I might buy it if I can get it for $20.

I already chatted about Okamiden. If you loved Okami, you’ll like this one, and if you haven’t played Okami, play Okami!

Volition keeps changing their  Red Faction series, and Red Faction: Armageddon is no exception. The first and second games were first person shooters. The third game was an open world third person shooter. Armageddon sounds like a linear third person shooter (although it might be open world, just more linear; I’m not sure). I played the demo, and it was fun… just not full price fun. I payed $5 dollars for Guerrilla, and it was fun for that price of admission. It adds a few things, like being able to repair stuff, which is kinda cool. The problem with the two newer Red Faction games seems to be that combat sucks. Destroying stuff is fun. They have a multiplayer mode dedicated to the destroying stuff part, which is awesome. From what I read in reviews, Armageddon’s story isn’t that great. So, I think I’m going to wait until it is very cheap.

Oh Brink, where do I start. How about all the negative reviews. Almost everyone is saying this game fails hard. I was gunning for it to succeed. Then I heard that emphasis was going to be on multiplayer, and then it fell off my radar, because I like my single player experiences. I’ve heard that the PC version is a lot better than the console version, because of the patches they were able to release quickly on PC, which is good. However, too little too late.

Bethesda, stop publishing unfinished games. With Skyrim and RAGE looking awesome, it makes me wonder why Brink and Hunted: The Demon’s Forge are given bad reviews. Hunted was a game that I was excited for, but after Brink, was skeptical if it was going to be good. Turns out, not good. I was excited for a Gears of War crossed with a fantasy, dungeon crawler, with coop. According to reviews, it succeeds in none of these areas.

I actually bought L.A. Noire. I had a $10 gift card for Best Buy, and the game came with another, so I bought it. Then I started playing Red Dead Redemption because that had been in my back catalog for a long time. I’m looking forward to being a 1940’s detective. The facial animations look fantastic. I plan on buying Infamous 2 and playing that before this.

Speaking of Infamous 2. I’m excited to play this game. I am playing the first one on hard right now, to get a trophy and refresher course on the series. I got really excited after Yahtzee, from Zero Punctuation, reviewed the game and actually praised it. I became even more excited, and gained a lot more respect for Sucker Punch Productions (not the movie, the developer of the game) when I read his editorial. I’m really excited to follow this story that Sucker Punch has crafted.

Almost 15 years of development, and Duke Nukem Forever game turns out to be terrible. There’s many reviews and write ups on why this game is bad, so I won’t echo any of those feelings. I never played the original Duke Nukem, or Duke Nukem 3D so I was just following this game out of curiosity. I thought Gearbox was going to make it a great game, but turns out they just marketed the game and ported it to the consoles… the story and level design was already set in stone when it was handed to them. In short, I don’t blame Gearbox.

Unlike Duke Nukem, I did play the original Alice. Not all of it, but most of it. Alice: Madness Returns is the sequel to this, where Alice needs to return to Wonderland. The original had cool level design and a cool story. Madness Returns didn’t do well in the reviews, so I think I’ll pass over this one.

That’s all of them that I can remember. Trenched was released, but I’ll put up a separate post with a review of the game (spoiler: buy the game)! The next part of the series will deal with games that I am excited for in the second half of 2011. There’s a lot of them. I’ll put up a Google Calendar on my profile page that has all the release dates that I am excited for embedded within it. The forum is in working order now. I needed to clean up a lot of spam, and it seems I have stemmed the tide, but I think all the users that are on it are all spam… if the accounts aren’t activated (they are activated through a link in email) within a month, I’ll delete them. Happy summer!

Games of 2011: What I’ve Played

Games of 2011 will be a three part series. We’ll start out with this one, which will be just games that I played throughout the first half of 2011. The next part will cover games that came out in the first half of 2011 that interest me. The last part will cover games that will come out the second half of 2011 that interest me. These are sort of in the order that I played them, but they are structured more of a logical order because I forgot when I played them, and some of them I was playing while playing another game. I suggest you check these titles out.

For ten bucks, just go out and buy Pacman Championship Edition DX. It’s Pacman with pretty visuals, and new gameplay elements, like chain eating ghosts to rack up a lot of points. There’s something about chaining that is so satisfying. I think there’s a demo, so if you are not sure, download the demo and you’ll see that it is more than worth $10.

I bought a Id and Bethesda collection from Steam a while back (last QuakeCon I think) and so I’ve had The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in my collection for a long time. I hadn’t played any of the Elder Scroll games before, but I had played Fallout 3. I had beaten it once, and I didn’t want to play it again after that. I tried, but just couldn’t. My friends kept pestering me to play Oblivion, and so I did over winter break. Steam says I’ve put 66 hours into the game. I’ve started a few characters, and beat the main story with one of them. The game is old, and using a crappy engine, but the game is beautiful. One of the coolest moments was I was climbing a mountain at twilight, and I looked outward and saw a beautiful colored sky, river and forests and it was awesome in every sense of the word. Not to mention I like the gameplay and story of the game. I am now excited for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

I picked up Vanquish for cheap. I really like it. It’s a fast paced, cover based, third person shooter. The abilities such as power sliding, dodging, and slowing down time  mix up the gameplay so you are not always in cover. You can tell this game is created by a Japanese company, but it is refreshing to see their take on the cover based, third person shooter. The bosses are very hard. Some of the challenge is just frustration (like bosses have a one hit kill move). The last few bosses are tough. I played the game on Normal, by the way. I was tempted several times to turn it down to easy, but I let my pride tell me not to. Now I’m stuck on the final boss and it seems impossible. But all around, it is a great game and I am recommending it.

A buddy and me went through Gears of War and Gears of War 2 together. I hadn’t done it before, and he hadn’t finished the second game, and wanted a refresher before Gears of War 3. I’ve learned that Gears of War is more than horde mode (we’ve played a lot of Horde mode in the second game). The story is good, and I’m looking forward to the third game. Not much else to say.

I bought Bulletstorm, because it looked awesome. I was not disappointed. Finding creative ways to kill enemies is tons of fun. The leash was a genius addition to for creating new ways to kill enemies. The single player story isn’t that interesting, but who cares when you can leash someone towards you, and then click them into a cactus. The online mode, Anarchy, is a coop mode. It is basically Horde mode from Gears of War 2, but to progress to the next wave, you need to score a certain amount of points; you only have a certain number of enemies to do this. This mode is easier with two people, than it is with four. As long as you get the team kill points, you should be able to pass the wave, although that isn’t always the case. It’s fun, but the mode does get old quickly.

Time Schafer helped create the Monkey Island series, and I’ve been following ever since I played the game. He created Psychonauts for the XBox, PS2, and PC, and it is on Steam. I bought it on Steam. I recommend playing it with a controller (I think I played it with the XBox 360 controller… I also have a Nyko mappable controller). I bought this a long time ago (this seems to be a recurring theme) and played a bit of it, but I got side tracked. So I started all over and it is fantastic. The story is great and funny. You play as Raz who sneaks into a psychonauts training camp, because he wants to be a psychonaut. Psychonauts are able to go into people’s minds. Double Fine created some interesting worlds. The abilities that you can unlock are fun to use. The worlds are fun to explore. The boss battles are interesting. A great game all around, and I’m hoping Tim Schafer will make a sequel.

I didn’t really like Brutal Legend, also created by Tim Schafer. I skipped over Costume Quest, because I don’t like turn based combat games. So I bought Stacking because I wanted to support Tim Schafer and Double Fine. If I had to sum up the game in one word, it would be “charming.” The story and characters are charming. The gameplay is charming. The world is charming. Everything about it is charming. You play as a Russian stacking doll, the smallest of all the stacking dolls. As the smallest doll, you can stack into the next size up, and stack that doll into the next size up, and so on. Each doll has a special ability to help you solve puzzles. The problem with the game is it does not feel challenging. The biggest challenge was finding out more ways to solve a particular puzzle. Again, the game was charming, and worth $10, but don’t expect something that challenges you.

I’ve had Crysis for awhile, and had gotten pretty deep into the game, but that was a long time ago. I recently started over and the game still looks amazing! I like the openness of the world; you can complete an objective however you want. The nanosuit powers are very fun. I like the game, and plan on getting Crysis 2, when I chip away at my current game library.

I haven’t beaten Okamiden, but I’ve been playing it on and off and I am having fun. I loved Okami for the Wii. The game was also very fun on the PS2. I recommend that you buy Okami. Okamiden takes place a few months after Okami. They explain how that is possible. It has been fun revisiting the world of Okami. Its interesting to see some of the changes that have happened over the months. The touch screen is perfect for drawing with the brush. If you liked Okami, you’ll like this game. If you haven’t played Okami, I suggest you buy Okami for either the PS2 or Wii, because it is a great game. Okamiden is more of the same, with DS graphics, but it isn’t a bad thing because Okami did so many things right.

I bought Just Cause 2 before Spring Break. I played it all through Spring Break, and beyond. I’ve poured over 100 hours into this game and I’m at 99.4% complete, which is the highest percentage you can complete it because of a glitch. The over-the-top action is fantastic. The combination of parachute and grappling hook makes moving around the large, open world, fun. There are thousands of collectibles, and I had fun getting every last one. The story was “meh” but the action sequences made up for it. I highly recommend this title, especially since it is 30 bucks.

Portal 2 is fantastic. I don’t think I need to say more… but I will. I bought it on the PS3, and got my PSN and Steam accounts synced before the the downtime, so I got the game downloaded from Steam for free. I beat the game on the PS3, and on the PC. I played and beat the coop compaign on the PS3 via split screen coop. Fun times. the game greatly improves on the base that the first game created. GlaDOS is back, as well as some new characters.

One of the most recent game that I have beaten is Red Dead Redemption. I was a little skittish of this game, because I did not like Grand Theft Auto 4. However, I got the game for cheap, and it has won several Game of the Year awards, so I bought it. I loved it. I liked the story and the setting. John Marston was a great character. I found myself doing the honorable thing when it came to decisions. I enjoyed doing the side stuff; I put it several hours of poker. I have the game at a little over 90% and I’ve finished the story missions, but I don’t know if I will do anything else. We will see. I highly recommend this game.

Another game that I recently beat was Torchlight. I bought Torchlight when it was first released. It is a game created by Runic games, which is made of people from the now dead Flagship studios. The are made up of people that created the Diablo series as well as the Fate series. The game takes the best elements of both series, and created Torchlight. It is fantastic. For $20, you can’t go wrong if you liked Diablo or Fate. Killing massive amounts of enemies, and collecting loot while exploring dungeons is fun in this game. The story sucks, but the gameplay makes up for it. They are releasing Torchlight 2, which expands upon everything. It is basically going to be like going from Diablo to Diablo 2. So keep you eyes on it.

I beat Crysis Warhead last night. Only took about five hours, so it was a short game. I liked the pacing of this game, over the original game. I liked the story in the first game better. This game focused on Psycho, including his past. There would be brief recordings from missions in the past. The story wasn’t that interesting. Nanosuit is the same, the weapons are the same, and the enemies are the same as the original. I had fun with it, but it is a game you can skip over if you played the first one. I’ll end up buying Crysis 2 as soon as it comes down in price, unless I’m really bored.

So that’s that. I’m waiting until later in the month to pick up Infamous 2. That’s the next game I plan on buying and playing this summer. I have L.A. Noire, but I probably won’t get around to playing it until after Infamous 2. Next post should be soon, and I’ll be talking about some of the games that came out this first half of 2011 that intrigued me, but I didn’t play for various reasons.

PSN Breach – An IT Perspective

PSN Breach - An IT Perspective

The Playstation Network security breach was bad… really bad. Usernames, passwords, emails, and address were taken, and Credit Card numbers may have been taken (I’ve seen people post comments that they have noticed illegitimate charges to their credit cards so this is true, at least for some people). The Playstation Network has been down for three weeks, with services starting to be restored. Sony is offering lots of things to their customers, including: Free credit monitoring, free games, free trials to paid programs, and a few more things. I could give you all the information regarding this, but there’s enough news articles around with that information. I’m going to give you my opinion on all this mess.

I’ve heard lots of opinions. People are going to swear off Sony products; some people will continue trusting Sony. Some people blame Sony, while others want blood against the hackers. I want the people who stole the PSN information brought to justice. I’m currently going to school so I can work in the Information Technology field. Along the way, I’ve taken many business classes. This means that I know how technology works, and how corporations works, so lets examine everything from these two points of view. First some background.

A hacker going by the name of GeoHot found a way to hack the PS3. His hack allowed people to do whatever they wanted with the system, such as harmless things like homebrew games, and illegal things like play pirated games, and using cheats online. I could go on, but that’s for another article. Anyways, he was sued by Sony. A group of hackers calling themselves Anonymous didn’t like this, and attacked Sony with a denial-of-service attack, which basically overloads Sony’s servers with so many requests that the servers just shut down. Sony’s servers were down for a few days, but PSN was back up fairly quickly. Then GeoHot and Sony settled their lawsuit, and then Sony went down again… this time without Anonymous taking any credit. This was the PSN breach downtime. It took 6 days for Sony to finally give a statement saying that the PSN was hacked and personal information was stolen. With that information, let’s examine this.

This could have happened to any company. Hackers attack Amazon and Microsoft every day, but they usually do not obtain personal information. There’s security in place to prevent that. Encrypting the files on the servers is one way. Encryption converts readable information to cypher text (unreadable information). It uses a complex algorithm to do this. The information is only readable to those possessing the cipher key, which is also generated by an algorithm. There are several different kinds of algorithms, and most of these servers are using the latest algorithms. Encryption is also used in transaction processes, such as when you buy something from Amazon. You’ll notice that the page changes from a “http://xxxxx” to a “https://xxxxx”. This means encryption is being used. So if someone catches that information between you and the server, the information will be unreadable to the hacker. I could go more in depth with encryption, but that would take forever.

Security protocols on network devices, firewalls, and more security settings on servers are also used to make sure your personal information is not taken. Bigger corporation and brands are using the latest security and encryption, so I trust these companies. However, if a server is connected to the Internet (and they are) they are vulnerable to attack. Like I said, a breach could happen to anyone. Sony had most of these measures in place. They were actually in the process of moving their servers to a more secure location. This breach sped up that process. It takes time to upgrade, and companies are always upgrading, because technology is always changing. So this scenario of being in the process of upgrading is not isolated to just Sony. As soon as a new security upgrade gets into place, it is obsolete because hackers are always finding new ways to get access to restricted systems, and security professionals are always upgrading security protocols and hardware to combat the hackers. Much like a consumer buying a brand new, top-of-the-line PC, and the PC being obsolete soon after.

We’ve established that this could have happened to anyone, but did they handle it correctly? I mean, six days for them to tell the public? That’s a long time for people to have credit card information. Well, business classes told me there are lots of stakeholders in a company. You have employees, stock holders, customers, distributors, etc. From a security prospective, they did everything right. They shut down the network, brought in an external, highly regarded security company, examined the network, and found out what was stolen. Now they are fixing the security holes and upgrading the security. That’s why it took three weeks, which is a very short time actually. It took them six days to inform the public. During this time, they needed to tell Japan (corporate red tape demands it) and Japan took over and started to call the shots (more red tape). Once all that got figured out, they needed to see if anything was compromised. With so many stakeholders, they needed to know for sure. If they came out early and told everyone that they were compromised and personal information may have been stolen, they would lose stockholders. As a corporation, you do not want to lose stockholders. Especially if no information was taken, which, unfortunately, was not the case. So I could see why it took six days.

Unfortunately, as a customers, we do not care about them losing stockholders and we would like to know if our information was potentially stolen, and we want to be kept up to date on what they are doing. Personally, I can forgive Sony for waiting six days, but I also understand why customers will not forgive Sony. In the end, I feel Sony is not at fault. Any corporation is fallible to security breaches. Unless you don’t have the Internet, your information is not secure anywhere. Saying that this will not happen to Microsoft is being ignorant. Microsoft has a huge target on their head by hackers, which probably makes them more secure, but not invincible. I feel Sony has learned from this and will provide a more secure environment in the future. I will continue using Sony products. I’ll probably be using PSN cards from Gamestop from now on, but I’ll stand by Sony.

Sleepless Slumber

It’s all poetic and stuff. And yet so very true. So I haven’t updated in a long, long time (that’s the slumber part), because I have been very, very busy (that’s the sleepless part). I had an intense semester, so that’s my excuse. I literally submitted my last assignment just now. I’m going to be updating more often this summer. To prove it, I’m going to be posting a three part series within the next couple of weeks. I don’t know what I’m going to name the series, but it’ll be witty and clever… terrible and stupid. Anyways, here’s what is to come.

Part one will deal with games that I played throughout this semester. Yes I was busy doing homework, yet I found time to play a few games. Part two will deal with the big games that came out so far in 2011. There’s been a lot. Will part one and part two have some overlap? Maybe. Part three is a look into the future: the second half of 2011. I’m thinking of waiting until after E3 to do this part, but I’ll probably be yammering about E3 during E3. E3 is the first part of June, by the way. So that gives me a month.

The point is, don’t give up hope for this site. I’m going to try, but I know that the fall semester is going to be another intense semester. Keep checking back.


Level 1 – 2010

The site is finally done. Welcome to version 1.0. It’s a blog with Gamers Blogging About Games and the video game industry. Since it is a blog, there isn’t a lot of pages, but let me give you a tour. The Home is your standard home page. Has excerpts from the latest blog posts, poll, and a video game release schedule for the month. The Blog is what you are probably reading now. Contributors will publish blog posts about various video game stuff. The Forum is a nice place for other readers of the blog to chat. Contributors are also members of the forum so you can ask them questions, chat, or add them to your friend’s list. The About page has information about the blog as well as stuff about the contributors. Right now I am the only contributor but I am in the early stages of recruiting people. And finally the Links. It has a bunch of video game related links that we enjoy and want to share with you.

With that out of the way, I would like the first post to sum up 2010 for me. I will go over game that I played in 2010. It will give you an idea of what kind of games I like. I didn’t want to do a game of the year type of thing, or awards because everyone else does that anyways. I’ll give you a link to the games Gamespot page, in case you want more information, and I will give a little blurb on what I thought about the game.

Darksiders – I kicked off the new year with Darksiders. I really liked this game. It got some great reviews, and some not so good reviews, but I thought it was great. I liked the Zelda/God of War feel to it. I liked the art style. I highly recommend it.

God of War III – I’m a God of War fanboy, so of course I liked it. I think it is an exceptional game. It hard to beat fighting on top of a titan, or looking from the first person view of Poseidon as Kratos beats the crap out of him. Another highly recommended game if you don’t already have it.

Deadly Premonition – I bought this game on the premise that it was so crappy, that it was good (much like Earth Defense Force, which was so crappy that it was fantastic in my opinion)… I feel lied to. Deadly Premonition is just a bad game. Crappy controls, crappy graphics, crappy gameplay, crappy everything. Sure it had some humorous dialogue, but I don’t want to shift through that much crap to get to it. To be fair, I haven’t seen anything my David Lynch, including Twin Peaks (which is apparently good?).

Transformers War For Cybertron – I thought the game was good. However I haven’t beaten it, and I haven’t played it since July, so my opinion is still up in the air. What I have played, has been fun and enjoyable. A good licensed game.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 – I know this game came out in 2008, but I hadn’t played a Rainbow Six game before 2010. I have to say that I love this game. It is so much fun. The campaign is great, and playing the terrorist mode is loads of fun with friends. It’s 20 bucks now so there isn’t much excuse for you to not to get it.

Red Faction: Guerrilla – I got this game for 5 bucks since I bought Darksiders. I thought the first Red Faction game was alright. I liked this game. It’s fun to destroy buildings. The party mode to create as much destruction as possible in a certain time limit is a blast (hehe. Puns). It’s an open world game, which is new to the series. I thought the game was more enjoyable on easy, to be honest. That was the first game that I switched to easy about half way on my first play through (I play on easy sometimes when I’m replaying games for story like when a sequel is coming out soon). It was more fun killing enemies quickly and destroying buildings. I hated being in the middle of nowhere, just destroying some stuff and all of a sudden some marauders came up and attacked and killed me. The game is like 20 bucks and I recommend it. Plus a sequel is coming out this year and it isn’t open world anymore and sounds even more awesome.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – I loves me some Mario. The sequel builds upon everything that made the original Galaxy great. If you loved the first Galaxy, you’ll love the sequel and you probably already own it.

Enslaved: Odysey to the West – This game didn’t sell well so I need to tell you that this game is fantastic and you should buy it. It is a great story driven game, with simple, but fun combat. It isn’t a button masher, and you can upgrade your weapons. The platforming is alright… you really cannot mess up the platforming so it’s not hard. The story is really where this game shines. Also the voice acting is first-rate. The guy who played Golem in the Lord of the Rings plays Monkey, the main character. There’s also a nice Prince of Persia Sands of Time vibe going on between the main character and Trip, the person who “enslaved” Monkey. Highly recommend this game.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – the game sold better than Enslaved, but it isn’t selling great… probably good enough to warrant a green light for a sequel. I thought this game was great. I’m not a big Castlevania fan, but I did enjoy a few of the games. This one was a reboot of the series, so it’s not original canon. In fact, throughout most of the game you will be wondering why they called it “Castlevania.” However, you will understand why once you finish the game. I liked this game and would recommend this game to anyone new to the series, and people who are fans of the series to check it out and give it a chance… you might like it. I’m really hoping for a sequel because the set it up to be as epic as the original series.

Starcraft 2 – I also loves me some Starcraft. I was still playing the original up to the point the sequel finally came out 10+ years later. The story is great, graphics are great, game play great, controls great, just everything about the game is great. I freaking hate 2.0. It is the worst thing to ever happen to a blizzard game. However, it is a necessary evil to play Starcraft 2, and I still recommend the game to anyone, even if you have never played an RTS, or are a veteran RTS player.

Deathspank and Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue – From the mind of Ron Gilbert (Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion) came these two games just released about two months apart (Thongs of Virtue was in development side by side with the original). These games are hilarious. All the dialogue is voiced, which is a plus in my book, especially since there is a lot of it. The names and descriptions of the items are also humorous. The game has simple game play, but it is still fun and funny and I go back to it when I’m feeling in the mood something like that because there isn’t much like that. Really recommend these two titles.

Batman Arkham Asylum – I know this game didn’t come out last year, but I didn’t buy it til 2010. I wasn’t sure if I would like it, so when Steam had it for 20 bucks, I bought it. Don’t regret it at all. I haven’t beaten it yet (Starcraft II stole my attention) but it is a great game and recommend it. It also has a sequel coming out this year.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit – I’m not a big racing fan, or Need for Speed fan, but I love the Burnout series. So when I heard the Criterion, the people behind Burnout, were making the new Hot Pursuit, I bought it. This game is definitely a Need for Speed game, so if you are a fan of NfS, then you should buy this. I enjoyed this game as a Burnout fan as well, but it feels more like a Need for Speed game, which is how it should be. Highly recommended to arcade race fans out there.

Goldeneye: 007 – I have memories of playing the original for the N64. This game makes me nostalgia. It has elements of what made the original fun, but it also modernizes it. The team that made this game walked a thin line, but the did a perfect job of remaking the game, in my opinion. I don’t know if anyone who doesn’t nostalgia at the through of Goldeneye will like it, but I know I did. I recommend it to people who played the original.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – I loves me some Assassin’s Creed as well. I enjoyed this game and loved playing it. However, I would have been happy if they had not released another Assassin’s Creed just one year after the second game. I would have been happy with it in 2011. That’s a discussion for another post, but let me say that I had to choose between Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and another game, and I passed on the other game because of Brotherhood (I had a back catalog of games I needed to play and low on some cash). Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood perfected what AC2 started, The additions are great and it is a fantastic game. Continuing Ezio’s and Desmund’s journeys was fun and exciting. One thing that felt wrong was Rome… just the flow when you were running through it seemed to be interrupted. You were always getting stopped by something. Still receommend the game.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 – I liked this game. I haven’t really played any military shooters before. But Bad Company 2 Ultimate Edition was only 30 bucks so I bought it. I loved the game. The story was a good action movie story and I was kinda in a mood for that. The controls felt great. The dialogue felt real among your company. I haven’t gone online yet, but I am not a big online player so we’ll see if I do.

There’s probably a few games that I forgot. This was more about the games, but the DLC for Borderlands, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx was great. If you own the game, you must buy that DLC. 2010 was a pretty good year for gaming, and 2011 is looking better. I’ll probably end up highlighting the first half of 2011 of games that I am looking forward to in a segment I like to call “Games To The Video.”